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  • Finley’s first week!! Bellingham Newborn Photography

    Saturday, February 15 | Comments

    I know this post is a tad late, but I didn’t want to bombard our blog with babies babies everywhere! I wanted to show you some photos of Fin’s first week with us. She’s 13 weeks now and is the sweetest baby I’ve ever met. I keep telling her shes’s the nicest one out of all of us. It’s been so fun having a little lady around. She has the sweetest little demeanor, we can just tell she’ll be so nice when she gets older :] It’s been fun having a squishy little baby to photograph again too! I really can’t get enough of her!

    Having two little kiddos has been great so far. It presents it’s challenges for sure, especially when you have two kids who want to be held all the time. Myles is super into his daddy and Finley just likes to snuggle. So between the two of them we are living in a land of temporary chaos. but that’s ok. Such is life! It’s amazing how much easier she is than Myles was. He was a handful, or two, or three. She’s just easy peasy! I can actually lay her on a blanket on the floor and walk away for 2  minutes without her screaming bloody murder, it’s strange, haha! Just this morning we were laying in bed {Fin and I} reading my devotional when I looked over and she was just staring at her hands for the first time, it was adorable. Noticing for the first time ever you have hands and that you can control them! I love seeing our babies see things for the very first time, it’s amazing to be a part of. We, as adults, take thing we see everyday for granted whereas a baby has never even seen anyting! A few weeks back we were walking in the woods and she woke up, I loved watching her little eyes get huge and move all around, taking it in. She was seeing these huge green things hovering over her head… when to me, they’re just trees. I love it. Makes me appreciate the everyday little things all that much more!

    Fin032 Fin033


    Myles meeting her for the first time the next morning! Fin024

    my dad seeing her for the first time too!


    that’s my wedding veil she’s wrapped inFin030 Fin029 Fin028 Fin027 Fin026 Fin025  Fin023 Fin022 Fin021 Fin020 Fin019 Fin018 Fin017 Fin016 Fin015 Fin014 Fin013 Fin012 Fin011 Fin010 Fin009 Fin008  Fin006 Fin005 Fin003 Fin002Fin004Fin001


    1. jennifer mccoy says:

      she is a doll. How old is your son? Might be time to take that binky way! They older they get the harder it is!

      • Jagger Photography says:

        Haha he just turned 2! We’ll take it away when it’s time! He’s going to have a hard time no matter what age he is.

    2. Shannon says:

      These are so precious. I can’t believe how much she has grown up already, I love her and think we might need to cuddle.

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