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  • Holga delight

    Tuesday, February 2 | Comments

    So anyone who knew me in school knows I can’t truly love any format but medium. There is something about a square, film image that just gets me going. All through college I had a Hassleblad of a 4×5 view camera attached to me and was off shooting some obscure documentary or typology. I somehow turned into the go-to person for questions about shooting in a square.

    I worked in the photo lab at school for 2 years so I got all kind of perks: equipment whenever I wanted, dark room whenever  I wanted.. it was great!! So after I graduated and was cut off from all equipment I was screwed and could only shoot digital.. It’s fantastic for weddings, but not the same for me. SOOOO, for the past few years I’ve been slowly buying pieces to finish my Hassleblad. I have to say,  I had a few horribly ruined days thanks to crazy bidders on ebay stealing the lenses I wanted.  AND THENNNN Grayson bought me my awesome film scanner for Christmas that I had wanted since I graduated (gave it to me a month early because he was so excited). I was supposed to get it for my birthday but we found an awesome deal on a Hassleblad body so I got that instead.

    But in the mean time, I shoot my Holga like it’s going out of style. I love how… crappy it is. It’s like the Polaroid ({RIP} of medium format cameras. It’s completely made of plastic and has been a trusted, always on me camera of mine for many years. That grungy, used up, dirty look that I can’t get enough of.  I finally got some down time to scan all my old film that’s been sitting in a box in my closet, begging to be seen. Here are some of my favorites!


    drove by these horses on one of our summer scooter rides.

    all of us at Larabe State Park, the boys were crabbing

    We laughed at this one.. his head really isn’t that square in real life…?

    Oh Washington….. :]

    The Lynden Fair… it’s the largest fair in the Northwest.

    Cooper and Michelle’s engagement…

    Another summer scooter ride find.. I love houses. Did a whole documentary on them once.

    Bellingham, WA

    First Starbucks ever… I worked at the Bucks for 4 years so I wanted to see it, kind of anticlimactic.. but a cool band outside.


    1. MizzJ says:

      LOVE these photos! That crappy quality is just so beautiful, the photos have a real warmth and life to them that you just don’t get with those sharper-than-life digital cameras.

    2. timberdoonskies says:

      that guy holding the crab is so attractive…could i get his digits

    3. Don says:

      I don’t know if I want to show my engaged daughter these great shots. She booked her photographer two days ago.

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    5. Annie says:

      Love love love these!!!

    6. Ling says:

      These pictures are so fantastic! Wow.

    7. carissa says:

      love these. my holga is probably my favorite camera… and the one that cost the least! love it.

    8. Briony says:

      i can’t wait to get my hands on one and play…there is something about the photos that makes you feel like you’ve traveled back in time. love it.

    9. Tash B Gosh says:

      That was like a sunny little journey. mmmm. It was like drinking hot chocolate. Thanks for the great shots. It does have a cool effect on the photos. You probably need to come back to CALI to shoot like that here more. yep.

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