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  • Cynthia + Ryan {San Juan, WA} Seattle Wedding Photographers/Bellingham Wedding Photographers

    Sunday, November 6 | Comments

    What better place is there to get hitched than on a sheep farm?  Umm… nowhere!  Ryan’s parents owned a house down the road on San Juan Island where he used to come in summers while growing up, so they chose to get married at this sheep farm.  You couldn’t have asked for a better day to get married!

    We jumped on the ferry from Anacortas and got off in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island.  I love how the farm land spans across most of the island.  Sort of makes you feel like you are going back in time.  Cynthia and Ryan’s wedding was totally homemade and awesome!  We loved how everything looked and the light at the end of the day was perfect!

    Poor pup had a cut on his foot.  Had to have a ziploc on it to keep out infection.

    Dominating the dance floor…

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    1. shannon says:

      love them friends! the lighting and setting (and photographers) are amazing (:

    2. jordyn says:

      your photos are always so wonderful & full of life. love this.

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