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  • Carmen + Mike’s Nooksack River Wedding {Bellingham Wedding Photographers}

    Thursday, September 29 | Comments

    This wedding was so fun.. it was so relaxed and sweet and it hardly felt like we were even working! Carmen and Mike got married on a friends beautiful property where Mike keeps his airplane! He spent his morning taking the kids on little airplane rides before the wedding! The weather was perfect and people simply sat on blankets to watch them exchange their vows. I always said that if I had my wedding to do over again I’d do that exact thing, just throw out a bunch of blankets and quilts and make it feel like a big picnic. It was such a breath of fresh air! There were a ton of kids just running and playing during the reception, digging in the dirt with tractors and catching the hundreds of tadpols down in the creek. There was the perfect blend of food for a big potluck dinner, cold beer and lots of laughter. Carmen has a deep love for river beds so we ventured down to the river after dinner and got to take some sunset photo. Seriously, just perfect!

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