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  • Hello Baby Penny {Bellingham Newborn Photographer}

    Sunday, May 8 | Comments

    James and Becca are our sweet friend who had their first baby, Penny. They had to spend their first months as parents in the hospital because little Penny was born with some heart issues but once they were home they asked me to come photograph their little love and I was more than happy! These two are strong, amazingly nice people and we’re so happy to welcome them into parenthood! If you want to read more about their journey with Penny’s hear condition you can read along here at their Caring Bridge page!

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    Kayla + Chris- Evergreen Gardens Wedding {Bellingham Wedding Photographers}

    Monday, May 2 | Comments

    We got to photograph these two a while back for their beautiful engagement shoot on Kayla’s 80 acre family property and that got us excited to shoot their wedding later on! These two were so sweet and laid back. Shooting them was easy and relaxed, just the way we like it :] They were married at Evergreen Gardens in our awesome town of Bellingham, WA! We just looooveeee shooting close to home!

    EvergreenGardensWedding-001 EvergreenGardensWedding-002 EvergreenGardensWedding-003 EvergreenGardensWedding-004 EvergreenGardensWedding-005 EvergreenGardensWedding-006 EvergreenGardensWedding-007 EvergreenGardensWedding-008 EvergreenGardensWedding-009 EvergreenGardensWedding-010 EvergreenGardensWedding-011 EvergreenGardensWedding-012 EvergreenGardensWedding-013 EvergreenGardensWedding-014 EvergreenGardensWedding-015 EvergreenGardensWedding-016 EvergreenGardensWedding-017 EvergreenGardensWedding-018 EvergreenGardensWedding-019 EvergreenGardensWedding-020 EvergreenGardensWedding-021

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    The Coopers {Orange County Family Photographers}

    Tuesday, April 26 | Comments

    You know how we love shooting families we’ve been shooting forever? This is another one of those families! We shoot their awesome super hero wedding back in the day and have been photographing them ever since! We have the pleasure of hanging out and shooting these lovelies nearly every time we’re down in CA! The last time Alex had that little guy in her belly and now, here he is! I just love that!!

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    The moment the baby spits up all over dad in the middle of a shoot! hahaha, the best.

    OrangeCountyFamilyPhotographers014OrangeCountyFamilyPhotographers015 OrangeCountyFamilyPhotographers016 OrangeCountyFamilyPhotographers017 OrangeCountyFamilyPhotographers018 OrangeCountyFamilyPhotographers019 OrangeCountyFamilyPhotographers020 OrangeCountyFamilyPhotographers021 OrangeCountyFamilyPhotographers022 OrangeCountyFamilyPhotographers023

    Ruth + Dai {Bellingham Wedding Photographers}

    Monday, April 11 | Comments

    Ruth and Dai.. the best word to describe them is “giddy”. These two are amazing, they were just so so happy and excited about life. We spent our little crisp afternoon walking around downtown photographing these two and it was so sweet. They giggled their way through the entire thing. We ended our time at a cute little coffee shop with some warm drinks and it was such a smooth little shoot. So happy to have met these two!

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    Mini Cooper in the belly {Orange County Family Photographer}

    Saturday, March 26 | Comments

    I stumbled upon this shoot in my files and realized I never blogged this sweet family! We LOVE the Coopers! We’ve been photographing them since their wedding, then their son Henry when was a baby, and now their 2nd son in the belly! It seems like nearly every time we go to California we get to shoot them again, we love that! It’s no nice to watch families grow!

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