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    Friday, October 19 | Comments

    We met Carly a couple years back when she was the maid of honor in another wedding we shot in Washington. We kept in touch a little over the years until it was her turn to get married! Carly and Billy were married at the Oak Canyon Nature Center and it was so pretty! Carly is an awesome wedding planner for her company {Carly Rae Weddings}  so she knew what she wanted and she made it happen! The wedding was beautiful with pinks and champagnes and a hint of a sailing theme, it was perfectly done! Just today we were able to get together again with them and grab some breakfast. I love when we get to stay in touch with our couples!

    We like to ask our brides some questions about their wedding day so through out the blog post you can read Carly’s input on the day!

    “We decided to make out theme sailing because “our” song is “Sailboats” by Brooke Fraser. It talks about drifting away together + no matter the season, our love will remain strong. “the tide is out, the moon is high, we’re sailing.” is some of the lyrics that inspired us to do a “sail away” inspired wedding and we knew when we were planning our wedding that we didn’t want something traditionally nautical. I wanted something that was romantic + soft with what I like to call, “the undercurrent” (which is where the sailboats/blue/stripes came in)! We also knew we didn’t want a ton of decor because the venue is just SO stunning. We didn’t want to bog down nature.”

    “I knew I was walking down to our song “Sailboats” so I’d listen to it in my car months prior to the wedding and I would feel so excited I would just cry happy tears…not like one tear…like we’re talking BAWLING! haha. I wanted to cry out everything so I would be a wreck at the wedding! I can’t believe it worked…I don’t think I’d ever been as at peace and joyful walking down the aisle to Billy. It was the coolest experience!”

    “Best part of the wedding is hard to narrow down. We had the WEEK of a lifetime. With all our family + closest friends here partying it up with us. The more weddings we work, the more we find that weddings are WHO is there supporting you. I would say committing our lives to each other in front of the people we love was amazing! Among other things…LIKE the Firetruck crashing our wedding + our officiant tearing up!”

     ”My advice is…know your limits + budget! We had so many amazing vendors (wink wink, Jagger!) + an amazing venue that I would say remember that you are getting married and don’t try to stress yourself to throw a showcase event! DIY projects are so much fun but remember these things take time. Know your limits + how much your willing to spend (time + $) on projects and make sure they enhance your wedding venue:)”

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    1. Heather says:

      yaaayyyy!! So glad to hear that Carly!!

    2. carly says:

      aslkfkwejhrosifhkajsdhalwkej best photos EVER! Thank you!!! Love you guys!

      • Samantha DiStefano says:

        Carly! You’re wedding looked so beautiful! I NEED to know where your bridesmaids all got their dresses? This is exactly what I am going for and the same colors and cannot find anything anywhere!
        Thanks for any help!

    3. Meg says:

      I love her shoes and your pictures!

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