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  • Say Hello to Baby Charlette- Los Angeles, CA {Bellingham Newborn Photographer}

    Thursday, August 11 | Comments

    Grace emailed me years ago to photograph their wedding but at the time we couldn’t travel because of babies. So I’m so glad she wrote again when they got pregnant with baby Charlette. I have such a big soft spot for photographing brand new babies and watching new parents at work so I was more than happy it worked out that we’d be in California when their baby was tiny! I did and in home shoot with this adorable new family and everything about their home was precious. He is an architect and she’s a real estate agent so as you can imagine, their newly renovated 1940′s home was perfectly adorable. My favorite part of the shoot was when we were in the babies room trying so hard to get her to go to sleep and we walked out to her daddy passed out on the couch… aahhh parenthood :] Little Charlette 6 weeks old for this shoot so we weren’t sure if she’d be sleepy enough to get some cute sqishy baby photos but it happened! One of the things I love about newborn shoots is you just have no idea what’s going to happen but it always seems to work out perfectly. And I wanted to squish those perfect little cheeks all day long! Congratulations guys, you’ve made one stinkin cute baby!!

    Charlette-001 Charlette-005 Charlette-007 Charlette-010 Charlette-013 Charlette-024 Charlette-026 Charlette-027 Charlette-030 Charlette-031 Charlette-033 Charlette-036 Charlette-037 Charlette-039 Charlette-047 Charlette-050 Charlette-056 Charlette-059 Charlette-063 Charlette-071 Charlette-076 Charlette-083 Charlette-085 Charlette-087 Charlette-091 Charlette-093 Charlette-094 Charlette-097

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    Ashley + Gavin- Dancing Fish Farm {Bellingham Wedding Photographers}

    Friday, August 5 | Comments

    Ashley and Gavin were, as she put it, “a tinder experiment gone right”. These two both grew up in different small towns and met on tinder.. that amazes me! I always love hearing the speeches at weddings and finding out more in depth details about a couple. It always makes it even more amazing that they found each other hearing from the people the love most. They were married at the Dancing Fish Farm in Freeland, Washington and it was beautiful! Grayson and I have a dream of someday owning our own wedding venue on a beautiful piece of property so we love shooting at family owned venues like this one… Aaahh someday :]

    DancingFishFarm-001 DancingFishFarm-002 DancingFishFarm-003 DancingFishFarm-004 DancingFishFarm-005 DancingFishFarm-006 DancingFishFarm-007 DancingFishFarm-008 DancingFishFarm-009 DancingFishFarm-010 DancingFishFarm-011 DancingFishFarm-012 DancingFishFarm-013 DancingFishFarm-014 DancingFishFarm-015 DancingFishFarm-016 DancingFishFarm-017 DancingFishFarm-018 DancingFishFarm-019 DancingFishFarm-020 DancingFishFarm-021 DancingFishFarm-022 DancingFishFarm-023 DancingFishFarm-024 DancingFishFarm-025 DancingFishFarm-026 DancingFishFarm-027 DancingFishFarm-028 DancingFishFarm-029 DancingFishFarm-030 DancingFishFarm-031 DancingFishFarm-032

    just a little break for a groomsman to pee in the woods, haha!DancingFishFarm-033 DancingFishFarm-034 DancingFishFarm-035 DancingFishFarm-036 DancingFishFarm-037 DancingFishFarm-038 DancingFishFarm-039 DancingFishFarm-040 DancingFishFarm-041 DancingFishFarm-042 DancingFishFarm-043 DancingFishFarm-044 DancingFishFarm-045 DancingFishFarm-046 DancingFishFarm-047 DancingFishFarm-048 DancingFishFarm-049 DancingFishFarm-050 DancingFishFarm-051 DancingFishFarm-052 DancingFishFarm-053 DancingFishFarm-054 DancingFishFarm-055 DancingFishFarm-056 DancingFishFarm-057 DancingFishFarm-058 DancingFishFarm-059 DancingFishFarm-060

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    The Gurney Family- Corona Del Mar Beach {Bellingham Family Photographers}

    Wednesday, June 15 | Comments

    Brenda emailed me when she say that we were headed down to California for a few shoots and snagged a spot for her family! Brenda and I went to high school together and I haven’t seen her since so it was fun to catch up. For some reason there are certain people I see that I haven’t seen in years and years and it’s just not awkward! She is one of those people! Her little boy’s name is Grayson too so we were swimming in Grayson’s!

    Gurney-005 Gurney-013 Gurney-016 Gurney-021 Gurney-024 Gurney-029 Gurney-032 Gurney-035 Gurney-037 Gurney-041 Gurney-042 Gurney-044 Gurney-049 Gurney-055 Gurney-064 Gurney-067 Gurney-073 Gurney-075 Gurney-084 Gurney-088Corona Del Mar, Corona Del Mar Beach, Corona Del Mar family shoot, Corona Del Mar beach family shoot, Corona Del Mar family pictures, Corona Del Mar photo shoot, jagger photograpy, bellingham family pictures, bellingham family photography, bellingham photographers, bellingham photography, orange county photographers, orange county family pictures, family of three, family of 3, toddler boy, beach family shoot

    Malia + Emil- 7 year anniversary shoot {Bellingham Photographer}

    Friday, June 10 | Comments

    Emil and Malia contacted us to photograph their 7 years of marriage and their vow renewal next year in Santa Barbara! We were so excited! Especially because they said they were up for anything.. So I’ve had this amazing holi powder saved forever, just waiting for the perfect couple.. and they were that couple. These two were so much fun, it felt like we were just hanging out for the afternoon. Some couples we just click with and they were one of those couple. We’re sooooo excited to photograph them again next year for their sweet vow renewal!!!

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    Kaylor Family {Bellingham Family Photographer}

    Friday, May 20 | Comments

    The Kaylors!!! This mama is a good friend of mine and her husband Sean surprised her with a shoot with us for her birthday! I was pretty dang excited to photograph this family and it did not disappoint. Beautiful light, cotton seeds floating through the air and an epic mud fight followed by kids running through the river. So needless to say… they’re awesome.

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