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  • happy birthday to me… and little me.

    Wednesday, October 14 | Comments

    So when we were down in CA 2 trips ago, it just so happened to be my birthday!.. So our families decided to have a little BBQ {you can never go wrong with a BBQ}. Grayson’s mom doesn’t mess around at BBQ’s, she made FOUR different kind of meat.. that’s right, four! All was going well, I was opening up some delightful presents such as Walker Texas Ranger season 1 {thank you Nana} a face mosquito net {thank you Papa} and travel toilet paper.. among other things. Then… I hear my dad and sister chuckling in the corner and out comes… THIS THING. This giant me/mermaid/pinata that my dad was OH SO proud of himself for. AND THEN they made me go down into the gully and beat the thing to death, blind folded. Poor Molly {Gray’s little sister} was the one suckered into holding the rope, we both thought she was going to die or at least get a severe concussion.

    Luckily all ended well, just some good entertainment on my behalf.


    notice the pure fear on Molly’s face, and everyone else safely away from me with a giant, swinging PVC pipe up top. No one wants that thing swinging at their face full speed.


    my secret is out. I am completely incapable of making a normal face in front of a camera…… It’s true.


    so proud of himself…



    Candy taste so much sweeter after you beat it out of someone.



    1. Zach says:

      You guys sure throw a fun party. And even then you are taking great pictures. I can’t wait to so how wonderful ours are going to turn out.

    2. Brenda Glasby says:

      Ahhhh…memories!!! What a sweet day with two families joined together because of the marriage of you two characters. I love you both soooo much!!!! Mom G.

    3. Tasha says:

      That was so much fun!!! the food was amazing and watching you hit a smaller sea like version of you was entertaining as well

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