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  • Happy Tuesdayyyyyy!

    Tuesday, February 7 | Comments

    So it’s Tuesday and we just wanted to give you guys an update… really I just felt like doing a blog post and posting this he-larious photo of Mr. Myles. He’s 8 weeks old!!! WHATTTT!?!?!

    We’re getting excited to start shooting again, we’ve taken some time off for obvious reasons. Well, we do it every year so this year we just have a really good excuse. But we start shooting again this month in California, in 3 weeks actually!  The break has been quite nice and we have no complaints! {Other than Myles all of the sudden deciding it’s no longer necessary to sleep at night, ugh..} We had lots of friends come up to visit, discovered a lot more TV shows to watch {what else do we do when we hardly get to leave the house?} and have booked some awesome weddings for this year!

    So  have a  good Tuesday and enjoy this little bit o’ snazzy 8 week old baby.


    1. Becca says:

      Hahahahaha! You always come up with the most clever ideas! Love checking out your site!

    2. NaNa says:

      Happy Birthday tomorrow dear GREAT ONE

    3. Heather says:


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