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  • Chicago how I love thee….

    Friday, October 9 | Comments

    So we got to take a little trip to the awesome Chicago to shoot Jen + Jeff’s (AMAZING) wedding, which you’ll see later..  After the wedding we hung around for a few days and stayed with our good friends Mike and Roya who just moved up from CA. We had a good 4 days to just enjoy it and I loooveee Chicago, it was so…clean! I love all the old buildings and bricks.. so many bricks.  Got to see the fountain from the into of Married With Children! eh? eh? ok…Anyway, there will be another post, but here is something new on the blog to look at. We ended up shopping all day on the first day and found this beautiful old church…

    Other than that, we are in Seattle at the moment. We got a hold of some family I’d never met (we’re actually shooting their Seattle wedding in August) and met them for dinner last night! Got to go to Paper Source, my most loved CA store! And we’re about to head out to drive to Oregon to shoot Chris + Jessica’s wedding which sounds like it’s gonna be a delightful one. So we’ll have a lot to do after this trip! But we’re excited to get home and enjoy the colors changing in the trees… doesn’t happen too much back in CA. So there will be a lot of new posts in the next few weeks!



    don’t act like you’re not impressed…



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