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    Monday, May 20 | Comments

    This wedding a was a little more traditional than the ones we normally shoot, but we just love this couple so much. We got to do their school bus engagement shoot {because they’re both teachers} and instantly hit it off. They’re just so dang nice!!! Also, their last name is Miles and our sons name is Myles, small world! haha. We had so much fun with them all day. We also got to work with our friends over at Shade Tree Films again, always a pleasure :] The only bad note left of the day was from THE craziest church coordinator {NOT the wedding day coordinator, she was great} we have ever had the displeasure of coming in contact with. We were warned by the bridal party that this woman was crazy, she tried to kick the flower girl out of the wedding for walking too slow during the rehersal. I thought it would be nothing I hadn’t seen but I was SO wrong. I’ve never met a coordinator that could make me shake in anger within 10 minutes of meeting. I won’t go into crazy detail {all the details are crazy} but lets just say she threatened to kick us out numerous times and I told her to go ahead and try it…. haha.

    I CANT STAND coordinators who think they are there to run {ruin} the couples day. Stop being so bossy and yelling at everyone, it’s not about you, it’s about them. Rule after rule after dirty look after threat. I’d love to see her try to kick out the photographers {and videographers who she also threatened} in the middle of the ceremony when her main fear is us making any noise or being noticed in any way, haha.

    AAAANNYYYWWAAAY, sorry about the tangent… I just can’t stand unprofessional people that forget what the wedding is about. Here is Brandon and Malia’s awesome day! They were married at the Mission Basilica in San Juan Capistrano.

    This was the moment when they were doing a first… hand hold. They didn’t want to see each other before the ceremony but they wanted to say hi! It was quickly ruined by the church coordinator from hell who yelled at them for being late and said it’s too late to take photos. She then stood in front of my camera to keep me from shooting the moment. I wanted to kick her in the face…. so bad. So did the entire bridal party, haha.

    I love this shot!



    Whenever we work with Shade Tree Films it tends to end in a dance party with borderline inappropriate moves too close to each other, haha.

    and abuse of the photo booth.

    Looks like they needed to squat down a bit, haha

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    1. charlie says:

      Stunning pictures, I love the black and white, look awesome.

    2. [...] for capturing all these amazing moments and fun details! Be sure to visit their blog to see more of Malia and Brandon [...]

    3. Malia says:

      Thanks so much for the beautiful memories Heather + Grayson!! You guys are truly amazing!!!!! We had a blast with you!! (despite the evil coordinator ewwwwww!!) M+ B

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