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  • Brandon + Brittany {Pala, CA}

    Wednesday, July 13 | Comments

    You may remember Brandon and Brittany from their super cute engagement shoot we did a while back. Now they’re married!!! Ok, I don’t know how this happened but there are somewhere near 150 images in this blog post…. holy huge blog post!! There were just so many we loved!! We like doing big blog posts anyway because it shows that we don’t just shoot 20 great shots and slap them on the blog, we have a ton we love!!

    This wedding was so fun, so them. She started out with 6 pairs of shoes to decide between the day of the wedding, which cracked me up. Their weddings presents: he got her a gun and she got him a Mighty Max set!! They also threw in a nice watch and a Tiffany’s necklace too, don’t worry. Either way, it was amazing. I also got to see a lot of old friends I haven’t seen in a while, which is always nice. They got married at Condors Nest Ranch in Pala, CA. So we’re SO happy they finally got married so enjoy their wedding day!

    best mom/son dance ever… people loved it!!!

    the lighting was awesome so we took 10 minutes and took more photos! ya hoo!

    Favorite shot of the day!

    The Plummers everyone… the Plummers {aka my best friends Sara’s parents}

    We could not stop laughing when we saw this photo! Brandon is so intense, haha






    1. Evita says:

      JAGGER DID IT AGAIN!!! Awesome photos you guys! And OMG, her dress, her shoes, and the venue… perfection. Love this wedding! Congrats Brandon and Brittany!

    2. April P. says:

      AAAAAHHH-FREAKING-MAZING!!!! So G.D. beautiful!!

    3. what a fun wedding! the couple looks so happy and the photos are fantastic! gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!

    4. Natalie says:

      The photos are gorgeous and that dress is stunning!!

    5. maiko says:

      yayyyy this wedding is so lovely! it makes me anxious for next april ;)

      also… CUSTOM PENNY PRESS???

    6. Elise says:

      This is one of my favorites that you two have shot! LOVE her dress to pieces. Way to go as always Glasbys!

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