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  • “Geoff’s the best! Say it!!!”

    Wednesday, March 10 | Comments

    Living with Candice, I’d often wake up from a nap or come home from work {back when I had a “real job”} and hear the sounds of screaming and giggling, followed by a loud “smack!” accompanied by more screaming and giggling and Geoff yelling ” ‘Geoff’s the best’ Say it!!!” ‘Geoff’s the best!!’”.. From experience, I knew that I wanted no part of what was going on in that room.  More than likely, Geoff was sitting on Candice with her arms behind her back while she laughed too hard to get a “Geoff’s the best!” out and go on with her day.

    Another funny story, Candice and Geoff met initially in like 4th grade, she was dared to kiss him on the bus, she did and Geoff was her first kiss.  He apparently rode his bike home after that, haha. Years later… here they are. Good times, good times. Now these two are actually getting married and it’s freakin awesome! We were going to shoot their wedding until they decided they didn’t want any friends having to work at their wedding, and I appreciate that! I almost never get to go and enjoy a wedding as a guest with all my friends, I am overly excited for this wedding. Anyway, here are their photos!

    He has no patience…

    Now that all those are out of the way………


    1. christephanie says:

      Hey, comment all the way from Mauritius ( if that rings a bell???!!!) Anyway, just came across a pic of yours while browsing feet tattoos. The magic of the pic I saw then ( which had nothing to do with tats by the way) was just too overwhelming to ignore. clicked on the pic and couldnt stop reading. Then the best part, THE PICTURES!!!!! love the feelings in your pics. Good job and seems like you can do even better. would love to see more.

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    4. Sally says:

      haha the arms thing was very cute and funny <3

    5. steph says:

      great story. awesome pics. love the tats!

    6. Annie says:

      These are freakin’ awesome!! Can’t wait for our turn! Only four months now…

    7. Zeris says:

      One of you don’t even know me, but it’s obvious my cousin is loving this girl up. Awesome pics, guys. Glad you two have so much fun together!

    8. candice says:

      DAAHHHH! I LOVE THEM! you and gray are such fan-freaking-tastic!

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    10. Brenda says:

      As always Heather, I am BLOWN away! Such a FANTASTIC job! They are both so photogenic it’s ridiculous! Get me even more pumped for the wedding!

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