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    Saturday, January 5 | Comments

    This was one of our favorite weddings of the year. The couple was awesome, it was in a barn {we are huge suckers for barn weddings} and everything was home made… something we are also huge suckers for. When we booked Christina and Robert she and I spent a good hour on the phone just talking about everything. They met when she took a trip to Europe. She was in Austria and went on a tour, who was her tour guide? That’s right.. Robert. She soon moved to Austria to be with him and now they’re getting married! I was joking that she basically lived every girls dream {and most Lifetime movie plots} of traveling to Europe single and meeting some good looking, soccer playing European boy and bringing him home to marry him. Haha, it’s awesome. These two were just amazing, so sweet, so fun and so so so excited and in love.

    They were married at Red Barn Studios in Chehlis, WA. We’ve shot here once before and loved it even more this time! This place used to be a working hops farm, now it’s covered n lavender, apple trees and of course, hops. It’s overall just a beautiful place, and we love shooting in Washington!

    I love it when the groom cries during the first look!

    Her family owns a carriage company so they got to ride in on this bad boy!!

    When you walked onto the ceremony site there was this long twine everywhere {which we watched almost everyone trip on, haha} and they put their rings on the string to be passed along until it was time to put it on their fingers. They had everyone pray or give a blessing on their rings.

    There was a lot of apple biting involved in the family photos, haha.

    Their cute little Austrian cake topper.

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    1. Heather Glasby says:

      Thanks guys!!

    2. Becca says:

      These shots are awesome! Love the emotion captured.

    3. Rob Holley says:

      Amazing event. Amazing creativity. Amazing photos!

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