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  • Headed to Southern CA!

    Monday, April 24 | Comments

    Yay!! We are headed down to get some sun and shoot some awesome people in a few weeks! We will have some free days so if you’ve been wanting to book a shoot with us, now is the time! I’m not sure if we’ll be headed to the Orange County area again this year or not. Let us know if you’re interested in booking a shoot! Just send us a quick email to get started! We look forward to working with you!


    Kite Parade- Our Etsy Shop

    Wednesday, April 19 | Comments

    Hey guys! I’m not sure if we’ve ever posted on our blog that we have an Etsy Shop called Kite Parade! We sell some sweet goodies for your babies and your home.. and some other lovely little goodies mixed in there. We combined the things we love to make! We have always been so big on working with our hands and making anything we can ourselves. Take a look. We try to use as many natural and reclaimed materials as we can!Bookshelf-0021G4A88501B7A2512 1G4A7275 Blocks-003 Bows9 ColorGarland-004Bookshelf-004 PinkGoldMobile-005 F-Beer2tone005-(1)SherbertMobile-004 PinkGarland-002 1G4A7280 1B7A2548neck

    Spring is here!

    Friday, April 14 | Comments

    I’ve been taking small videos of our life and kids for nearly 4 years now and one over caffeinated night, I decided it was time to do something with them. So I put together a short video of a spring day. We have been overly desperate for winter to be over this year.. it was a a long, LONG winter and with 3 tiny children who are nuts and wild, we were in deep need of some sunshine and shorts! The second we see that first bud and felt some warmth in the sunshine we are out the door! Spring is huge in our family. We all have a lot of love for new flowers, baby chicks and watching tiny plants growing slowly in the ground, waiting to see the color that will be revealed. I’m hoping this is the start of more and more actually put together videos for my family and for you guys to enjoy. Cheers to not letting your photos and videos sit untouched!!

    Theresa + Allan, Modern Home Wedding- {Bellingham Wedding Photographers}

    Monday, April 10 | Comments

    I have known Theresa for over 6 years, she’s my chiropractor and she’s awesome and hilarious! She and Allan have been together for 12 years, built and amazing modern home on 5 acres, have a bunch of chickens and sheep and are overall just great people. I love hearing her hysterical stories as she’s cranking my neck straight!  I asked how she finally decided to get married and I was cracking up when she told me the story.. here’s how it went. “We were laying back in our matching recliners watching our huge TV, our hands would only touch when we’d reach for popcorn at the same time. Then I just said “Ok, lets do it”.. and he was like “oh shit! You want to get married?!” and she said “yes”.” Best story ever. She said the topic of marriage hadn’t come up in nearly 4 years but he knew exactly what she was talking about. All they wanted was a huge party with their closest people and their wedding did not disappoint, it was so fun and all of their friends and family are equally entertaining. I shot this wedding alone and just before I was off they fed me a huge dinner and their friends tried to get me to stay, “but I have to get back to the kids” to which they replied “all the more reason to stay and have a drink!” haha. You could feel the excitement and joy of every single person in that room to watch these two people getting married. It was awesome.

    BellinghamEngagementPhotographer01 BellinghamEngagementPhotographer02 BellinghamEngagementPhotographer03 BellinghamEngagementPhotographer04 BellinghamEngagementPhotographer05 BellinghamEngagementPhotographer06 BellinghamEngagementPhotographer07

    Her sweet mother and her brother walked them down the isle. First they got stuck in the doorway and then her mom cried the whole way down, she was so excited!

    BellinghamEngagementPhotographer08 BellinghamEngagementPhotographer09 BellinghamEngagementPhotographer10

    The wedding was supposed to be outside but the rain brought everyone in!BellinghamEngagementPhotographer11 BellinghamEngagementPhotographer12 BellinghamEngagementPhotographer13 BellinghamEngagementPhotographer14 BellinghamEngagementPhotographer15 BellinghamEngagementPhotographer16 BellinghamEngagementPhotographer17 BellinghamEngagementPhotographer18 BellinghamEngagementPhotographer19 BellinghamEngagementPhotographer20 BellinghamEngagementPhotographer21 BellinghamEngagementPhotographer22 BellinghamEngagementPhotographer23

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    Say hello to baby Michah {Bellingham Newborn Photographer}

    Thursday, April 6 | Comments

    Oh another sweet, sweet newborn baby. They are quickly becoming my weakness! I had the great pleasure of photographing this tiny new baby of one of our past wedding couples.We got to shoot Lindsey and Jared engagement and wedding and they are awesome!! One of our favorite weddings ever so naturally, I was super excited to shoot them again!

    Michah-011 Michah-014  Michah-018Michah-016 Michah-027  Michah-028Michah-025 Michah-040 Michah-051 Michah-060 Michah-064 Michah-066 Michah-068 Michah-071 Michah-073 Michah-078Bellingham newborn photography, Bellingham newborn photographerer, Bellingham newborn pictures, Bellingham newborn shoot, jagger photography, seattle newborn photographer, seattle newborn photography, bellingham photographers, lifestly newborn photos, pnw newborn photgraphers, modern newborn photographers, bellingham photographers, newborn photography, outdoor newborn pictures, newborn poses, rustic newborn photos, natural newborn poses, natural newborn photography, bellingham family photographers, bellingham family photography, seattle family photographers, seattle family photography, nursing mama, breastfeeding