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  • Erinkay + Doug- Irvine, CA

    Wednesday, January 6 | Comments

    We are back home in WA! But we’ll be back in CA in about 10 days for 3 more shoots. I couldn’t wait to see our ferrets, I missed them waaaayy too much. We came back to a plumpo Sam- I don’t know how he got so fat in 3 weeks. And Fynn has some more meat on her to.

    Ok Anyway, thank goodness for getting lost. We shot Erinkay and Doug and a park in Irvine that they thought would be awesome. Gray and I got super lost.. stupid Google Maps. We got to the park and all 4 of us were a little shocked at it’s nothingness. We did, however, find this freakin cool bike rack… sorta fits right in with our logo too. So we went to town on that and ditched this park. So like I was saying, Gray and I got really, really lost and ended up in an area with an  abandoned military school, and tons of military apartments- so creepy. We went back there and it was awesome, just out style. Dirty and used up. You’ll get to see them again later when we shoot their wedding in April! Enjoyyyyyy!

    handball is not for the faint of heart… I was a champ at rainbows.

    the last shot right before we had to army crawl back under this crazy fence.


    1. Allison says:

      These look like record album covers! I LOVE the look and feel of each photo…so unique. Two beautiful people in love…doesn’t get better than that:)

    2. Emily Noxon says:

      Finally! I have been going through severe withdrawls…now, that I have my fix, I think I can hold out for a couple more weeks. :)

    3. Tashee Mcgee says:

      Cool location, as soon as I saw that bike rack, I could imagine the joy heather got. My favorite is the close up kissing one, it is very sweet and loving, you captured a great couple’s love.

    4. Erinkay & Douglas says:

      LOVE THEM! You are SO right- Place A was a whole bunch of nothingness!

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