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  • Laguna Beach Family Shoot {Bellingham Family Photograhers}

    Tuesday, March 21 | Comments

    We photographed the Hopkins family nearly 5 years ago and they’re back! We took them to one of our favorites spots in Southern California to do this lovely little family shoot! I love getting to see families through the years and this family is just so sweet. We had so much fun breathing in the salty air and wandering the beach with these people. And their sons were so well behaved! I hope my kids grow up to be that well behaved, haha.

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    Underwood Twins {Bellingham Newborn Photographer}

    Sunday, January 22 | Comments

    Ok.. this family! I was so excited when their mama emailed me about photographing their new little twins and their sweet daughter. I loved watching this happy, curly haired little girl learning to be a big sister, it was adorable. I have so much respect for people who have twins, that’s a lot of work and double sleepless nights, it’s amazing! It was a joy being in their home and getting to watch this family!

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    Mats + Kate- engaged {Bellingham Wedding Photographer}

    Sunday, January 15 | Comments

    We got to shoot Mats and Kate at their sweet home in their {amazing} garden and all their awesome chickens! A couple after our own heart! When we met them we realized we had way too much in common.. they rock climb, love chickens a little too much and spend too much time in the garden and have a small obsession with planting dahlias… boom.. twins! These two were so cute, we can’t wait to shoot their wedding next year!

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    Booking now in Southern California

    Monday, January 9 | Comments

    We’re headed down to sunny Southern California in a few weeks for some shoots and a little well needed warmth! We have some spots available if you’ve been thinking about booking a shoot with us of any kind {family, engagement, newborn, etc!}! Email if you’re interested and we can talk more! Hello@JaggerPhotography.com, hope to talk soon!southernCA

    Kelsey + Nick {Diablo Lake, WA}

    Monday, January 9 | Comments

    Kelsey + Nick kept it simple and sweet with only their immediate family present at their wedding.  They got engaged at Diablo Lake and decided it made the most sense to get married there as well.  It was a perfect Washington day with a bit of sun and rain.  It was pretty perfect!

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