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  • Create Love Project- call for family nominations

    Saturday, December 27 | Comments

    It’s time! It’s time!! I am opening up nominations for deserving families! If you know of a struggling family in an area listed below whose just in the midst of a very hard season of life, please nominate them to receive a completely free shoot from one of the many amazing photographed who have signed up to be a part of something great! {You can see the previous blog post for more details on this project}

    Who is this for: This gift is for people/families who have been struggling deeply. Families who have suffered the loss of a child, have been given a terminal disease, have suffered the loss of a job that supported their family, have children with handicaps that have made it nearly impossible to be able to afford something like this, families mourning the loss of a parent.. the list goes on. They do not have to be married with kids! This can be a couple whose had a struggle, grandparents, empty nesters… anyone really.

    CLP-call4 CLP-FindaPhotos CLP-locations2

    So.. here’s how this all works. Anyone can nominate a family in the areas from the list above. Please submit a maximum of 200-300 word email {no longer please} just explaining why this family could really use some free family photos and a little extra love from a stranger.  During the next month I will do my best to have all of these read through and let you all know who I found a photographer for.

    I hope to have everyone set up by early February. If I can find your family a photographer you will receive an email around February letting you know you will be giving you this gift! Unfortunately, there are only so many photographers available. I wish every single family who submits would receive this gift but I can only chose as many families as I  have photographers. My hope is to do this at least twice a year, hopefully more. So if your family does not get set up with a photographer, it wouldn’t hurt to try again next time there is a call for nominations!

    You can visit Create Love on Instagram @CreateLoveProject and on Facebook.  Website will be coming soon!



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    3. Heidi Freitas says:

      I’m nominating Tisha & Kelly Dillon. Kelly has been in the navy for 20 yrs and has been home with them not even half of that. He recently retired and is now working in N Dakota, again away from his family. . They have a handicapped daughter and three other kids. She’s getting ready to graduate from college and has been working insane hours to finish up getting her masters in social work. They haven’t had family pictures done in years. Kelly is 38, Tisha is 35, Odessa is 14, Piper is 12, Eowyn is 10 and Enoch is 3. They live here in Nampa. Kelly is home roughly every two weeks. Tishas email address is tdillon@nnu.edu and her cell number is 208-989-0040

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