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  • Danielle + Rob {Spicewood, TX}

    Sunday, May 9 | Comments

    Danielle and Rob’s wedding were a few firsts  for us:

    -1st time in Texas {although Grayson had already been}

    -1st time we’ve actually been rained on in the middle of a ceremony

    -1st time I’ve ever dropped a lens :/ {a bummer and a half but it’s fine, it’s already back on the job!}

    So… it was a memorable wedding to say the least. Started with Danielle’s dad calling to make sure we weren’t a scam and we’d actually show up to his daughter’s wedding, haha. But I can appreciate that, I would do the same thing! And these people were as nice as they get… so welcoming and just overall happy people. It doesn’t get much better than that.

    Well Danielle and Rob opted out of seeing each other before the ceremony for the photos so that was a challenge since it POURED!! But as bummed out as she was, I think it made their wedding one none of the people there will forget. When else will people go to a beautiful outdoor ceremony next to a river and have to sit there while being drowned by rain, it was amazing! Luckily it didn’t start REALLY pouring until the last 2 minutes or so of the ceremony. It was cute, needless to say. Then the room they moved everyone {300 people} into flooded! haha, to us, this was great… mixing it up a bit!

    Our time to take photos of Danielle and Rob was needless to say, limited at best but it all worked out and they still looked awesome! So here’s our first Texas wedding, enjoyyyyy!

    Her wedding present to him was a banjo and he was IN TO it!

    Ok…. I know jumping pictures are supposedly cliche and overdone and stupid and whatever else… But I’m into them. There, I said it, I love them. We try to avoid doing them or at least posting them because you’re just “not supposed to”… stupid. I’ve ALWAYS loved jumping pictures, I have years and years of compiled photos that I’ve forced upon friends and family, making them jump over and over until we got a perfect one….

    If our people want to jump, I say let them jump.

    our moments of sunshine!! sorta..

    Our “magical moment” together in the long, literally flowing in the wind, grass, haha. It was great, we were both pretty excited.

    What the reception was supposed to look like.

    love this moment.

    let the rain begin…

    come on… that’s amazing.

    About 30 minutes or so of this….

    then finally, it stops!!!


    1. Jane says:

      Hi Heather!
      My name is Jane and I’m with Dwellable.
      I was looking for blogs about Spicewood to share on our site and I came across your post…If you’re open to it, shoot me an email at jane(at)dwellable(dot)com.
      Hope to hear from you soon!

    2. Brenda says:

      I feel like everytime a new blog entry comes out I say “oooo this one is my favorite!”. My point is that you and Grayson manage to make every couples photos better and better. I love that this couple just looked so romantic together. Not even sure that makes sense, but you get what I’m saying. GORGEOUS photos! Awesome job, as always.

    3. DL says:

      The bride designed it and found a jeweler that made what she designed.

    4. Mary Jane says:

      DL do you know where she got it made/who designed it?

    5. Sam Allen says:

      It doesn’t even seem that they were bothered by the rain! She looks beautiful even after the rain! And the umbrella was awesome as well!!! And I love the photo of her jewelry in the knot of the tree! Nice!

    6. DL says:

      I cannot wait to see more! Amazing pics—just like I knew they would be. Thank you! Oh & Mary Jane—she designed her ring and they had it made.

    7. Linsley! says:

      My gosh. God blessed you two with da gift. You should appreciate it! :)

    8. Mara says:

      I am in awe! This is a BEAUTIFUL wedding. And how sweet that you caught some pictures in the rain. It seems like a gorgeous location.

    9. Elijah Arthur Logozar says:

      I remember you danielle. You really helped me and I loved it.
      You looked really beautiful in those pictures. I hope you can visit me again soon. *(at my dads house) Eli

    10. ok wow. i don’t often sit at my laptop with my mouth hanging open and just say “wow” to myself over and over. seriously… WOW! your work is breathtaking. the one of them with the umbrella straight on with the eerie sky in the background with the tilt shift…oh my goodness. every. single. one.

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