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  • The Birth of Declan- Bellingham Birth Photographer

    Saturday, January 24 | Comments

    A few months back I had such the great joy of photographing one of my close friends births. Seriously, I can’t even explain how much I love photographing and being present for the birth of a new baby. Most of you know that both of my children were born at home, I am a strong believer in home births and love every inch of it. Jennie had her first son in the hospital and it was a horrifying experience for her {obviously this is NOT always the case for a hospital birth, but for her it was}. After an c section she wanted to have her next baby at home. It was hard to even find a midwife that would agree to a VBAC at home but she found one.

    I got the call from Jennie mid morning that things were going, so I headed over and spent the entire day in their home while this story unfolded. Declan, like his older brother, came earlier than expected so no one was quite prepared. Her amazing Doula ended up having to be somewhere and had to leave for the bulk of the labor but was there for the good part during transition and the birth. So on top of photographing this day, I was also helping Jennie through it. It was actually really amazing and so special.

    Her labor was smooth, but it was hard.. I feel like a lot of women have one of two views of birth: It’s terrifying and you should just be medicated ASAP, or it will be glamorous and this amazing and beautiful experience. One group villanizes it and the other magnifies it’s beauty. Birth is hard, it’s messy, it’s sweaty and exhausting.. but it’s amazing and beautiful. There is nothing that compares to pushing a child out of your body, nothing.

    I think part of the reason I love this series of photos so much is because you can see that it’s so hard. I see a lot of birth photography that likes to skip over the photos of the struggle, but that’s where the beauty lies. Birth is literally the hardest thing most women {including myself} have ever done, but also by far the most rewarding.

    I was so SO proud of Jennie for doing this… more so even than a typical woman. This was a big leap for her and she powered though it, she was so tough and she didn’t give up or beg to be taken to the hospital.. she was a champ. In the end she finally got to have the natural childbirth she felt so robbed of the first time- she was amazing.

    Thank you to the amazing Birthroot Midwives who delivered little Declan!

    DeclansBirth002 DeclansBirth003 DeclansBirth005


    DeclansBirth013 DeclansBirth014 DeclansBirth021-2 DeclansBirth022-2 DeclansBirth026 DeclansBirth029-2 DeclansBirth035 DeclansBirth047 DeclansBirth050DeclansBirth048 DeclansBirth052 DeclansBirth056-2 DeclansBirth061 DeclansBirth065 DeclansBirth073 DeclansBirth080-2 DeclansBirth084 DeclansBirth089 DeclansBirth078DeclansBirth096DeclansBirth093 DeclansBirth102 DeclansBirth113 DeclansBirth114 DeclansBirth118 DeclansBirth121DeclansBirth127 DeclansBirth129 DeclansBirth130 DeclansBirth134DeclansBirth132 DeclansBirth140 DeclansBirth142 DeclansBirth145 DeclansBirth154DeclansBirth150 DeclansBirth158 DeclansBirth159 DeclansBirth174DeclansBirth168 DeclansBirth175

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    Our little December

    Sunday, January 11 | Comments

    If you haven’t noticed, our blog has been temporarily taken over by my Create Love Project, which by the way is going so well! Nominations are coming in from all over and it’s so exciting! :] But I felt it was time for some new photos. Christmas time is one of the most joyous times of the year here in the Glasby household. The holidays and the Christmas lights just remind us of having babies in our lovely home!. Because we’re both wedding photographers we have to have our little loves in the winter, thus a November and December baby! We kind of go all our, cut down our tree, tons of lights, tons of decoration and as many Christmas activities as we can jam into one month. We celebrate two family birthdays {Finley turned 1 and Myles turned 3} and Jesus’ birthday! It’s kind of the best. I’ve complied some of my favorite photos from the past month or so into one big blog post and every photo just makes me so happy.

    I seriously can’t believe how old my kiddlings have gotten, I now understand what all the experienced parents with now adult children meant when they told us time and time again how fast it will all go. This girl is already ONE YEAR old!


    Finley’s little 1st birthday party. The theme was “glitter” haha. We re-used the cupcake stand Grayson made for Myles’ first birthday and made a bunch of cute cake toppers out of glitter paper! Her cake was a chocolate quinoa cake, so good!!!!

    Dec2014Blog-002 Dec2014Blog-003

    I made her a special “birthday head band”…. which she pretty much only wore for a few photos…. :]Dec2014Blog-004 Dec2014Blog-005 Dec2014Blog-006

    I made her a little crown just like I made Myles for his first birthday



    some little gremlins trying to sneak some cake back there..Dec2014Blog-009 Dec2014Blog-010 Dec2014Blog-011 Dec2014Blog-012 Dec2014Blog-013 Dec2014Blog-014

    post bath play time is the best!!Dec2014Blog-015 Dec2014Blog-016 Dec2014Blog-017 Dec2014Blog-018 Dec2014Blog-019 Dec2014Blog-020

    One of our favorite days of the year is the day we get our Christmas tree. Normally we get it much earlier but we were in California for a couple of weeks so we got it on Myles’ 3rd birthday! I documented this for my good friend Shannon Walker and asked if she would do the same for us! So she came along and photographed our whole day! So thankful! I love these photos of this sweet time!Dec2014Blog-021 Dec2014Blog-022 Dec2014Blog-023 Dec2014Blog-024 Dec2014Blog-025 Dec2014Blog-026 Dec2014Blog-027 Dec2014Blog-028 Dec2014Blog-030

    birthday boy!!!

    Dec2014Blog-031 Dec2014Blog-032

    so casually 3 now, eating his special sprinkle pancakes.Dec2014Blog-033 Dec2014Blog-034 Dec2014Blog-035 Dec2014Blog-036 Dec2014Blog-037

    Ginger bread smashing 2014!! This was our 6th annual “Gingerbread building then smashing it with your face” party.. It’s just us and our super close friends the Kasparians… best tradition ever!Dec2014Blog-038 Dec2014Blog-039 Dec2014Blog-040

    Christmas Eve!

    Dec2014Blog-042 Dec2014Blog-043 Dec2014Blog-044

    And the beloved Christmas morningDec2014Blog-045 Dec2014Blog-046 Dec2014Blog-047 Dec2014Blog-048 Dec2014Blog-049 Dec2014Blog-050

    one of my favorite photos… ever :]Dec2014Blog-051

    Create Love Project- call for family nominations

    Saturday, December 27 | Comments

    It’s time! It’s time!! I am opening up nominations for deserving families! If you know of a struggling family in an area listed below whose just in the midst of a very hard season of life, please nominate them to receive a completely free shoot from one of the many amazing photographed who have signed up to be a part of something great! {You can see the previous blog post for more details on this project}

    Who is this for: This gift is for people/families who have been struggling deeply. Families who have suffered the loss of a child, have been given a terminal disease, have suffered the loss of a job that supported their family, have children with handicaps that have made it nearly impossible to be able to afford something like this, families mourning the loss of a parent.. the list goes on. They do not have to be married with kids! This can be a couple whose had a struggle, grandparents, empty nesters… anyone really.

    CLP-call4 CLP-FindaPhotos CLP-locations2

    So.. here’s how this all works. Anyone can nominate a family in the areas from the list above. Please submit a maximum of 200-300 word email {no longer please} just explaining why this family could really use some free family photos and a little extra love from a stranger.  During the next month I will do my best to have all of these read through and let you all know who I found a photographer for.

    I hope to have everyone set up by early February. If I can find your family a photographer you will receive an email around February letting you know you will be giving you this gift! Unfortunately, there are only so many photographers available. I wish every single family who submits would receive this gift but I can only chose as many families as I  have photographers. My hope is to do this at least twice a year, hopefully more. So if your family does not get set up with a photographer, it wouldn’t hurt to try again next time there is a call for nominations!

    You can visit Create Love on Instagram @CreateLoveProject and on Facebook.  Website will be coming soon!


    Create Love Project

    Tuesday, December 23 | Comments

    I don’t even know where to begin with this post! Less than a week ago while I was driving in my car all alone, I felt the huge push to start something that would encourage artists to use their talents to help people in need. Today there are well over 100 photographers signed up all over the United States and Canada to be a part of this. It was shocking to see how quickly people said yes and how quickly people spread the word about people giving back to other people using their talents.

    This all started when a family we’ve shot (from engagement all the way to their first child) wrote us with news of a bad accident. Their one year old son had a terrible accident at home with the nanny and lost his left eye. This simply broke my heart. The part that surprised me was despite the fact that I photographed their amazing family only a few months prior, they wanted to do another shoot when he was back to himself.  They felt it would be therapeutic for their family. That floored me!  Pictures? That’s what would help you feel normal again? I can do that. I wanted to help so bad but felt that wasn’t enough.. but maybe it is.

    I couldn’t get it out of my mind that the way I could help them deal with their struggle is simply to take photos. Of course I’ll do it!  And I want to do it for free. That’s where the Create Love Project was born. As it turns out, so many of us out there want to do the same thing. Yes, we all do shoots for free all the time for friends and family, but this is something totally different.  This is being connected with people you’ve never met and photographing them in a way that can help them shift their focus for just a little while and feel happy being together, or even help heal their wounds in the process. You’d be amazed at how healing this process can be, for everyone involved.


    This project is hopefully going to benefit so many hearts. People who are broken, who’ve lost a loved one, who’ve been stricken with a terminal disease, have suffered the loss of a child or felt the impact of losing the job that supported their family, single moms or dad’s raising their children alone… basically.. the suffering who could use a little love, joy and generosity. I think sometimes we fail to realize that what we do (as photographers) is very powerful.  But most of the time its a luxury.  Not everyone can afford photos of their family, but they would be so loved and valued.

    The reason I became a photographer in the first place is because my dad died when I was 12. His death wasn’t what made me want to take photos, it was the realization that I had almost no photos of the two of us. From that point on,  I was always taking photos, documenting every moment obsessively to make sure it was remembered. Ten years later, my little sister was killed in a car accident along with many other people- and again- there was that realization. We all assume we’re going to see our loved ones tomorrow or that we ourselves will be around tomorrow, but that may not be true.

    Most people aren’t professional photographers. They don’t take photos of the people they love the most daily.  They don’t have hundreds of pictures of their kids (other than maybe on their phones). I will never forget a girl I photographed after my sister died; the way I dealt with her death was through taking photos. I started a documentary shot with a Hassleblad of people who’ve lost loved ones suddenly. I would photograph them holding a photo of their person and have them write about what it was like the moment they found out. This girl had just lost her brother (it was one week after my sister’s death) and she was searching  her house for a photo of her brother and said to me “I don’t even know if I have a picture of him! He was always there, but I never had him get in the picture because I knew he would always be there and I could take pictures of him later.” That comment stuck with me to this day…

    I bet a lot of the families we meet in this process will say the wish they had more memories they could physically hold of the people they’ve lost. The joy for us in this is that we can GIVE them those physical memories. THAT is how we can help the suffering.

    So… how does this work? First, you can send me an email at CreateLove@JaggerPhotography.com and tell me your name, your business name, email and the area you’d like to serve. Then, when all the families have written in, I’ll assign you a family to photograph- completely for free. I encourage you to get to know the hearts of these people. What makes them happy? What is their deepest struggle? What parts of their life do they want to hold on to right now? Then… you do what you do best.  You bless them with your talents and you give them something they will treasure as a family forever.


    The Walkers cutting down a tree! {Bellingham Family Photographer}

    Saturday, December 20 | Comments

    A few days before we left for California in November I was brushing my teeth and thinking about how excited I am to get our Christmas tree next month. It’s one of my favorite days of the year. We go out, search in the freezing cold for the perfect tree and cut it down with an old saw, strap it to the car and hope it stays up there until we get home. Then we carry it in, pine needles flying everywhere throughout the house and we get it as straight as we can and we decorate, decorate, decorate all day! Christmas music, hot choclate, jammies… it’s the best.

    So I thought to myself “that would be the coolest family shoot, I would love to document that for someone and go into their home for this awesome day!” The first family that popped into my mind was these lovely people, the Walkers. Nate is the pastor of our church and we’ve known them for 5 or 6 years now, Shannon is one of my closest friends. I’ve shot them before so I was excited to call her and talk about doing it again. It was so fun to shoot! They picked me up and I sat in the back with their 5 awesome kids who fawned over my family’s Christmas card the entire way. It was the loudest car ride of my life. At one point I had to crack up because the kids were all kinds of loud {because they’re kids} and the Christmas music was blaring. Yet Nate and Shannon were attempting to carry on a conversation with me through it all, it was so funny. I was with them all afternoon and into the evening and just followed them around like fly on the wall. We did excatly what my family does, we drank hot chocolate and ate popcorn, decorated and hung out in jammies. So glad I got to document it for them!

    Walkers001 Walkers003 Walkers005 Walkers010 Walkers013 Walkers014 Walkers019 Walkers021 Walkers022 Walkers029 Walkers037 Walkers042 Walkers047 Walkers048 Walkers050 Walkers054 Walkers055 Walkers058 Walkers061 Walkers065 Walkers067 Walkers069 Walkers073 Walkers075 Walkers076 Walkers079 Walkers080 Walkers084 Walkers090 Walkers094 Walkers095 Walkers099 Walkers102 Walkers103 Walkers109 Walkers112 Walkers118 Walkers123 Walkers126 Walkers128 Walkers132 Walkers134 Walkers136 Walkers140 Walkers149 Walkers150 Walkers151 Walkers154 Walkers155 Walkers159 Walkers160 Walkers162 Walkers165