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  • Glan + Leslie- Everett Country Club {Seattle Wedding Photographers}

    Sunday, October 11 | Comments

    This wedding was so incredibly beautiful!! Leslie and Glan got married at the Everett Country and Golf Club, not the kind of wedding venue we typically shoot, but it was so amazingly beautiful with historic charm! The amazing Finch and Thistle designed this wedding and we were blown away when we walked into this reception. It was smothered in flowers and candles, antique furniture and woven baskets… it was perfect. They were such a sweet couple and they threw an awesome party. It was a good time and a half, enjoy it as much as we did!

    EverettCountryClubWeddings_001 EverettCountryClubWeddings_002 EverettCountryClubWeddings_003 EverettCountryClubWeddings_004 EverettCountryClubWeddings_005 EverettCountryClubWeddings_006 EverettCountryClubWeddings_007 EverettCountryClubWeddings_008 EverettCountryClubWeddings_009 EverettCountryClubWeddings_010 EverettCountryClubWeddings_011 EverettCountryClubWeddings_012 EverettCountryClubWeddings_013 EverettCountryClubWeddings_014 EverettCountryClubWeddings_015 EverettCountryClubWeddings_016 EverettCountryClubWeddings_017 EverettCountryClubWeddings_018 EverettCountryClubWeddings_019 EverettCountryClubWeddings_020 EverettCountryClubWeddings_021 EverettCountryClubWeddings_022 EverettCountryClubWeddings_023 EverettCountryClubWeddings_024 EverettCountryClubWeddings_025 EverettCountryClubWeddings_026 EverettCountryClubWeddings_027 EverettCountryClubWeddings_028 EverettCountryClubWeddings_029 EverettCountryClubWeddings_030 EverettCountryClubWeddings_031 EverettCountryClubWeddings_032 EverettCountryClubWeddings_033 EverettCountryClubWeddings_034 EverettCountryClubWeddings_035 EverettCountryClubWeddings_036 EverettCountryClubWeddings_037 EverettCountryClubWeddings_038 EverettCountryClubWeddings_039 EverettCountryClubWeddings_040 EverettCountryClubWeddings_041 EverettCountryClubWeddings_042 EverettCountryClubWeddings_043 EverettCountryClubWeddings_044 EverettCountryClubWeddings_045 EverettCountryClubWeddings_046 EverettCountryClubWeddings_047 EverettCountryClubWeddings_048 EverettCountryClubWeddings_049 EverettCountryClubWeddings_050 EverettCountryClubWeddings_051 EverettCountryClubWeddings_052 EverettCountryClubWeddings_053 EverettCountryClubWeddings_054 EverettCountryClubWeddings_055 EverettCountryClubWeddings_056 EverettCountryClubWeddings_057 EverettCountryClubWeddings_058 EverettCountryClubWeddings_059 EverettCountryClubWeddings_060 EverettCountryClubWeddings_061 EverettCountryClubWeddings_062 EverettCountryClubWeddings_063 EverettCountryClubWeddings_064  EverettCountryClubWeddings_066 EverettCountryClubWeddings_067 EverettCountryClubWeddings_068 EverettCountryClubWeddings_069 EverettCountryClubWeddings_070 EverettCountryClubWeddings_071 EverettCountryClubWeddings_072 EverettCountryClubWeddings_073everett country club, everett country club weddings, jagger photography, seattle weddings, seattle wedding photographers, seattle wedding photography, everett wedding photographers, everett golf club weddings

    Miles + Farah- Ft. Lauderdale Wedding {Seattle Wedding Photographers}

    Wednesday, September 30 | Comments

    Somehow this little beauty of a wedding slipped past a blog post until now. Miles and Farah were one of our favorite couples of the year! We flew to Florida last November to photograph these two amazing people getting married in her home town of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida! We also took an extra day to sit and relax on the beach child free :] It was pretty awesome. We did their engagement shoot a while back here in Bellingham so we were super excited to shoot them again. We love wedding where the whole bridal party is fun and we can just relax and fit in like guests, this was one of those weddings. Plus you cant beat watching a ceremony under a banyan tree along the river on a beautiful day. They had their ceremony at  Collee Hammock Park and their reception at the Stranahan House. I’m glad you get to enjoy this wedding, better late than never!

    Ft.LauderdaleWedding_001Ft.LauderdaleWedding_003 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_004 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_002 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_005 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_006 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_007 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_008 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_009 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_010 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_011 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_012 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_013 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_014 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_015 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_016 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_017 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_018 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_019 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_020 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_021 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_022 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_023 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_024 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_025 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_027 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_028 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_029 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_030 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_031 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_032 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_033 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_034 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_035 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_036 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_037 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_039 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_040 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_041 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_042 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_043 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_044 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_045 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_046 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_047 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_048 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_049 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_050 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_051 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_052 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_053 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_054 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_055 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_056 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_057 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_058 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_059 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_060 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_061 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_062  Ft.LauderdaleWedding_064Ft.LauderdaleWedding_063 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_065 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_066 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_067 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_068 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_069 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_070 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_072Ft.LauderdaleWedding_074 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_073Ft.LauderdaleWedding_071 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_075 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_076 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_077 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_078 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_079 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_080 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_081 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_082 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_083 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_084 Ft.LauderdaleWedding_085

    If you’re getting married in Florida and looking for some awesome vendors, here are some of the great ones we worked with at this wedding!

    Desiree Dawn Events

    Chic Makeup by Aimee

    Anthology Co- Flowers


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    Lindsey + Jarded- engaged! {Bellingham Wedding Photographers}

    Saturday, September 26 | Comments

    This lovely little session slipped through our fingers on the blog, so here it is now! Lindsey and Jared raveled up to our beautiful town of Bellingham, WA for this shoot! They asked if we had a canoe to which I replied “heck yah we do!”.. Sir Grizwald is his name and we love finding any excuse to shoot with it! We drove up to a beautiful spot we know of in the middle of the ocean {found it when we first moved here and went kayaking.. pre kids, haha}. Jarden had his huge fishing raft ready for us and we headed out into the open ocean. It was so much fun and such a special session. These two are adorable and we had the honor of shooting their beautiful wedding, which you’ll get to see later!

    BellinghamWeddingPhotographers001 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers002 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers003 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers004 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers005 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers006 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers007 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers008 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers009 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers010 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers011 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers012 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers013 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers014 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers016 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers017 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers018 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers019 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers020 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers021 BellinghamWeddingPhotographers022

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    A moment to breathe…

    Friday, August 28 | Comments

    Maybe it’s because I have a hot chai and some caffeine in my system or maybe it’s because for the first time in a while, it’s silent in my house while both kids are asleep and Grayson is up in our room, painting away. Either way, I had the sudden, irresistible urge to go on and on about our life as of late. As you may know, we moved in to our new home on 5 acres. It’s been an adjustment with all the home renovations and adjusting to this new lifestyle.. not being 3 minutes from the grocery store or hardware store and hearing no one but ourselves and the occasional rooster crow or chainsaw  or work of a neighbor. So much has changed for us in the past 4 months. It’s been one big whirlwind. We got pregnant, sold our house, had offer after offer fall through only to sell it last minute to our close friends, moved it to this house and immediately started ripping it apart to make it more “us”, traveled to Pennsylvania for visit family, to Hawaii to shoot a wedding and get some very needed time together.. and project after project after project! WHOA… take a breath.

    The kids have been adjusting pretty well. Myles had a hard time at first because he missed our old house, and frankly, so did I. It was hardest on he and I to leave it. Everyone else seemed just fine and dandy. I cried as we left and Myles was upset. But what we’re getting in return was so worth the sacrifice. We have acres to roam, woods to explore, trees upon trees, long roads and big lawns. We’re so so so excited to finish up the interior work and dive into our garden, making it our own and filling it with flowers and vegetables. I can’t tell you how excited I am to work on the garden, we all are. In October our close friends, the Prouty’s, are moving {uuuuhhhh, so sad!!!} but we’re inheriting their chickens so we’ve got a lot of work to do on the coup!

    I’ve had my ups and downs emotionally- especially being pregnant! It feels like there has been no time to stop and breath for a minute, or to even enjoy our new home. It’s felt more like a construction zone. But it’s been slowing down a lot which couldn’t be more welcome. We’re so close to being mostly done with the big stuff and moving on to building little additions just because. I’ve been following everyone around with my camera, capturing as much of their new exploration as I can. I am SO happy for our family that we get to be here. My kids get to grow up on property with room to roam, chickens and fresh eggs, eventually fresh honey from the bees we plan on getting, maybe goats! Building tree houses and forts and learning everything our property has to teach them about nature.

    We’re starting our home school co-op in less than a month! AHHHH! We’re all so excited about it and so anxious to see how it all goes. It’s new to all of us. I’m getting so eager for fall to get here. Fall for us always means the slowing down of time. Less responsibility, jammies, warm drinks on the porch and being wrapped in blankets by the fire. I crave time to sit in front of my sewing machine and make a quilt for this baby or have time to let my mind wander to what project I want to work on next.  I absolutely love summer but by the end am always read to welcome the cooler, slower days. I think as I get older I start to appreciate those days so much more. I just turned 31- which blows my mind that I’m already 31- and  it’s so surreal to see I’m already there. We talked about 31 so long ago when we talked about how many kids we thought we’d have. We always said that “if all goes as planned, I’ll be 31 when we have our last baby- if we stop at 3″… and here we are. What an amazing life we’ve been blessed with. It’s been a lot of hard work but nothing could be more worth it.

    Anyway, I should get back to editing the list of weddings waiting in line for my attention. Just wanted to get that all down while I had a minute to say it! Soon I’ll post some before and after photos of all the things we’ve changed in the house too!NewHouse_-50NewHouse_-1NewHouse_-32 NewHouse_-7 NewHouse_-8 NewHouse_-9 NewHouse_-10 NewHouse_-13 NewHouse_-14 NewHouse_-15 NewHouse_-16 NewHouse_-18 NewHouse_-19 NewHouse_-20 NewHouse_-21 NewHouse_-22 NewHouse_-23 NewHouse_-24 NewHouse_-25

    working on picking books for our home school co-op!NewHouse_-26

    black berries everywhere!!NewHouse_-27 NewHouse_-28 NewHouse_-29

    Justin + Renee- Hidden Oaks Retreat Center {Orange County Wedding Photographers}

    Wednesday, July 29 | Comments

    We love getting to travel back down to our roots to shoot a wedding and this one was no different. This wedding was such a beautiful thing. Justin and Renee were two of the sweetest most joyful people we’ve ever had the honor of photographing. Love literally poured out of their very beings. They’re the kind of couple you just want to stand up and applaud for finding each other!  Both are such kind people, amazing examples of God’s love and were clearly meant to be married to each other. Every time we looked over they were just beaming, staring into each others eyes or snuggling close with eyes closed- amazing. Their families and friends were the icing on the cake.

    I love when grooms cry during their ceremony and Justin was the king of crying, you could see the emotion all over this man’s face… it was such a beautiful thing to witness. They were married at the Hidden Oaks Retreat Center in Rancho Cucamonga, CA and it was a perfect day {it wasn’t even deathly hot like it should have been!}. So,, enjoy :]

    HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_001 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_002 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_003 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_004HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_059 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_005 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_006 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_007 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_008 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_009 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_010 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_011 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_012 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_013 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_014 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_015 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_016 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_017 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_018 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_019 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_020 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_021 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_022 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_023 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_024 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_025 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_026 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_027 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_028 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_029 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_030 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_031 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_032 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_033 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_034 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_035 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_036 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_037 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_038 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_039 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_040 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_041 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_042 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_043 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_044 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_045 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_046 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_047 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_048 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_049 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_050 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_051 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_052 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_053 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_054 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_055 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_056 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_057 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_058 HiddenOaksRetreatCenter_060Hidden Oaks Retreat Center, Hidden Oaks Retreat Center wedding, Hidden Oaks Retreat Center wedding photography, Hidden Oaks Retreat Center wedding ceremony, Hidden Oaks Retreat Center wedding reception, Hidden Oaks Retreat Center venue, Jagger Photography, Seattle Wedding Photographers, Orange County Wedding photographers, chino hills wedding photographers, rancho cucamunga wedding photographers, a pretty penny, christian weddings