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  • Farewell March

    Tuesday, April 8 | Comments

    It is truly astonishing how fast this year has been going. With both of my pregnancies the main thing strangers would stop us to say is how fast it will go. They would tell us how old their kids are now, usually in their 20s. They would say it all the time when Myles was a baby, stopping to get a smile out of him or to comment on his big blue eyes. I had to disagree though. So far it hadn’t gone fast. I thought it would be different for us because we are both home everyday, we get to really be present for every moment, not taking any of them for granted. Then we had a second baby… now I understand. With each additional year of life the pace seems to pick up. It baffles me that Finley is 5 months old today, that Myles is nearly 2 1/2, that is April of 2014… TWO THOUSAND FOURTEEN! I so vividly remember New Years Eve 1999, when the 2000′s seemed so distant and futuristic, so new and adventurous. Now it’s just a year, it’s what we know. But somehow it constantly catches me by surprise that a new year is starting and before we know it, nearly half of it has passed. Time is one of those things that scares me. It can’t be stopped, or slowed down, it just keeps moving whether you want it to or not. Our kids keep getting older, WE keep getting older. In August I will be 30 years old. That is mind blowing to me. I will never be in my 20s again.

    Just last night we were talking with some close friends about our 20s. SO MUCH happens in your 20s. You move out of your family’s home, you graduate college {maybe}, you probably get married… you buy a house, you have children, you truly become adults. It’s an amazing time of life. Really, I am actually excited for my 30′s, to watch my children grow, to meet the ones who’ve yet to be born, to get to know who they will be. To get to know who Grayson and I will become. But I’m enjoying the last few months of my 20′s for now :] 30 is so…. final, haha.

    Well, here is a little recap of a month that went too quickly. I’m so thankful to be a photographer and to hold a great importance on documenting our little lives. I’m so, so thankful that I have so many memories printed in my home and filling up file after file on my computer. I wouldn’t change what I do for a living for anything in the world. I love that every seemingly tiny moment is caught on “film” {for lack of a better expression} in our home. See you next year March!

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    1. Sam Allen says:

      Oh my word! These are so precious, so slice of life… thank you for sharing such sweet moments with us!

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