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    Monday, November 30 | Comments

    So the first time we met these two Grayson and I had lost track of time, we knew they were coming over to our house to meet us at 1:30.. so I decide to take a nap at 11:30, we had just bought out new house and were smack in the middle of renovation, so I was tired {and pregnant}. Suddenly I get woken up to “Heather! They’re here!!”… aaahhh! I literally throw on the closest clothes I found and, mostly still asleep, stumble out into the kitchen where they’re sitting there! Haha I was a mess! I just start rambling about who knows what before I finally say “Ok.. I have to admit, I was totally asleep in my underwear like 2 minutes ago and I’m still totally out of it”. Luckily they were overly jet-lagged and tired too so they understood! Always a good first impression right?

    This wedding was a good time and a half. It was our first time shooting at Lairmont Manor in Bellingham, WA and it was awesome! We got to work along side our friend Brittany with BBJean events, which means we know everything will run smoothly, haha! There was such a good mix of whiskey, Irish accents, beautiful decor and a Go Pro constantly rolling! When the reception started to die down they took all their booze and moved the party to go lounge and play at the lake! Oh yah.. and they had our other friends AMAZING cake for dessert from Pure Bliss.. seriously.. amazing. I am not just saying this because she’s a friend, but if you are getting married in Bellingham- hire them for your dessert! So needless to say, this was a fun wedding.

    LairmontManorWedding001 LairmontManorWedding002 LairmontManorWedding003 LairmontManorWedding004 LairmontManorWedding005  LairmontManorWedding007LairmontManorWedding006 LairmontManorWedding008 LairmontManorWedding009 LairmontManorWedding010 LairmontManorWedding011 LairmontManorWedding012 LairmontManorWedding013 LairmontManorWedding014 LairmontManorWedding015 LairmontManorWedding016 LairmontManorWedding017 LairmontManorWedding018 LairmontManorWedding019

    Carla’s dress kept snagging on brides maids dresses.. it happened all night!!LairmontManorWedding020 LairmontManorWedding021 LairmontManorWedding022 LairmontManorWedding023 LairmontManorWedding024 LairmontManorWedding025 LairmontManorWedding026 LairmontManorWedding027 LairmontManorWedding028 LairmontManorWedding029 LairmontManorWedding030 LairmontManorWedding031 LairmontManorWedding032 LairmontManorWedding033 LairmontManorWedding034 LairmontManorWedding035 LairmontManorWedding036 LairmontManorWedding037 LairmontManorWedding038 LairmontManorWedding039

    another dress snag, haha!LairmontManorWedding040 LairmontManorWedding041 LairmontManorWedding042 LairmontManorWedding043 LairmontManorWedding044 LairmontManorWedding045 LairmontManorWedding046 LairmontManorWedding047 LairmontManorWedding048 LairmontManorWedding049 LairmontManorWedding050 LairmontManorWedding051 LairmontManorWedding052 LairmontManorWedding053 LairmontManorWedding054 LairmontManorWedding055 LairmontManorWedding056 LairmontManorWedding057 LairmontManorWedding058 LairmontManorWedding059 LairmontManorWedding060

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