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  • Hello baby Channing! {Bellingham Newborn Photographer}

    Tuesday, November 24 | Comments

    We have a nephew!!! Grayon’s brother, Zach and his wife, Kady, just had their first baby and we were all so excited to fly down to California to meet him! I offered her some newborn photos while we were down and I’m so glad I did. He was the easiest little guy to shoot, so sleepy and cuddly.. and I got to spend some good time with him!! We broke the shoot up into two days so that Zach could get in on it and we found the most beautiful light- it was perfect! His room is the most adorable Where the Wild Things Are theme too, loved it! I love shooting newborns as they are, in their home, comfortable and cozy so this shoot was fun. We’re so happy for them and that we finally get to be an Auntie and Uncle!!

    BabyChanning-002 BabyChanning-008 BabyChanning-009  BabyChanning-016 BabyChanning-018 BabyChanning-020 BabyChanning-022 BabyChanning-024 BabyChanning-028 BabyChanning-030 BabyChanning-037 BabyChanning-042 BabyChanning-044 BabyChanning-046 BabyChanning-049 BabyChanning-052 BabyChanning-053 BabyChanning-057 BabyChanning-060 BabyChanning-062    BabyChanning-084 BabyChanning-086-2BabyChanning-081 BabyChanning-067 BabyChanning-065 BabyChanning-090 BabyChanning-094 BabyChanning-096 BabyChanning-101 BabyChanning-105 BabyChanning-113 BabyChanning-119 BabyChanning-125 BabyChanning-132 BabyChanning-141

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    1. Kalee says:

      LOVE these!!! Every picture is PERFECT!!!!

    2. Diane Bartoo says:

      What a wonderful lifestyle newborn photo session. Love the light and airy tones. Wonderful job, Bellingham families are lucky to have a wonderful newborn photographer in town.

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