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  • everyone wears a mask… {animal style!}

    Saturday, April 9 | Comments

    We have heard people say that everyone wears a mask… but we have come to see that some people wear them for different reasons.

    Mitch and Lindsay, thanks for being who you are… we like you.  Can’t wait to bust those masks out again with the formal attire!


    1. [...] masks even got the invite to the wedding!  It was such an amazing day and the sun was a shinning at the [...]

    2. Mom Blog says:

      These are absolutely amazing!

    3. Love it!!!!! Very unique and fun. Outside the box, just the way I like it!!!! :)

    4. Lindsay says:

      Baaahahahaaaa. I can’t stop watching this. This is our love. Thanks for capturing it.

    5. Heather says:

      Tasha…. this isn’t me and Grayson… haha

    6. JaggerModel says:

      Did you dye your hair and is that your new place?

    7. Heather says:

      this is one of the best things we have ever photographed.. pure awesome.

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