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  • Happy Easter to the Bun Bun

    Sunday, April 4 | Comments

    Happy Easter everyone! We met this little bunny at Grayson’s parents house as it was running for it’s little life from their oh, so stupid, kills everything in it’s path.. cat. Then… it ran inside after we tried to stop the stupid cat, and their dog grabbed it and we had to steal it back from it’s mouth.

    After all that, we got it.. it was so stinkin cute. This is the 2nd time we’ve saved this bunny. The first time his mom saved it. So it was adorable, we walked around for a while trying to find his family, never did. So we just set him on the ground and he hopped away. Hopefully this is the last time we’ll see him.

    Grayson started reading “Watership Down” to me at night, he wanted me to read it so bad but I hate reading.. I ALWAYS fall asleep within the first 10 pages of any book. So him reading it out loud helps a lot. It’s a story about bunnies…. coincidentally.  Anyway, that was my rambling about bunnies. Happy Easter!!! And meet Bun Bun…


    1. OH MY gooooodness!!! I want one!! :)

    2. JOdi says:

      Cute bunny! Happy Easer to you!

    3. Tashesh says:

      Ohhh…. I love little bunnies!! That’s how we adopted one and then another, then they made babies, and are so so cute! The cats will kill them! Happy Easter, keep the great photos coming!

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