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  • Happy {soon to be} lovely love day!

    Friday, February 11 | Comments

    I was wandering about the world of Design Sponge again and..well, first.. if you haven’t seen this blog, you need to, it’s amazing. Grayson and I live on this blog and find cute ideas to do around the house. I have always loved their Valentines Day ideas so I thought I’d post some of my favorites just in case you’re searching for something to make for the “big day”. Grayson and I don’t really get mixed up with the corporate side of the holiday, we just opt for the handmade version of the day so we like ideas like these. I have a file on my computer called “things I want or want to make” that I drop a bunch of ideas in, it’s so handy! These were all in that file!

    These would be easy to make with some letter stencils, modge podge and blocks.

    It’s a bike… so I love it.

    I thought this one would be cute if you actually used thread and hand sewed it.

    I almost made this for Grayson last year but ran out of time!

    I found {on Desing Sponge of course} this awesome video for a cake, thought it was neat so here it is too!

    {Lovely Love Cake!}

    I also have a recipe {from SmittenKitchen.com} that I made for Grayson last Valentines Day {and for some friends} and everyone LOVED it!! Gray loves Oreos but I refuse to buy them because they are so stinkin processed and unnatural, so I made him some! They were soooo tasty! Got some cute bags and found some vintage labels online and it was done! And I am by no means good at cooking, so if I can make them, you can.


    1. Hayley Milton! says:

      That just reminded me of my friend Cody Derby’s mom. We call her Mama Derbs, and at every baseball game, she brings us all her homemade cookies. She rotates between different kinds, but here homemade oreos are our favorite :)

    2. Sierra says:

      I’m going to make this tonight! Thanks and have a great V-day both of you!

    3. Monica says:

      Super cute! Thanks for sharing :]

    4. Monica says:

      Super cute! Thanks for sharing :]

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