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  • Lauren + Trey {Marionfield, Arlington, WA} Bellingham Wedding Photographers

    Saturday, August 12 | Comments

    We seriously love seeing weddings where the dynamic between the couple and their parents is so sweet. The love these families had for each other made this wedding so special and precious to witness. Maybe it’s because we’re parents too, but seeing a mom tear up just watching her son get on his boutonniere or having the brides mom help with every detail of her getting in her wedding dress is so amazing to watch. I hope it will be just like this wedding when my own kids get married! These two lovely people were married at Marionfield Farm  in Arlington, WA and it was such a pretty venue! Everything about this wedding was seriously fun. That’s why there are just so many photos! I could hardly narrow it down!

    MarionfieldWedding-001 MarionfieldWedding-002 MarionfieldWedding-003 MarionfieldWedding-004 MarionfieldWedding-005 MarionfieldWedding-006 MarionfieldWedding-007 MarionfieldWedding-008 MarionfieldWedding-009 MarionfieldWedding-010 MarionfieldWedding-011 MarionfieldWedding-012 MarionfieldWedding-013 MarionfieldWedding-014 MarionfieldWedding-015 MarionfieldWedding-016 MarionfieldWedding-017 MarionfieldWedding-018 MarionfieldWedding-019 MarionfieldWedding-020 MarionfieldWedding-021 MarionfieldWedding-022 MarionfieldWedding-023 MarionfieldWedding-024 MarionfieldWedding-025 MarionfieldWedding-026 MarionfieldWedding-028MarionfieldWedding-029MarionfieldWedding-027 MarionfieldWedding-030 MarionfieldWedding-031 MarionfieldWedding-032 MarionfieldWedding-033 MarionfieldWedding-034 MarionfieldWedding-035 MarionfieldWedding-036 MarionfieldWedding-037 MarionfieldWedding-040 MarionfieldWedding-041 MarionfieldWedding-042 MarionfieldWedding-043 MarionfieldWedding-044 MarionfieldWedding-045 MarionfieldWedding-046 MarionfieldWedding-047 MarionfieldWedding-048 MarionfieldWedding-049

    We have never seen a couple SO excited that they just got married as these two. It was adorable to watch their pure giddiness! MarionfieldWedding-050 MarionfieldWedding-051 MarionfieldWedding-052 MarionfieldWedding-053 MarionfieldWedding-054 MarionfieldWedding-055 MarionfieldWedding-056 MarionfieldWedding-057 MarionfieldWedding-058 MarionfieldWedding-059 MarionfieldWedding-060 MarionfieldWedding-061 MarionfieldWedding-063MarionfieldWedding-062  MarionfieldWedding-064 MarionfieldWedding-065 MarionfieldWedding-066 MarionfieldWedding-067 MarionfieldWedding-068 MarionfieldWedding-069 MarionfieldWedding-070 MarionfieldWedding-071 MarionfieldWedding-072 MarionfieldWedding-073  MarionfieldWedding-075MarionfieldWedding-074 MarionfieldWedding-076 MarionfieldWedding-077 MarionfieldWedding-078 MarionfieldWedding-079 MarionfieldWedding-081 MarionfieldWedding-082 MarionfieldWedding-083 MarionfieldWedding-084  MarionfieldWedding-086MarionfieldWedding-085 MarionfieldWedding-087 MarionfieldWedding-088 MarionfieldWedding-089 MarionfieldWedding-090 MarionfieldWedding-091 MarionfieldWedding-092 MarionfieldWedding-093 MarionfieldWedding-094 MarionfieldWedding-095 MarionfieldWedding-096 MarionfieldWedding-097 MarionfieldWedding-098 MarionfieldWedding-099 MarionfieldWedding-100 MarionfieldWedding-101 MarionfieldWedding-102 MarionfieldWedding-103 MarionfieldWedding-104 MarionfieldWedding-105 MarionfieldWedding-106 MarionfieldWedding-107 MarionfieldWedding-108 MarionfieldWedding-109 MarionfieldWedding-110 MarionfieldWedding-111 MarionfieldWedding-112 MarionfieldWedding-113

    Thank you so much to Lauren and Trey and their sweet families for letting us be a part of such a special day!

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    Frank + Nicole- Mountain Home Lodge, Leavenworth {Bellingham Wedding Photographers}

    Friday, July 21 | Comments

    When we showed up to the Mountain Home Lodge to shoot these two lovely people we were blown away! This place is amazingly beautiful and tucked away and run by the nicest couple who lives on the property. We never even knew it existed! I love that they were married here for that obvious reason and because this is the spot they were engaged. How awesome to get to be married at the same place you decided to get married in the first place! The cabin that Nicole was getting married in is actually where he proposed, right on the deck overlooking the perfect mountains. They were the sweetest people and their wedding just poured out love. It’s one of those moments that we realize how great our job really is. We get to spend our day in beautiful places with amazing new people on the most significant day of their lives so far. We couldn’t imagine a better job for us, seriosuly. Enjoy!

    MountainHomeLodge-001FN_GettingReady-030 FN_GettingReady-040 MountainHomeLodge-002  MountainHomeLodge-004 MountainHomeLodge-005 MountainHomeLodge-006 MountainHomeLodge-007 MountainHomeLodge-008 MountainHomeLodge-009 MountainHomeLodge-010 MountainHomeLodge-011 MountainHomeLodge-012 MountainHomeLodge-013 MountainHomeLodge-014 MountainHomeLodge-015 MountainHomeLodge-017 MountainHomeLodge-018 MountainHomeLodge-019 MountainHomeLodge-020 MountainHomeLodge-021 MountainHomeLodge-022 MountainHomeLodge-023MountainHomeLodge-035FN_Portrait-014

    MountainHomeLodge-024 MountainHomeLodge-025 MountainHomeLodge-026 MountainHomeLodge-027 MountainHomeLodge-028 MountainHomeLodge-029 MountainHomeLodge-030 MountainHomeLodge-031 MountainHomeLodge-032 MountainHomeLodge-033 MountainHomeLodge-034 MountainHomeLodge-036 MountainHomeLodge-037 MountainHomeLodge-038 MountainHomeLodge-039 MountainHomeLodge-040 MountainHomeLodge-042 MountainHomeLodge-043MountainHomeLodge-041 MountainHomeLodge-044 MountainHomeLodge-045 MountainHomeLodge-046 MountainHomeLodge-047 MountainHomeLodge-048 MountainHomeLodge-049  MountainHomeLodge-051MountainHomeLodge-050FN_WeddingParty-004 MountainHomeLodge-052 MountainHomeLodge-055MountainHomeLodge-054  MountainHomeLodge-056 MountainHomeLodge-057 MountainHomeLodge-058 MountainHomeLodge-059 MountainHomeLodge-060 MountainHomeLodge-061 MountainHomeLodge-062

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    Malia + Emil- Santa Barbara Vow Renewal {Bellingham Wedding Photographer}

    Tuesday, July 11 | Comments

    Malia and Emil!!! This is our second time shooting them and they’re the coolest! These two have been married for 7 years but they never got the whole “wedding” experience.. so why not now?? They renewed their vows on the beautiful beach of Santa Barbara. It was a perfect day, warm and breezy. They had all their favorite people who’ve supported them through the past 7 years were there to watch them walk down the isle, put on a beautiful flowing dress and cry and giggle through their whole adorable ceremony. Her dad sang her down the isle and they both just cried and cried, it was perfect. It was so sweet watching these two still be so in love with each other after 7 years. We loved every second of it!

    ME_GettingReady-02 ME_GettingReady-07 ME_GettingReady-20 ME_GettingReady-27 ME_GettingReady-32 ME_GettingReady-38 ME_GettingReady-40 ME_GettingReady-45 ME_GettingReady-48 ME_GettingReady-49 ME_GettingReady-54 ME_GettingReady-59 ME_GettingReady-66 ME_GettingReady-73 ME_GettingReady-74  ME_Portrait-008ME_Portrait-001 ME_Portrait-017ME_Portrait-011 ME_Portrait-024ME_Portrait-026ME_Portrait-021ME_Portrait-028ME_Portrait-038ME_Portrait-033 ME_Portrait-039Santa Barbara wedding-031 Santa Barbara wedding-032

    We all rode to the beach on the cutest trolley!Santa Barbara wedding-033 Santa Barbara wedding-034 Santa Barbara wedding-035 Santa Barbara wedding-036 Santa Barbara wedding-037 Santa Barbara wedding-038 Santa Barbara wedding-039 Santa Barbara wedding-041 Santa Barbara wedding-040 Santa Barbara wedding-044 Santa Barbara wedding-043 Santa Barbara wedding-042Santa Barbara wedding-045 Santa Barbara wedding-046Santa Barbara wedding-047Santa Barbara wedding-048 Santa Barbara wedding-049 ME_Portrait-042 ME_Portrait-047ME_Portrait-062 ME_Portrait-055 ME_Portrait-064 ME_Portrait-065 ME_Portrait-072Santa Barbara wedding-057ME_Ceremony-133 Santa Barbara wedding-058 Santa Barbara wedding-059 Santa Barbara wedding-060 Santa Barbara wedding-061 Santa Barbara wedding-062  Santa Barbara wedding-064Santa Barbara wedding-063 Santa Barbara wedding-065 Santa Barbara wedding-066 Santa Barbara wedding-067 Santa Barbara wedding-068 Santa Barbara wedding-069 Santa Barbara wedding-070 Santa Barbara wedding-071 Santa Barbara wedding-072 Santa Barbara wedding-073 Santa Barbara wedding-075 Santa Barbara wedding-076 Santa Barbara wedding-077 Santa Barbara wedding-078 Santa Barbara wedding-079 Santa Barbara wedding-080 Santa Barbara wedding-081 Santa Barbara wedding-082

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    The Dyke Family {Bellingham Family Photographer}

    Tuesday, June 20 | Comments

    I love shooting friends families so this shoot was such a pleasure. We met these lovely people about a year ago at church and we just kind of clicked with them and their sweet kids. Jenni asked if I’d shoot their family so of course, I said yep! I took them to one of our favorite spots along the Nooksak river where the dandelions are flowing! And I have always been a huge sucker for a good dandelion filed. They’re one of my favorite flowers! Yes.. I know they’re not a flower but they’re so pretttyyyy!! So enjoy!

    DykeFamily-004 DykeFamily-003DykeFamily-006DykeFamily-002 DykeFamily-007 DykeFamily-009 DykeFamily-013DykeFamily-010-3DykeFamily-011-2 DykeFamily-028 DykeFamily-030DykeFamily-020 DykeFamily-033 DykeFamily-040DykeFamily-034   DykeFamily-051DykeFamily-045 DykeFamily-058-2 DykeFamily-059

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    Mothers Day Free Shoot!

    Monday, May 1 | Comments


    I am so excited to announce our mama’s day session giveaway! One, because I love photographing sweet new families, and two because we LOVE mothers day!!! Well maybe I love it a bit more than Grayson but that’s ok. Mama’s work so hard all day every day and you deserve a little something special, especially on mothers day!

    To enter:

    1. Follow us on Instagram: @HeatherGlasby or like us on Facebook.

    2. Leave a comment on the giveaway post.

    3. Tag a friend! For every friend you tag you’ll be entered again!


    The shoot will take place in EITHER  Bellingham, WA or Orange County, CA on a beautiful, sunny afternoon! If an Orange County mama wins the shot will be done early September! If a Washington mama wins we can plan it for this spring or summer!


    The winning family will receive:

    A 1-1.5 hour session with Jagger Photography

    Artistically edited, downloadable high resolution images of your shoot

    A 16×20 archival quality print for your home!


    We will randomly choose a winner and announce it on Facebook and Instagram on Monday May 5th!

    Happy entering and good luck!