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  • Grashia + Daniel {Maplehurst Farms} Mt. Vernon, WA Bellingham Wedding Photographers

    Friday, June 19 | Comments

    We had never shot at Maplehurst Farm before but it’s AMAZING! Grayson and I have said for years that when we’re done shooting weddings years down the line, we’d love to start a venue. We’d love to do it now but don’t have that kind of time. This is the dream set up! Beautiful property, awesome house to live in and a huge barn to have a party in! Someday… Everything about this wedding was great. The couple was fun, people were fun, family was fun, party was fun- perfect combo. One of the sweetest parts of this  was the car that Grashia and Daniel were going to leave their wedding in. Grashias’ grandfather bought the car when he was 15 years old. Later he and his wife left their wedding in it and he passed it on to his son {Grashia’s dad} who drove it away at his wedding. Since then he’s driven his first 2 daughters away from their weddings in it and now his youngest daughter. I thought was was so special!

    MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_001 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_002 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_003 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_004 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_005 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_006 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_007 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_008 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_009 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_010 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_011 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_012 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_013 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_014 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_015 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_016 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_017 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_018 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_019 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_020 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_021 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_022 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_023 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_024 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_026 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_027 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_028 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_029 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_030 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_031 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_032 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_033 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_034 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_035 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_036 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_037 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_038

    Some really close friends to Daniel, Grashia and a lot of the people at the wedding were recently killed along with their 8 month old baby. It was the saddest story. A handful of them got tattoos to remember them, it was a really sweet way of making sure they stay remembered.


    MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_039 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_040 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_041 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_042 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_043 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_044 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_045 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_046 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_047 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_048 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_049 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_050 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_051

    Daniel cried through the entire ceremony! It was so sweet!

    MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_052 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_053 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_054 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_055 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_056 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_057 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_058 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_059 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_060 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_061 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_062 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_063 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_064 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_065 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_066 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_067 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_068 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_069 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_070 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_071 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_072 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_073 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_074 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_075 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_076 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_077 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_078 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_079 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_080 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_081I’m not terribly sure what’s happening here, hahaha! MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_082 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_083 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_084 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_085 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_086 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_087

    you know it’s a good wedding when someone splits their pants! MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_088 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_089 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_090 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_091 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_092 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_093 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_094 MaplehurstFarm_Wedding_095


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