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  • 5 Year Anniversary Shoot {Bellingham Family Photographers}

    Wednesday, September 13 | Comments

    We have followed this awesome with photos from their wedding to maternity to this adorable family shoot. Alyssa wanted to do a shoot ON their 5 year anniversary so we were so excited! She wanted to re-create one of their favorite wedding photos, only with the addition of 2 awesome kiddos… so we did just that! She brought out her wedding dress, Jorel brought his suit and we romped around like it was totally normal! Being with this family is just plain old fun. They’re so happy, smiley and the joy that their kids brings them radiates from every part of them! It was such an awesome pleasure to shoot them again!

    BellinghamFamilyPhotographer001 BellinghamFamilyPhotographer002  BellinghamFamilyPhotographer004 BellinghamFamilyPhotographer005 BellinghamFamilyPhotographer006 BellinghamFamilyPhotographer007 BellinghamFamilyPhotographer008 BellinghamFamilyPhotographer009 BellinghamFamilyPhotographer010 BellinghamFamilyPhotographer012 BellinghamFamilyPhotographer013 BellinghamFamilyPhotographer016BellinghamFamilyPhotographer014 BellinghamFamilyPhotographer015  BellinghamFamilyPhotographer017 BellinghamFamilyPhotographer018 BellinghamFamilyPhotographer019 BellinghamFamilyPhotographer020 BellinghamFamilyPhotographer021 BellinghamFamilyPhotographer022 BellinghamFamilyPhotographer023 BellinghamFamilyPhotographer024 BellinghamFamilyPhotographer025 BellinghamFamilyPhotographer026 BellinghamFamilyPhotographer027 BellinghamFamilyPhotographer028 BellinghamFamilyPhotographer029 BellinghamFamilyPhotographer030 BellinghamFamilyPhotographer031 BellinghamFamilyPhotographer032 BellinghamFamilyPhotographer033 BellinghamFamilyPhotographer035 BellinghamFamilyPhotographer036 BellinghamFamilyPhotographer037 BellinghamFamilyPhotographer038 BellinghamFamilyPhotographer040 BellinghamFamilyPhotographer041 BellinghamFamilyPhotographer042 BellinghamFamilyPhotographer043 BellinghamFamilyPhotographer044 BellinghamFamilyPhotographer045 BellinghamFamilyPhotographer046 BellinghamFamilyPhotographer047 BellinghamFamilyPhotographer048 BellinghamFamilyPhotographer049 BellinghamFamilyPhotographer050

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    Zach + Kady and Baby Number Two {Bellingham Maternity Photographer}

    Saturday, September 9 | Comments

    When we were down in California last I wanted to gift Grayson’s brother and our sister in a law a maternity session. We’ve been shooting them since their wedding and I got to take their sons newborn photos too! We shot in her mom’s amazing backyard! We were in love with that beautiful garden! Our little niece is in that belly!!

    BellinghamNewbornPhotographer-001 BellinghamNewbornPhotographer-002 BellinghamNewbornPhotographer-003 BellinghamNewbornPhotographer-004 BellinghamNewbornPhotographer-005 BellinghamNewbornPhotographer-006 BellinghamNewbornPhotographer-007 BellinghamNewbornPhotographer-008 BellinghamNewbornPhotographer-009 BellinghamNewbornPhotographer-010 BellinghamNewbornPhotographer-011 BellinghamNewbornPhotographer-012 BellinghamNewbornPhotographer-013 BellinghamNewbornPhotographer-014 BellinghamNewbornPhotographer-015 BellinghamNewbornPhotographer-016 BellinghamNewbornPhotographer-017 BellinghamNewbornPhotographer-018

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    Say Hello to Baby Sienna {Bellingham Newborn Photographer}

    Sunday, September 3 | Comments

    Oh man, newborn shoots just make me plain old happy. Getting to see those brand new babies and meet parents who are over the moon in love with the person they grew is such a joy! Baby Sienna took her sweet time coming here, she was 2 weeks late! But that gave her mama some time to get her adorable nursery just right. She even designed the wallpaper she had made! Nursery’s hold a little spot in my heart because I love how creative you can get with a babies room. Their opinion doesn’t exist so you have free reign! It was so much fun getting to talk to this couple all about their new girl, life, remodeling their home while pregant {something I can relate to!} and becoming parents! Such a treat!

    Sienna-003 Sienna-006Sienna-005  Sienna-009 Sienna-010 Sienna-013 Sienna-018Sienna-015 Sienna-021 Sienna-023 Sienna-025  Sienna-040Sienna-036 Sienna-045 Sienna-047 Sienna-048 Sienna-051 Sienna-056 Sienna-058 Sienna-059  Sienna-066Sienna-062 Sienna-068Sienna-089 Sienna-083  Sienna-094 Sienna-099 Sienna-106 Sienna-111 Sienna-114 Sienna-118

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    Brandon + Hao {Discovery Park, Volunteer Park}- Seattle Wedding Photogarphers

    Friday, August 25 | Comments

    Traveling around Seattle for the evening with these two was a little treat. We only head down to Seattle when we have a shoot and it’s so fun getting to see these quaint little spots we might have missed! We started our evening at Volunteer Park and later headed to Discovery Park to get some beautiful portraits! Brandon + Hao had a surprise elopement {surprise to her too} in Hawaii and wanted us to take some portraits of them when they got back to be their wedding photos! It was such a fun evening in this amazing warm sunshine!

    Brandon+Hao-007 Brandon+Hao-014 Brandon+Hao-011 Brandon+Hao-018 Brandon+Hao-021 Brandon+Hao-028 Brandon+Hao-031 Brandon+Hao-032 Brandon+Hao-050 Brandon+Hao-056 Brandon+Hao-060 Brandon+Hao-064 Brandon+Hao-065 Brandon+Hao-075 Brandon+Hao-068 Brandon+Hao-078 Brandon+Hao-084 Brandon+Hao-087 Brandon+Hao-089 Brandon+Hao-092 Brandon+Hao-097 Brandon+Hao-101 Brandon+Hao-099 Brandon+Hao-111 Brandon+Hao-113 Brandon+Hao-117 Brandon+Hao-116 Brandon+Hao-123 Brandon+Hao-126Brandon+Hao-145Brandon+Hao-137    Brandon+Hao-153Brandon+Hao-147 Brandon+Hao-165 Brandon+Hao-154 Brandon+Hao-169 Brandon+Hao-177 Brandon+Hao-180 Brandon+Hao-185 Brandon+Hao-188 Brandon+Hao-187 Brandon+Hao-189 Brandon+Hao-192 Brandon+Hao-196 Brandon+Hao-213 Brandon+Hao-207 Brandon+Hao-217 Brandon+Hao-225 Brandon+Hao-229 Brandon+Hao-234 Brandon+Hao-236

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    Lyn + Paul- Victorian Valley Chapel, Orcas Island Wedding {Bellingham Wedding Photographers}

    Friday, August 18 | Comments

    Lyn and Paul were married at the most adorable chapel I have ever seen! And I’ve seen a lot of cute little chapels all over this country! The Victorian Valley Chapel on Orcas Island was perfect… in the middle of a flowing field, tucked away from sight and covered in charm. As they were walking out after the ceremony someone rang the chapel bell and it felt like we were witnessing a wedding 100 years ago. Shooting these two was such a pleasure. The had a little party after at the Outlook Inn overlooking the sea. Paul had his dad as his best man which was so sweet to witness!

    VictorianValleyChapel-001 VictorianValleyChapel-002 VictorianValleyChapel-003 VictorianValleyChapel-004 VictorianValleyChapel-005 VictorianValleyChapel-006 VictorianValleyChapel-007 VictorianValleyChapel-008 VictorianValleyChapel-009 VictorianValleyChapel-010 VictorianValleyChapel-011 VictorianValleyChapel-012 VictorianValleyChapel-014 VictorianValleyChapel-015 VictorianValleyChapel-016 VictorianValleyChapel-017 VictorianValleyChapel-018 VictorianValleyChapel-019 VictorianValleyChapel-020 VictorianValleyChapel-021 VictorianValleyChapel-022 VictorianValleyChapel-023 VictorianValleyChapel-024 VictorianValleyChapel-025 VictorianValleyChapel-026 VictorianValleyChapel-027 VictorianValleyChapel-028 VictorianValleyChapel-029 VictorianValleyChapel-030 VictorianValleyChapel-031LP_Reception-022 LP_Reception-025

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