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  • Baby Raelyn {Bellingham Newborn Photographer}

    Thursday, December 22 | Comments

    I think you guys all know how big of a sucker I am for newborn shoots.  There’s nothing that matched new parents getting to know their child and finally being able to hold that baby in their arms. I got to photograph Desiree and Steve’s pregnancy and sweet newborn photos in their home and I loved watching them with this little baby. It’s just the sweetest bond!

    DS_Maternity-030DS_Maternity-013 DS_Maternity-034 DS_Maternity-052 DS_Maternity-056

    RaelynRose-003 RaelynRose-009RaelynRose-008  RaelynRose-010 RaelynRose-017 RaelynRose-018RaelynRose-016 RaelynRose-019 RaelynRose-020 RaelynRose-023-2

    RaelynRose-027 RaelynRose-029 RaelynRose-032 RaelynRose-033 RaelynRose-067 RaelynRose-077

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    Kate + David {Bellingham, WA}

    Thursday, December 15 | Comments

    You never know what is going to happen when Fall rolls around in the Pacific Northwest.  Kate + David rolled the dice and the weather didn’t quite cooperate.  It didn’t dampen their spirits though and they were just super excited to be married. We got a whole 2 minutes of sun and you better believe we took advantage of it!

    KD_GettingReady012 KD_GettingReady032KD_GettingReady035      KD_GettingReady042 KD_GettingReady045 KD_GettingReady051 KD_GettingReady053

    KD_FirstLook-2  KD_Portrait-4 KD_Portrait-12 KD_Portrait-21 KD_Portrait-33 KD_Portrait-47 KD_Portrait-49 KD_Portrait-55 KD_Portrait-67

    KD_GettingReady070KD_Details-1 KD_Reception-10 KD_Reception-81 KD_Reception-94 KD_Reception-103KD_Details-14



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    Tammy + Steve {Mt. Baker Elopement}

    Monday, November 14 | Comments

    I love elopements!  They are by far my favorite thing to take pictures of.  You can’t get a whole lot better than getting married on the top of a mountain either.  Tammy, Steve and I (Grayson) had so much fun hiking around taking pictures and it was such a beautiful fall day.  The colors were so vibrantly amazing.  Enjoy!TS_Elopement-1

    TS_Elopement-5 TS_Elopement-6 TS_Elopement-10 TS_Elopement-11 TS_Elopement-21 TS_Elopement-33 TS_Elopement-35 TS_Elopement-40 TS_Elopement-44 TS_Elopement-54 TS_Elopement-58 TS_Elopement-62 TS_Elopement-65 TS_Elopement-75 TS_Elopement-77 TS_Elopement-78 TS_Elopement-82 TS_Elopement-88 TS_Elopement-90 TS_Elopement-94 TS_Elopement-102 TS_Elopement-107  TS_Elopement-112 TS_Elopement-118 TS_Elopement-120 TS_Elopement-129 TS_Elopement-131 TS_Elopement-135 TS_Elopement-141 TS_Elopement-147 TS_Elopement-149 TS_Elopement-151 TS_Elopement-156 TS_Elopement-159 TS_Elopement-163TS_Elopement-168 TS_Elopement-166TS_Elopement-173   TS_Elopement-175 TS_Elopement-178 TS_Elopement-184 TS_Elopement-188TS_Elopement-192 TS_Elopement-190  TS_Elopement-198Mt. Baker Elopement, Elopement, Jagger Photography, Jagger Photography Wedding, Mountain Top Elopement, Mountain Elopement, Adventure Elopement, Bellingham Wedding Photography, Bellingham Wedding Photographer, Married Wedding Photographers, Seattle Wedding Photography, Seattle Wedding Photographers

    Carmen + Mike’s Nooksack River Wedding {Bellingham Wedding Photographers}

    Thursday, September 29 | Comments

    This wedding was so fun.. it was so relaxed and sweet and it hardly felt like we were even working! Carmen and Mike got married on a friends beautiful property where Mike keeps his airplane! He spent his morning taking the kids on little airplane rides before the wedding! The weather was perfect and people simply sat on blankets to watch them exchange their vows. I always said that if I had my wedding to do over again I’d do that exact thing, just throw out a bunch of blankets and quilts and make it feel like a big picnic. It was such a breath of fresh air! There were a ton of kids just running and playing during the reception, digging in the dirt with tractors and catching the hundreds of tadpols down in the creek. There was the perfect blend of food for a big potluck dinner, cold beer and lots of laughter. Carmen has a deep love for river beds so we ventured down to the river after dinner and got to take some sunset photo. Seriously, just perfect!

    BellinghamWeddingPhotographers001 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers002 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers003 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers004 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers005 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers006 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers007 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers008 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers009 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers010 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers011 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers012 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers013 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers014 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers015 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers016 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers017 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers018 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers019 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers020 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers021 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers022 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers023 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers024 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers025 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers026 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers027 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers028 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers029 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers030 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers031 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers032 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers033 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers034 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers035 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers036 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers037 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers038 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers039 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers040 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers041 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers042 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers043 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers044 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers045 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers046 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers047 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers048 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers049 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers050 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers051 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers052 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers053 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers054

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    Summer Trip to Pennsylvania

    Friday, September 23 | Comments

    Pretty much every summer we take a long trip to stay with Grayson’s family in Pennsylvaina. He grew up spending most of every summer there and I’m so glad we get to continue his tradition with out kids. He has his grandparents, all of his aunts and uncles, his 10 cousins and all their kids among other family. It’s such a fun trip! They live in a small town in the country with lots of creeks and rolling hills. The kids spend the bulk of the day in the pool and we go out for ice cream a LOT at the same place Grayson’s granpa took him as a kid. We kayak down the river, ride 4 wheelers and spend all day with family and every night turns into a huge family dinner outside. There’s always someone pregnant and/or a new baby so it’s ever changing! It’s such a good time to decompress every year. We used to go to shoot one of the cousins weddings every June {just so happened that way} but now we just go to go.  This time we got to attend a wedding!! It was so much fun with the kids and everyone there. We haven’t been guests at a wedding without working at all in 7 years! Anyway.. here are some of my favorite photos from the trip!

    PA2016-009 PA2016-013 PA2016-014

    Myles got to meet his 3rd cousin and she was ready for a hug!PA2016-016 PA2016-026 PA2016-037

    checking out the cows on the family farm.PA2016-042 PA2016-049 PA2016-062 PA2016-068 PA2016-075 PA2016-080 PA2016-086 PA2016-088  PA2016-102PA2016-099 PA2016-109 PA2016-111

    Uncle Jon and Aunt Wendy… they’re a hoot, lolPA2016-112

    Grandma wore matching outfits with the porta potty!!PA2016-113 PA2016-114 PA2016-120 PA2016-127 PA2016-129 PA2016-135 PA2016-142 PA2016-145

    ^^ Molly{Grayson’s sister} was making Fin dance for chips!PA2016-149 PA2016-158 PA2016-160 PA2016-164 PA2016-168 PA2016-175 PA2016-179

    All the 2nd cousins!PA2016-188 PA2016-192 PA2016-194 PA2016-203 PA2016-211 PA2016-213 PA2016-214 PA2016-217 PA2016-224 PA2016-226 PA2016-229 PA2016-230 PA2016-236 PA2016-240 PA2016-241  PA2016-249PA2016-244 PA2016-275 PA2016-277 PA2016-278 PA2016-281 PA2016-284 PA2016-286 PA2016-290 PA2016-291 PA2016-293 PA2016-304 PA2016-313 PA2016-319 PA2016-322