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    Friday, September 27 | Comments

    We shot this wedding a little while back and it was just awesome. More traditional than our usual shindigs but that’s ok!  They were married right smack in the middle of LA. The day started off right when we got out of the car and found $40 on the ground and no one around to claim it, wooooooo! Only in LA would someone loose $40 and not notice, haha! They got ready in her families beautiful home and married at big, beautiful catholic church in LA and had the reception at the Calimos Equestrian Center in Burbank. They had a big mariachi band and it was so fun! I love mariachi bands at weddings, I just do, haha.

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    Los Angeles Wedding Photographer



    1. Charlie says:

      Wonderful pictures, specially the black and white one, the couple look lovely. I like the set up.

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