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    Wednesday, March 2 | Comments

    First of all.. we changed Maizy’s middle name, haha! She is now Maizy Bloom Glasby and we LOVE it. It suits her, it suits us. It’s her name.. So… life with three! I wanted to do a blog post before our photos just pile up higher and higher. All of these precious photos are of the last weeks of pregnancy, bed rest, her amazing birth {as well as her story} and the first two weeks of her sweet life :} There is just nothing better to me than a sweet newborn baby. Their smell, their overly soft skin, their squishiness, the way they mold to your body when they lay on your chest, it’s one of the best things about life. We feel so blessed to have these three, beautiful children.

    39weeksPregnant-007MaizyBlog002 MaizyBlog003MaizyBlog004

    Myles set up candles all around my belly on a night I was feeling even worse. I’d been on bed rest for nearly 3 weeks and I wasn’t feeling any better yet. It was really discouraging and difficult. But Myles came in to snuggle and being the lover of candle light that he is, did this. It was so sweet and stangley comforting!

    MaizyBlog005 MaizyBlog006

    Maizy’s Birth Story- Photographed a little by us but mostly by the wonderful Little Earthling Photography-

    So to start out, I was really ok with this baby staying in my belly a bit longer than planned. I spent the whole last month of my pregnancy with sickness after terrible sickness. First was the stomach flu, vomiting, and diarrhea- all of it. Then a bad cough which turned into acute bronchitis and lead to incredibly bad rib pain from coughing so much for so many days, weeks actually. I tried Robitussin and found out I am allergic! I woke up with swollen, itchy hands and broke out into hives, so no real meds for me. I tried 4 rounds of homeopathic remedies and nothing worked even a little. A few days later I slammed my thumb in the door, which just felt fitting since a few days had passed since my latest ailment. The rib pain became unbearable, especially after one Sunday night {39 weeks pregnant I believe} I coughed and it sent me into crippling pain. Something happened.  I broke down crying from pain and sadness that this is all happening now. How could this be happening NOW? I couldn’t dress or undress myself, I couldn’t sit on the toilet or even walk without help, I was totally helpless. The next day I was an emotional wreck, I was so worried that this would force me into a hospital birth and a possible c-section. I felt so robbed of this experience.. this is probably my last pregnancy and I’m already sad about that. Now added to it was crippling pain that left me unable to enjoy this pregnant belly at all. How can you give birth with broken ribs? Without being able to stop coughing and in so much pain? Breathing was a challenge, I couldn’t even read my kids a book because it was so hard to breathe without starting a stabbingly painful coughing fit… how would I breathe through labor? I sat at the kitchen table in the dark and just cried. That morning we went and got x rays to make sure I didn’t break ribs. I could hardly walk on my own, Grayson had to put me in the car. I was so worn out by the time we got home; I just wanted to lay down for the rest of the day and cry.

    I was tested for pneumonia and was clear of that. It came back that I had no broken bones, which was the first good thing I’d been told about all of this in weeks. I spent the next week healing, so a total of 2 1/2 weeks on bed rest. I laid down, I watched TV, I drank hot liquids all day and went through packs and packs of cough drops trying to avoid coughing and furthering my rib pain. All was almost decent when I woke up from a nap with a terrible sinus infection, the worst I’d ever felt. This was right before my due date. My midwife put me on antibiotics right away and I was so happy to hear that. Finally, something that might actually work! I got one dose late at night and it made me so nauseous. I was up until 3am feeling so sick, hot and jittery. My sinuses hurt so bad that it felt like a terrible toothache. There was so much pressure in my head. Finally I took a shower and was able to go to sleep. Turns out I need to eat a lot of food every time I take that antibiotic or it makes me really sick.

    A few days late my due date came, January 17th. I was feeling much better but agreed that a few more days to recover would be nice. My spirits were much higher the more that days passed. I felt like I’d be fine. I kept waking up on mornings; thinking today could be the day. On the morning of the 19th I went pee and my mucous plug came out in the toilet, which is a sign of labor. Right away I got antsy and excited. I couldn’t really settle. I think my nesting urge kicked in instantly and I felt the need to clean up, cut my bangs {bad idea}, just keeping busy. I couldn’t calm myself. Finally I hopped in the shower to find some relaxation and started to pray. I prayed for Maizy, for her birth.. I tried to soak in my last hours of having a life in my body for quite possibly the last time ever in my life. I tried to really soak that in but my mind felt blocked. I took deep breaths of the hot steam and tried to calm myself. I ran my hands across my belly and prayed.

    After my shower I wanted just to sit and watch TV for a while to take my mind off things and that worked well. I spent a lot of the day waiting for real contractions to replace the constant flow of Braxton hicks. The kids were gone at school with Grayson so I had some time to just be.

    After dinner, around 6:00 I felt the contractions starting to build into real ones but they were short. At 6:30 was the first somewhat uncomfortable one. By 7:00 they were about 5 ½ minutes apart and lasting close to a minute with moderate intensity. I felt like it was definitely going to happen tonight. We let the kids know that their baby sister may be here in the morning and started to get them ready for bed just in case things picked up quickly! We gave Kim, the midwife a call at 7:45 and let her know things were picking up. At 9:20 I decided to try to sleep for a bit. I was so so sleepy. I think because I’d been on bed rest so long and my immune system was non-existent I was already tired. I knew I needed to sleep or I may not have the energy to get through labor. I slept on and off, waking up for each contraction and they felt about 8-10 minutes apart. At 11:45 I finally gave up on trying to sleep, things were progressing! Grayson and I got up and he turned on all the candles, they were strangely calming. We stood in the candlelight silently while the contractions came and went. Grayson stayed with me, I loved just having him there. I rely so much on him during labor. I’m not sure what I’d do without him!

    I called Kim at 12:30 and she said she’d be there in an hour, that felt so far away but it came so fast. Before I knew it 1:30am was upon us and she and Tamar were walking in our dimly lit room. I was laying in bed, trying to rest. I still felt so sleepy, just exhausted. Kim checked my progress and I was 2 ½ cm dilated and 60% effaced. Things picked up from there.

    MaizyBlog007 MaizyBlog008

    By 2:00 the contractions started to wrap around to my back and I knew it was going to really get going. I moved to the living room and was standing, hanging on Grayson for support and just hugging him for comfort. After a while I moved to my knees, leaning my upper body on the couch. I counted the flowers in the fabric to distract myself. Grayson stayed with me for every contraction while Molly worked on setting up the birth tub.  The contractions were about 3-5 minutes apart now and getting really uncomfortable. By 3:00 they were pretty intense and I needed to lay down, I was still so tired. Grayson held my hand through every one and I asked him to count out loud for me. He counted through every single contraction, he never stopped. It was stangley helpful and kept me focused. They picked up in intensity really quickly and I really had to breathe and focus through each one. I stared into Grayson’s eyes as he counted for the duration, sometimes up to 100. Sometimes I counted with him to distract myself even more. I ran my hands across his rough, callused hands and it was so comforting. Every once in a while a contraction would double peak which I knew wasn’t really good. That happened with Myles the entire labor because his head was in a weird position but I tried to ignore that.

    MaizyBlog009 MaizyBlog010

    I focused on Grayson. I ran my hands around his arm to avoid clenching my hands. He pressed his hand into my back with each contraction to help curb some of the back labor. The few times I had a contraction without him doing that were awful, I needed that pressure on my back. The contractions seemed to come in patterns. One big, another big one nearly back to back then a quick one. At 4:25 I told Grayson “she’s coming soon” and he smiled each time I said it. This was the first labor that I thought “I don’t ever want to do this again”. It was so much harder this time, my endurance was non-existent. My body was so weak from all my sickness. At 4:45 I was ready to go into the room so we all moved. I felt so much pressure, she was ready and coming so soon.

    I was so uncomfortable and felt the water bag wanting to break. The pressure was almost unbearable. I sat on my legs, Grayson behind me, holding me up and with each contraction the pressure grew. I groaned with each passing contraction and they came on so fast. I got louder and louder and didn’t know how much longer I could handle that kind of pain. I leaned totally onto Grayson for support. Grayson found me a skirt to wear so I could lose the pants {since Finley was born half way in my pants, she came so fast!}. Kim wanted me to break my water and I tried so hard, pushing at the peak of the contraction but I just couldn’t do it. I asked her to break my water so she had to get me set up on the birth stool. The plan was to break my water and get me in the birth tub to push. Grayson lifted me up and got me to the stool where Kim went to check my dilation. I was leaning back on Grayson, completely needing to be supported.  As soon as she checked my dilation my water exploded all over my midwife. The pain of the contractions was unbearable and I was so loud. She kept her hand in there, pushing me from 9 ½ cm to a full 10 and this baby was coming! There was no time to move to the tub so this was going to happen on the birth stool!

    I was happy to be sitting in a spot that I could see all the photos of my family in front of me. My eyes found a photo of Myles and Finley when she was first born and I focused on that. I stared right at that photo to distract from the pain. I didn’t know this part until after but her heart rate dropped significantly when the water broke so I was urged to go ahead and push if I can. It burned like fire and I couldn’t help but scream the entire time and pushed harder than I’ve ever had to. With one contraction and huge push her head was born. I was shocked to hear it was only her head because both my babies before have come out all in one push. I took a breath and pushed again, screaming in pain and determination to get this done and I felt her body sliding out until the rest of her body was born at 5:31am on January 20th. She was instantly lifted up to my chest and I grabbed her and held her tight against me. I heard her cry and both Grayson and I broke down crying hysterically. She was finally here. After this whole pregnancy, all the pains, all the sickness, 10 hours of labor… she was finally here. My last baby. My daughter. There is nothing like that feeling, the feeling of giving life. The relief you feel unlike any other relief when labor is finally over…. At 5:36 the placenta came out and it felt finished. Suddenly this baby that I’d been nourishing for 40 weeks was no longer attached to my body.

    MaizyBlog011 MaizyBlog012

    Right away we were moved up to the bed where she was covered in warm towels, baby hats and rubbed down to pink her up. She was blue and taking a little while to pink up. She cried on and off and I was so happy to be holding her tiny warm body. Once things settled I was moved to the top of the bed. I still hadn’t seen her face so Grayson helped me prop her up so I could look at her. I held her up to a sitting positing on my belly and looked at her perfect, sweet face. She looked into my eyes and I looked into hers. She was beautiful. She was so familiar; there was an instant bond that felt so peaceful and fulfilling. I brought her back to my chest where she used her strong legs to work her way up to my neck. I knew she wanted to nurse so at 6:15 I nursed her. She latched right away and nursed for a long time. She was so at peace there.

    Grayson fell asleep pretty soon after and we all kind of laughed at how he was the one asleep. Eventually I woke him up to hold her for the first time and he did. It was strange watching the sun come up after she was born. Our babies have always been born in the middle of the night, then we’d fall asleep and wake up to the sun later. But there it was, coming through the trees on her first day of life.

    MaizyBlog013 MaizyBlog014 MaizyBlog015

    Soon after Myles woke up so Grayson went to get him. We were so excited for him to see her! He came in being carried by Grayson with a huge smile and was so excited to see her. He loved her instantly and wanted to hold her. Soon after Finley woke up. She was a little terrified of the baby and clutched onto Grayson frantically, then on to me when she was sitting with us. She warmed up a little when my midwife started to do the newborn exam with Maizy on my lap. She showed her all the newborn reflexes, measured her body {20 inches} and her head {12 3/4 inches}. Next she was weighed, we were all shocked to see that she was 7 pounds 4 ounces! That’s huge!

    MaizyBlog016 MaizyBlog017 MaizyBlog018 MaizyBlog019 MaizyBlog020 MaizyBlog021 MaizyBlog022 MaizyBlog023 MaizyBlog024

    Soon everyone left and there we were, a family of 5 for the first time, all cuddled up around this new, beautiful baby in bed. I was so thankful. Thankful for this perfect baby, thankful that I wasn’t left feeling sad and empty like I feared I would giving birth to my last child. For weeks I’d been praying that I would feel thankful when she was born. I was so worried I’d be depressed that this phase of life is over. I was so overjoyed and calm… it was the perfect ending to her pregnancy and the perfect beginning to her life.

    MaizyBlog025 MaizyBlog026

    Didn’t make it to the birth tub- again! So once again Grayson and the kids jumped in what was now just an awesome indoor hot tub. This time Finley got to join because she wasn’t the baby being born!MaizyBlog027 MaizyBlog028 MaizyBlog029

    my parents came over first thing int he morning.MaizyBlog030 MaizyBlog031 MaizyBlog032 MaizyBlog033

    The reality of what nursing feels like in the first week or so.. it burns like fire, even with my third baby! I was on the phone with my midwife.. haha

    MaizyBlog034 MaizyBlog035

    my midwife came back over to check on her the next morning,MaizyBlog036

    {no, she didn’t weigh 3 pounds lol}MaizyBlog037 MaizyBlog038 MaizyBlog039 MaizyBlog040 MaizyBlog041 MaizyBlog042 MaizyBlog043 MaizyBlog044 MaizyBlog045  MaizyBlog047MaizyBlog046 MaizyBlog048 MaizyBlog049 MaizyBlog050 MaizyBlog051 MaizyBlog052 MaizyBlog053  MaizyBlog058MaizyBlog055 MaizyBlog056 MaizyBlog057 MaizyBlog058 MaizyBlog059 MaizyBlog060 MaizyBlog061 MaizyBlog062  MaizyBlog064MaizyBlog063 MaizyBlog065 MaizyBlog066 MaizyBlog067 MaizyBlog068 MaizyBlog069 MaizyBlog070 MaizyBlog071

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    1. Jon Cas says:

      Always love your photos! So happy to see your family grows. Such beautiful kids!

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