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    Friday, December 10 | Comments

    We went to another Bellingham photog get together at our friend Nicole’s house, it’s pretty much a guaranteed good time. She had a photo booth set up in her living room, asked us to bring props {we brought one glorious prop} and went to town. Yes, it looks like mostly us and Nicole.. because it was, haha. Apparently the 3 of us can’t stay away from the camera. Esepecially because it was tethered to her lap top and intead of chords to deal with, it was a remote shutter connected to her ipod. Amazing!!!! So there is really no purpose to this post other than the sheer awesomeness that came out of it.

    Judooooo CHOP!

    Meg and Aaron’s awesome son, Grant.

    I can’t NOT fling my hair everywhere, so it started as one photo and turned into 30 minutes of what you see next.

    pretend you’re on a roller coaster.

    I look like some kind of comic book nut job…

    what we call “the donkey face”

    Gray was trying to fight off the nipple grippers of death!

    The prop we contributed.. our beloved glasses {thanks to our couple Yen and Daniel, best wedding favor EVERRRR}

    what’s up shinny hair!?


    lead to this……

    which lead to this… haha, my favorite picture of the night. Grayson looks like such a perv.. I can’t stop laughing!!

    crazy cat lady.


    1. laura says:

      you guys always crack me up…while reading this entry all i hear in my head is willow smith singing “I whip my hair back and forth”…seriously, play it in the background and then go through the pictures. Hi-lar-ious!!!!

    2. TC says:

      I love the hair in the air shots, but am a little jealous that we were not part of this shoot. ;)

    3. Nicole says:

      Hilarious :) Always funny to see what happens when you put a bunch of us in front of a camera. We will have to have a prop party next time…

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