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  • Brandon + Brittany {Enaged!!! Yorba Linda, CA}

    Tuesday, February 15 | Comments

    Brandon and Brittany!!!!!!! We LOVEEEDDDD shooting these two! I’ve know Brandon since I was 16 or 17, back then he was “Gootie” we spent most my late teen age years with our weirdly large group of close friends hanging out at parks late at night {and actually being good}, going to shows every weekend and eating free crackers and ranch at  Denny’s at 2am. Brandon was this shaggy, thrift store shopping, guitar player, much like the rest of us {minus the guitar playing, I only went through a small/ridiculous phase of thinking I could play the drums. I was terrible}. Then he met Brittany and we were all amazed at how stinkin pretty this girl was and still is. Good job Brandon!!! Now 8 YEARS LATER they’re getting marrrieeddddd!!! I was overly excited when they asked us to shoot their wedding!

    Not only is it going to be a good time and half, but they are an adorable couple.

    They are the epitome of those couples that claim they are bad in front of the camera. They, especially Brandon, were NERVOUS central but did so good! We got a million awesome photos of them because they were so easy to shoot. That’s why there are so many, we couldn’t narrow it down. We can’t wait to shoot their wedding!!!!!! I love when friends get married and we get to shoot it :]

    I think this photo was in 2002 or 2003

    Brandon and Brittany had just started dating in this photo, our Thanksgiving party 2002! I’m the idiot in the middle ripping off my jaw.

    Random side story: my favorite Brandon moment. First I must preface this story by saying the he was one of those really sweet, quiet guys who didn’t say much but when he did it was hilarious. One night, like many other nights, we were all piled in Lindsey’s car {Garfunkle} with the bench seating..  the most glorious car known to man. He was quiet all night, then we we’re driving by a random car and Brandon sticks his entire body out the window and YELLS… {more like shrieks} “DO YOU WANNA DANCE!!??!?!?” at the car next to us. It made no sense but we couldn’t stop laughing. Maybe this was only funny to a car full of 16-18 year olds… probably.

    They were so confused when we were getting this shot, I had to show it to them to make sense.

    What the rainbow?!?!?!

    We always seem to make people stand on unsteady things and catch them falling off, haha. We were all cracking up.

    normally I try to avoid putting to really similar images on, but we loved them both and I couldn’t decide!

    I often find myself having to straddle people to get a shot…..

    To get this picture I was on Gray’s shoulders and doing  a one armed pull up off the wood while Gray helped push me up by my butt…. haha, that’s dedication!

    This is one of my favorite images of the day, it’s just so stinkin sweet the way he’s holding her hand!!


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    3. Heather says:

      I remember hearing that story too! haha I totally forgot.. nothing is to inappropriate for us Kristin….

    4. lil Kristin says:

      Funny story about Brandon and Brittany- Right when he asked her out or maybe after their first kiss he went to open the car door for her and hit her straight in the vagina with the door (am I allowed to say vagina on a wedding blog?). They were always destined to be. So fun to see that they are still together and getting hitched!!

    5. megan says:

      gosh. these two are adorable. you guys are incredibly gifted. i’m loving photo #38 and i dont know why.

    6. Whitney says:

      Can you find out where her striped dress is from? GREAT shoot!

    7. Taya says:

      This is the sweetest, most perfect photo shoot. It really touched me, it just feels so real, so true towards the subjects. Great job guys, seriously.

    8. Becky says:

      Oh good! That’s what I thought, but I figured I’d double check since it seemed out of the ordinary. What a fun shot then!!! I appreciate hearing about a photographer who doesn’t feel the need to photoshop stuff in!

    9. Heather says:

      of course it was real!! It was caused by a reflection in the lens, but real. We don’t photoshop stuff in!! It’s not our style :]

    10. Becky says:

      Those are some stunning photos! But was there really a rainbow or is that photoshop? I love her dresses.

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