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  • Brian + Kamela {Vancouver, WA}

    Tuesday, September 7 | Comments

    Another somewhat local wedding for us! Just a quick 5 hour drive and a stop at VooDoo Donuts in Portland {so good}. Anyway, we had the pleasure of shooting Brian and Kamela’s {Pamela with a K is how Brian likes to introduce her} wedding! They got married at their/their Grandparents back yard in Vancouver right on the Columbia River, an awesome location! It was beautiful! They got ready in her parents house across the way {which her dad designed and built, it was AWESOME!}. This wedding was great, really laid back which we love, casual and homey. They had everything from chickens to a color blind brother to vintage plates and Mexican food… fantastic!!

    A flask for the color blind brother, he said he saw an 8


    I love pups… their dog Tiva {sorry if I spelled that wrong guys}

    She got her dress at a vintage store, didn’t have to alter it AT ALL! That’s crazy!

    They were in love with their shoes, we took so many photos of their shoes through out the day, haha. I’m sure most of you know about Toms, but if you buy a pair, a pair is donated to a kid in Africa- pretty awesome.


    again.. I love me some bow-tie action.

    chickens freak me out a little, this was an ordeal. Grayson’s mom used to have about 7 chickens and when we were dating he’s make me run around back there trying to catch one.. But I have this fear of them pecking my eyes out so I wasn’t enjoying it all that much… the things you’ll do when you’re dating.

    notice the chicken on the right in mid air… hahahaa

    I love faux living rooms :]

    no shoes from this point on out.. the Toms were just for trekking.

    wild black berrys grew everywhere. Anyone that knows Gray knows he can’t say no to a wild berry {of any kind}… he was always off picking berrys, and of course he took this photo.. :]

    such an awesome location!


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    3. Linda says:

      Absolutely gorgeous! Love your hair.

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    5. Alicia says:

      Do ya’ll use Nikon or Canon cameras? Great workkkk

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    7. this wedding is AMAZING!!! and so well captured!

    8. Jessica says:

      love love love it! their wedding and your pictures actually make Vancouver, WA look beautiful!

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    10. April says:

      these are pretty….i’m a woman of few words heather.

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