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    Tuesday, May 8 | Comments

    Hugo and Laura… oh how we love Hugo and Laura. We got to shoot their engagement too a while back. I remember it so specifically partially because I was newly pregnant and having crazy cravings. In the middle of their shoot we all stopped at 7-11 where we all got Slurpees and I added in some flaming hot Cheetos and a twix… so good for the baby right? Baby wanted some Cheetos!!! They said that made a lot more sense when they found out later I was pregnant, haha.

    Aaaaanyway, these two were so stinkin fun. They pretty much rocked our world. And their details were a-mazing! Laura works at Paper Source {that store and my wallet are not friends. I DESTROY my wallet when I go in that place!}. So needless to say she had access to all kind of goodies to make their wedding awesome, and she took full advantage!

    Hugo and Laura- sorry for being a freak and forgetting to blog your wedding, thank you for reminding me! Your wedding was our 2nd to last before we were done and I was way too pregnant… someone it got lost in the mix of pregnancy brain!!

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    This turned into this challenge of the guys all trying to click their heels twice in one jump. Of course Grayson {Mr. good at everything.. makes me so mad sometimes!} just jumps up and does it!

    planking on brides maids… hahaha

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    1. Gosh guys this is great!! I really love the personal style of the couple – amazing!

    2. Cathy says:

      What a cute wedding! Love all of the unique details. And my favorite image is the b&w reflection shot during the ceremony. Great job!

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