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    Monday, January 28 | Comments

    We’re back in California for a couple weeks because my best friend had her baby {wooooooo!!!!}. I went to post a wedding for you guys and realized we didn’t have the files with us! Woops! So instead we thought we’d share a little video I made of our trip up to Lake Arrowhead a few weeks back. It was Myles’s first time playing in the snow, he didn’t really know what to think, haha. We had so much fun, played in the snow, played a lot of Twister and discovered Settles of Catan, which we are now all hooked on!!

    Anyway, life has been good! We’re excited for what 2013 holds. We have a few trips planed {for business and pleasure, of course}. We get to go back to Pennsylvania to shoot another cousins wedding, taking a big family trip to Belize {never been}. The new year has been treating us well! Myles is still a maniac, he’s so cute I can’t handle it sometimes and he’s started REALLY saying “mama”, but only when he’s whining unfortunately, haha

    We’re working on redoing our blog completely! We need a fresh start! This blog just doesn’t seem to represent who we are anymore, it needs a little more color to it! So we’re excited for the change, hopefully it will be a smooth process.



    1. Rob Holley says:

      The shot of the bubbles with guests mingling in the background. Oh my!

    2. sunny says:

      It’s natural for a mother to be good with her children. You are so lucky to have married a man who is also good with his baby. Myles is blessed with 2 amazing parents!! What a sweet film.

    3. Maiko says:

      awwwwwwwwww myles is so cuuuuuuuuuuute! <3

    4. Amie says:

      I love when he eats the snow <3

    5. ellen says:

      this is so lovely. you have the darlingliest little fambam! oh, and excellent musical variety!

    6. GiGi says:

      I am SO excited to watch this video!!

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