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  • Caitlin + Jacob {Bow, WA}

    Sunday, May 22 | Comments

    Finally!  We get to shoot a wedding in our neighborhood!  Not that we don’t love to travel, but it was nice to have one right down the street!  Caitlin + Jacob are New Yorkers, but decided to have their awesome wedding at their parents property.  Nice choice!  They were avid readers and writers, so books were definitely a large part of their day.  We finally got to work with our friend Brittany {and Brian} from BB Jean Events!  Hope you enjoy!

    Caitlin made a stylish arrival in an old truck!





    1. Brittany says:

      Yay! :) So simple and pretty and fun. We should do that again sometime!

    2. Donna McIldoon says:

      Congrats to Jacob and Caitlin! The “journey of life” pic where you are walking away along the woodsy rugged path brought tears to my eyes … and the obvious joy of the black and white close-up at the reception – so lovely … joy to you both!

    3. Brenda Glasby says:

      Very beautiful…love the picture of bride and groom in front of window with her head on his shoulder and books in laps…so soft and pretty. Lighting is beautiful. Great job and lovely wedding.

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