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  • Happy Easter to the Bun Bun

    Sunday, April 4 | Comments

    Happy Easter everyone! We met this little bunny at Grayson’s parents house as it was running for it’s little life from their oh, so stupid, kills everything in it’s path.. cat. Then… it ran inside after we tried to stop the stupid cat, and their dog grabbed it and we had to steal it back from it’s mouth.

    After all that, we got it.. it was so stinkin cute. This is the 2nd time we’ve saved this bunny. The first time his mom saved it. So it was adorable, we walked around for a while trying to find his family, never did. So we just set him on the ground and he hopped away. Hopefully this is the last time we’ll see him.

    Grayson started reading “Watership Down” to me at night, he wanted me to read it so bad but I hate reading.. I ALWAYS fall asleep within the first 10 pages of any book. So him reading it out loud helps a lot. It’s a story about bunnies…. coincidentally.  Anyway, that was my rambling about bunnies. Happy Easter!!! And meet Bun Bun…

    Vlad + Jamie {San Francisco, CA}

    Wednesday, March 24 | Comments

    Vlad and Jamie! This couple was too funny. Their wedding day was chalk full of potty humor {our very favorite}, crazy toe socks and Russians. We were driving around trying to get to their venue the night before {well unsuccessfully trying to find parking anyway} I saw this house and was in love. I’ve always had a thing for houses for some reason and this one is BEAUTIFUL!!! It was the Hass Lilienthall, and it was freakin fantastic! Anyway, here is their San Francisco wedding day, enjoooyyy!

    There is nothing more manly than a bunch of grown men sitting on a bed in matching toe socks…

    I was in love with this bathroom, as you’ll see later.

    Vlad got all the boys custom cuff links.

    I love old bathtubs… they make me smile

    This wall paper TOTALLY reminded me of my Grandma Goldstien’s house, it just screams “1974 Jewish!”- I love it

    more bathtub love

    stinkin’ amazing house

    Their ceremony was in the living room of this house, most people stood.

    the best kind of brides maid photos in our opinion…

    “Bridesman” toast :]

    Can I just note the sheer impressiveness of this photo. Not only did she catch this giant bouquet, but she did it while holding  her wine glass…

    “Shake what your mama gave ya!!” was what everyone chanted to this girl as she danced for 20 minutes in the middle…. victory.

    gotta love dancing with your new Russian family.

    the entire wedding was based off this a-freakin-mazing cake.

    cake cutting is a spectator sport.

    Tina + James {Burbank, CA}

    Wednesday, March 17 | Comments

    Tina and James got married at the Calamigos Equestrian Center in Burbank, CA- it was great,  I loved this place! Huge trees and lots of grass, my favorite. We just did their mountain engagement shoot a few weeks ago, which was good fun! This wedding was a little different than anything we’ve done before. The whole ceremony was in Korean! It was awesome. We had no idea what anyone was saying, but we could appreciate it none the less. So it was a good time and a half. The middle of our 3 shoots on this trip home to CA.

    So this was an interesting reception, no dancing- just games. It was hilarious.

    “Geoff’s the best! Say it!!!”

    Wednesday, March 10 | Comments

    Living with Candice, I’d often wake up from a nap or come home from work {back when I had a “real job”} and hear the sounds of screaming and giggling, followed by a loud “smack!” accompanied by more screaming and giggling and Geoff yelling ” ‘Geoff’s the best’ Say it!!!” ‘Geoff’s the best!!’”.. From experience, I knew that I wanted no part of what was going on in that room.  More than likely, Geoff was sitting on Candice with her arms behind her back while she laughed too hard to get a “Geoff’s the best!” out and go on with her day.

    Another funny story, Candice and Geoff met initially in like 4th grade, she was dared to kiss him on the bus, she did and Geoff was her first kiss.  He apparently rode his bike home after that, haha. Years later… here they are. Good times, good times. Now these two are actually getting married and it’s freakin awesome! We were going to shoot their wedding until they decided they didn’t want any friends having to work at their wedding, and I appreciate that! I almost never get to go and enjoy a wedding as a guest with all my friends, I am overly excited for this wedding. Anyway, here are their photos!

    He has no patience…

    Now that all those are out of the way………

    The San Francisco Treat {day 1}

    Friday, March 5 | Comments

    So wedding season has officially begun for us, I mean BUSY wedding season. We’ve had 2 this year so far, but March is when it gets nuts, we love it! A great kick off to the wedding season.

    We arrived in the lovely San Francisco today after a weirdly long flight from Seattle. We were on the worlds more rickety plane that I felt more than claustrophobic walking on to. It was the kind of plane that made you feel like you could hold onto the wing while the plane was flying and not get sucked off. Then to a second, more normal plane where we I slept on a plane for the first time!! Played some iphone scrabble and had a nice conversation with the man near us.

    Vlad and Jamie put us up in The Chancellor in Union Square, such a good location! I spotted a dessert crepe place and we had to go.. I love crepes and Nutella, my dream food! And it was delicious!! We continued to walk up the crazy hills of San Francisco for 2 1/2 hours (aka: when my knee caps fell off), then got a $5 coffee and a nice foot rub from my oh so amazing hubby.

    We looked at where Vlad and Jamie are getting married tomorrow and it was AMAZING!!!! I saw it, not knowing it was their venue, and thought it was the most amazing house I’d ever seen. I’m giddy knowing we get to shoot there tomorrow!

    home sweet home.. for the weekend

    Thank you San Francisco…. Thank you…

    One of the top 10 happiest places on earth in my opinion…

    Best… husband.. ever. Minus the making my toe flip everyone off and calling me “Kimmy Giggler” for not being able to control my laughter.