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  • Eric + Ellen {Yacolt, WA}

    Wednesday, September 22 | Comments

    We… loved.. this wedding. Eric and Ellen were the sweetest couple ever. They got married at Pomeroy Farms and it was BEAUTIFUL!! I mean seriously, you’ll see this place, it was amazing. This is the first summer they’ve opened up the historic farm for weddings. I can’t believe they didn’t do it sooner, it’s the best location!! It was in Yacolt, WA {we’re new to WA, but everyone I’ve asked has ever heard of Yacolt, haha}.

    She got ready in an awesome farm house and was saying that her and her bridesmaids have been friends since they were little and used to come here when they were kids for tea parties- how stinkin cute!! Everything about this wedding was amazing- the head piece she whipped together the night before the wedding, the photo booth Eric actually made, the giant picnic tables, the awesome potluck, and the ceremony was one of my favorites.

    The views from this place were absolutely amazing and there was a river running a long side it- so perfect!

    all hand made brides aid dresses and the necklaces we’re hand made by women in Uganda to raise money for African women. {31Bits.com}

    2 dresses, a dinner dress and a ceremony dress

    The first look

    Grayson loves taking chicken photos, haha

    holy…. moly….

    Mr. Beard Face… as we called him. Or as Grayson called him “Mr. Goat-ee” get it?

    could this be a more beautiful location!?

    lots of frolicking went on

    They did it a little different. Instead of a formal dinner after the ceremony, they had a huge potluck BEFORE the ceremony. It was actually really awesome, gave everyone time to say hello and kept everyone from starving during the ceremony. The food was SOOO GOODDDDD!!!!

    Her dad on the triangle :]

    I was ind of obsessed with her dinner dress.

    most dedicated guest table attendees ever.

    Her family had some intense moves.

    Favorite conversation of the day….

    Ellen- “look at that HUGE ant!”

    Heather- “…{looking closer} no.. that’s 2 ants connected.. I think they’re doing it”

    Eric- “Awwww, it’s their wedding day too!”


    1. so in love with with this wedding!!! and ya’lls work. :)

    2. suzanne says:

      The one where they’re standing on the bales of hay in the barn!!! DYING!!! I mean, they’re all amazing, but that one really steals my heart!

    3. Brenda says:

      I meant standing “alone” in the field. OOPS>

    4. Brenda says:

      Just had to look again and I have 2 more favorites…the bride standing along in the field…needs to be in a bridal magazine…so gorgeous AND the bride and groom leaning on the fence in the field. WOW…so beautiful.

    5. Brenda says:

      Another “adorable” bride!!! So beautiful. Love the hayloft pictures and the wedding party running thru the field…what gorgeous country and what stunningly beautiful pictures.

    6. Sarah says:

      Why can’t I ever get an invited to a wedding like this?! Looked like so much fun!! Love their low key, yet super cool ideas for their wedding. Love it and your work!

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    8. Briony says:

      wow great work! those barn pics are epic…i would totally print a canvas of all of them

    9. Aubrey says:

      I got Ellen’s text at 8:30 and was on here at 8:31! These turned out sooo amazing! I have so many favorites because they’re all beautiful and you captured Eric and Ellen so incredibly well. I want to be back at their wedding right now, but maybe without all the happy sobbing this time :D Kudos Heather and Grayson, these are gorgeous!

    10. ellen says:

      do do do do do! bah! i’m so glad a got a little bit of a spoiler :) these are AMAZING. eric called me and woke me up and i had to have him repeat himself cause he spilled out the sentence so fast: “ourpicsareuponjaggerblog-gocheckitout!” so cute! these make my heart so happy-you captured everything so beautifully! thank you thank you thank you! i hope you noticed how exponentially bigger my piece of communion bread is than his-hilarious (and i chewed forever!). these make me so excited for thursday when eric gets back and we get to look at the rest of them! yay on the maj! thanks again-you guys do stunning work and are so awesome! woooo!

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