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  • Brooke + Ryan {Bald Head Island, NC}

    Tuesday, October 26 | Comments

    Brooke + Ryan live in New York, but decided to have their wedding on Bald Head Island.  We know why and so will you when you see some pictures of this place.  Stinking beautiful.  Ryan’s dad has a house there and they spend summers roaming around the island.  We were envious to say the least!

    Bald Head is an island off the southern coast of North Carolina.  It is extremely beautiful, but practically on the opposite side of the US from Washington.  Needless to say, it was a long trip, but it was so worth it!!!  We took a couple planes, a car, a ferry, and a golf cart to get to this wedding. No kidding, a golf cart!  The island is free of gas consuming vehicles; it’s an electric only club.  So, we had our own private golf cart for the day.  I might have had a little too much fun driving.  Heather almost flew out on a couple of times on some of those sharp turns.  I just couldn’t help myself :)

    The island put off the impression that it was somewhere in South America.  It had such a tropical feeling and all the roads were like a labyrinth running through the jungle.  We got lost a couple times and had to look at the map.

    Brooke’s dress was amazing! (AKA “the Mullet Dress”) Heather almost got a similar dress for our wedding day, but wasn’t bold enough.  We were glad that you were bold enough Brooke! All the guests that made the venture from the mainland were real close friends and family and made the whole wedding so close and intimate.  There were lawn games, lounging areas, and a fantastic view throughout the whole wedding.  I’m sure that it took a lot of effort to get everything on the island, but it was totally worth it.  This wedding was amazing and we had such a great time!  Heather and I wish that we had more time to spend there and who knows, maybe we will find ourselves on Bald Head again one day.  Thank you so much Ryan + Brooke! You guys are awesome!

    Brooke’s shoes looked like unicorns!

    Business in front, party in back!

    My favorite picture of the day: Good job looking pretty Brooke!

    Brooke’s sister, Katy’s speech/rap was so funny!  She had everyone busting up! We’ve heard a LOT of speeches and this one was by far the funniest we’ve heard! Who raps?! awesome..

    The band had openings for a little Karaoke.  This guy was dying to get up there… and he killed!!!


    1. Ramona says:

      You have an incredible eye, the photos are so beautiful, unique and so creative. I love it.

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    3. This wedding is amazing!!!

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    5. Wow, it looks like a cool wedding! Lovely photography!

    6. Stephanie says:

      I can’t get past Brooke’s shoes!!! So effing fantastic! P.S. All the shots rock

    7. em says:

      shut up with this wedding!!! and that dress!! so good. i loved meeting you both at beth + kevin’s wedding, thanks for being so sweet. i can’t wait to see their photos cause i know you certainly rocked it out. xoxo, em

    8. Brenda says:

      WOW! What an amazing island…gorgeous! I love all the special touches…amazing details, adorable bride and groom and all captured forever by amazing photographers.

    9. that venue is utterly amazing! and that mullet gown is freaking spectacular!

    10. Jessie says:

      WOW, such an awesome place! The picture of them hugging with her on her tip toes and shoes off and him holding her dress off the ground is priceless! I was definitely moved :)

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