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  • Favorite images of 2016! {Bellingham Wedding Photographers}

    Monday, January 2 | Comments

    2016 was an awesome year! We had our 3rd baby, got overly into being chicken owners, really settled into living on acreage and had the pleasure of working with some amazing couples, families and sweet little babies. I was going through all of our images and brought some of our favorites to show you here! After 12 years being photographers we have come to love it even more. I still can’t believe we get to do this for a living. This year we shot more elopements than ever and they are a blast. Thank you to all of the amazing people who have hired us to capture their precious moments in life. It’s not a job we take lightly and we are honored!

    Charlette-094BB_Portrait-151BellinghamMaternityPhotographer007BB_Portrait-160 Gurney-049TS_Elopement-188 PL_Engaged028KN_Portrait-114 LR_Portrait-60 Charlette-083sleepinglady-1 PL_Engaged081BabyChanning-081 BB_Ceremony-60KN_Portrait-117Donovan-047 BellinghamFamilyPhotographers-040BB_Portrait-91  BellinghamMaternityPhotographer002BellinghamFamilyPhotographers-060BB_Portrait-21  BellinghamWeddingPhotographers007 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers015  BellinghamWeddingPhotographers043BellinghamWeddingPhotographers020BellinghamFamilyPhotographers-059 MaizyNewbornPhotos-066-3TS_Elopement-82 Sumikawa-035DancingFishFarm-021 TS_Elopement-102Eastwood-013 KD_GettingReady051 TS_Elopement-21KD_Ceremony011   BB_Portrait-53HoliPowderEngagementShoot004 BB_Portrait-169BellinghamFamilyPhotographers-030 DancingFishFarm-030 Donovan-023BellinghamWeddingPhotographers038   OrangeCountyFamilyPhotographers007HoliPowderEngagementShoot017 Simpson069HoliPowderEngagementShoot033 OrangeCountyFamilyPhotographers005      HoliPowderEngagementShoot010OrangeCountyFamilyPhotographers015RaelynRose-027 Sumikawa-041TS_Elopement-65 Sumikawa-065 Sumikawa-107


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