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  • Emily + Andrew {Mazama, WA}

    Saturday, October 1 | Comments

    When we showed up to this wedding we were pretty stinkin excited.. We LOVE these kinds of weddings, they are right up our alley. So simple, so creative and totally focused on the couple, not “the event”… does that make sense? Emily and Andrew had a really simple and unique ceremony under some trees, there was nothing overly formal about it. Every detail at this wedding was made with love by friends and family and it really showed.  They were married at the Mazama Ranch House and stayed for the whole weekend. They wanted their wedding to be more of a get together for all their family and friends!

    “I can not say enough good things about Jagger photography. They were awesome to work with in all correspondence, wonderful during our wedding day and we ended up with the most gorgeous photos I ever could have dreamed of. They put us at ease and made us laugh during our portrait session and at other times faded into the background so smoothly we hardly noticed they were there. My wedding day was the happiest day of my life, and I am so grateful to have photos that not only remind me of all the little details but also captured the essence of our love for one another.”

    Emily and Andrew also own an AWESOME leather jacket company with some amazing jackets called OlgaRoad. You should take a peek if you’re so inclined. Andrew also made these “A & E” letters for the house.

    Emily got her dress at an antique mall, it fit her perfect and she didn’t even have to alter it!

    These candle holders have been in every family wedding for the past 100 years!

    Shot with the amazing HASSELBLAD! {Or as we’ve been calling it “The Hasslehoff”}

    We LOVED this spot, it was so pretty!

    This was a local band from Bellingham {where we live}. It seems like all the vendors.. well all 2 of us, were from Bellingham!

    Let the ceremony begin!

    Let’s dance while we wait…

    Instead of entering down an isle they stood and greeted each guest as they came in to sit down.

    Near the end of the ceremony Emily lead everyone out to the field, had them follow in a circle and met back in the middle to pronounce them husband and wife!

    Then they ran off into the field and picked up a suitcase they had out there with cans dangling behind it.

    I love this shot.


    Salmon BBQ!

    I always love seeing pin wheels because we had a ton of them at our own wedding :]

    screen printed bandanas? Yes please.

    There was no formal first dance, they just got up and danced when they felt like it.

    Everyone at the wedding.

    They had an ice cream bar and needless to say it was a hit.

    Little Grayson and Big Grayson.. and yes, we love ice cream too!


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    2. Anna says:

      this is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. Their personality and the atmosphere of community just seeps right through the photos. Lovely wedding, gorgeous photos.

    3. Hello!
      Your photos are spectacular!
      Your amazing work is on my brasiliam blog:
      I hope so that´s ok to you.
      Best Regards,
      Luiza do Valle

    4. NaNa says:

      Wish I could have been at this wedding!!! So vintage. The picture are so awesome and you’ve captured all the love and joy of this couple.

    5. April P says:

      I felt like I was in another time looking at this! Great job you guys. You can really feel the love of these people

    6. Brenda Glasby says:

      That was an incredible wedding with incredible pictures…WOW…So beautiful!!1 Love the suitcases with the trail of cans….so cute!

    7. sunny says:

      i want to be at that wedding! everything is perfect. LOVE IT!!

    8. Ryan Wilson says:

      You guys rock my socks off! Best photographers ever! Peace and Love.

    9. Ryan Wilson says:

      You guys rock my socks off! Best photographers ever! Peace and Love.

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