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  • Halloween time babbyyyyy!!!!

    Sunday, October 31 | Comments

    It’s pumpkin carving time!!! We were down in CA for April and Jason’ wedding, I was IN the wedding this time, we didn’t have to shoot!!!!! Thought we’d use the time to get some good pumpkin carving time in. It was quite the ordeal trying to figure out what to carve, it’s important!! Grayson just snazzed up his usual wolf. I didn’t want to do a Pegasus again {or as Kyle called it last year, “the Mobil gas sign”} pshh.. Who doesn’t love a majestic, flying unicorn?!!? So Kyle, Lindsey and Grayson went with a pattern {patterns are for weiners} and Tasha and I slaved over a free hand design, haha. Cleary those who went with the pattern had a much better outcome….

    I spent like 20 minutes trying to pick the perfect pumpkin, it was amazing! Then when we got home Grayson decided he wanted my pumpkin because it would be a better fit for his ferocious werewolf…. so I got some lame, tiny one! oh well. Ok, so here it is, enjoooyyyyyy!!!!

    We were supposed to make the face of what was on our pumpkin, some of us had a harder time than others… haha. I was clearly an owl, Grayson is clearly a werewolf {duh}, Tasha is a Laker’s fan… Lindsey and Kyle are just happy to have pumpkins.

    mine and Grayson’s pumpkins..

    I was more excited to make pumpkin seeds than anything really

    This is what photos of us normally look like….. it’s terrible.


    1. Momma Glasby says:

      The wolf is incredible and Heather the face you made while standing next to Grayson with his ferocious face…is so funny. I’ve laughed and laughed over it. I love the owl in the tree…Great job with the free hand Heather. Loved seeing the pics.

    2. TC says:

      possibly true.

    3. hmmmmm.. TC? That’s your pumpkin!

    4. TC says:

      the LAKERS one is prime. hehehe

    5. Kimberley says:

      I love it! You guys are awesome!! We don’t really celebrate Halloween in Australia but it still looks like awesome fun!

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