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  • Jessica + Eric- in home maternity session {Bellingham Maternity Photographer}

    Tuesday, November 18 | Comments

    Photographing these two was truly a joy. Jessica contacted me to take photos of their maternity and when I arrived at their home overlooking the Bellingham Bay I was so excited. These two people are so sweet and their home was so warm and inviting. The afternoon light flowing into their home was beautiful, a photographers dream! After that we wandered through the woods near their house and it was so nice. Normally Grayson and I shoot everything together, but this was the first shoot since we’ve started shooting together that I did alone. Now that we have 2 kids I shoot most of the smaller shoots on my own and we do weddings and engagements together. So it was different, but so great. I love meeting people in this phase of life when they’re so excited to welcome a new person into their family. It’s amazing to be around such joy. I got to shoot their new baby once she arrived too which you’ll see later. So…enjoy. :]

    Jessica-002 Jessica-005  Jessica-004Jessica-015Jessica-013  Jessica-016 Jessica-020 Jessica-021 Jessica-022 Jessica-028 Jessica-032 Jessica-033 Jessica-040 Jessica-044 Jessica-049 Jessica-051 Jessica-054 Jessica-063 Jessica-076 Jessica-081  Jessica-088Jessica-082 Jessica-092 Jessica-100 Jessica-104 Jessica-116

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    Laura + Mike Elope {Mt. Baker, WA} Mountain Elopement | Bellingham Wedding Photographer

    Wednesday, October 29 | Comments

    Laura and Mike are awesome!  They love each other.  They love to hike.  So they chose a special place to them and got married there.  That special place was Lake Ann; right in the shadow of  Mt. Shuksan.  They asked if I would tag along and document their experience.  It was a long hike (8.2 miles total with 1900 ft elevation gain), but it was totally worth it and one of the best photography experiences of my life.  It am hooked on mountain elopements!

    - Grayson


    Laura brought along her sister and her husband and the shirts say the rest.  I even got my own official photographer shirt.

    2 3 4 5 6 7 8  10 11 12 13

    Scouting out a ceremony site.

    14 15 16 17  19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40  42 43 LM_Down-009 LM_Down-010 LM_Down-011 LM_Down-014 LM_Down-017  LM_Down-022 LM_Down-023 LM_Down-025 LM_Down-037 LM_Down-040 LM_Down-047 LM_Down-051 LM_Down-056

    The mighty Mt. Baker.

    LM_Down-059 LM_Down-061 LM_Down-065  LM_Down-070 LM_Down-071 LM_Down-076 LM_Down-078   LM_Down-089 LM_Down-090 LM_Down-092 LM_Down-095 LM_Down-099

    LM_Down-103 LM_Down-107 LM_Down-108



    LM_Down-116LM_Down-117 LM_Down-121 LM_Down-123 LM_Down-124 LM_Down-126 LM_Down-127 LM_Down-128 LM_Down-130 LM_Down-134 LM_Down-136 LM_Down-139 LM_Down-141 LM_Down-143 LM_Down-146

    I slept REALLY good that night!


    A little fall baby named Autumn {Bellingham Newborn Photographer}

    Thursday, October 16 | Comments

    Some of our favorite people finally had another baby! Remember Jessica from the river maternity shoot? Well here’s the result! Her name is Autum and she’s a-dor-able! This shoot took 2 days because that baby just didn’t want to sleep when it came time to take some photos, something about my house was just too exciting, haha. Good thing I like hanging out with her :] I really wanted to use all of our pumpkins and it gave me an excuse to go pick out even MORE pumpkins! I seriously just love photographing brand new babies, really just any baby. I love babies!! haha. There’s something so new and exciting about someone who just came into this world. I love their fuzzy skin, their peely feet, their tiny bellies, their wild faces and their over the top baby yawns. All of it. So enjoy this one, she’s a keeper :] This first one is of their sweet daughter River with the new littlest.

    Bellingham Newborn001 Bellingham Newborn002Bellingham Newborn005Bellingham Newborn003 Bellingham Newborn004 Bellingham Newborn006 Bellingham Newborn007 Bellingham Newborn009Bellingham Newborn008Bellingham Newborn010 Bellingham Newborn011 Bellingham Newborn012 Bellingham Newborn013 Bellingham Newborn014 Bellingham Newborn017Bellingham Newborn016 Bellingham Newborn018 Bellingham Newborn020 Bellingham Newborn021 Pumpkin newborn001 Pumpkin newborn002 Pumpkin newborn004Pumpkin newborn003 Pumpkin newborn006 Pumpkin newborn007 Pumpkin newborn005Pumpkin newborn008

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    Jana + Brad {Flying Horseshoe Ranch wedding} Seattle Wedding Photographers

    Monday, October 6 | Comments

    This was one of those beautiful weddings where everything seemed to go perfectly as planned, down to the perfect weather on a rain forecasted day. Jana and Brad said their vows at the Flying Horseshoe Ranch in Cle Elum, WA. It was seriously beautiful.. and perfect light.. that light!!! A photographers dream! It was such a fun, relaxed, perfect day.They had that ceremony where most of the guest and bridal party are crying, everyone is laughing along at their sweet handwritten vows… couldn’t be better!  I don’t know how else to explain it. And all the work that Jana and her family {and friends} put into making this wedding look amazing paid off times 100, it was awesome.


    spray fans are the best!JB_Blog002 JB_Blog003 JB_Blog004 JB_Blog005 JB_Blog006 JB_Blog007 JB_GettingReady021 JB_GettingReady029 JB_GettingReady028 JB_Blog009 JB_Blog010 JB_Blog011 JB_Blog012 JB_Blog013 JB_Blog014 JB_Blog015 JB_Blog016 JB_GettingReady052JB_GettingReady055 JB_GettingReady056 JB_Blog018 JB_Blog019 JB_Blog020 JB_Blog021

    I love these photos of Jana and her mom right before she was about to go see Brad for the first time that day.JB_Blog023JB_Blog022  JB_Blog024 JB_Blog025 JB_Blog026 JB_Blog027 JB_Blog028 JB_Blog029 JB_Blog030 JB_Blog031 JB_Blog032 JB_Blog033 JB_Blog034 JB_Blog035 JB_Blog036 JB_Blog037 JB_Blog038 JB_Blog039 JB_Blog040 JB_Blog041 JB_Blog042 JB_Blog043 JB_Blog044 JB_Blog045 JB_Blog046 JB_Blog047 JB_Blog048 JB_Blog049 JB_Blog050 JB_Blog051 JB_Blog052 JB_Blog053 JB_Blog054 JB_Blog055 JB_Blog056 JB_Blog057

    This guy took it upon himself to spray everyone down with a water bottle. Best.. guest…ever. It was HOT!JB_Blog058 JB_Blog059 JB_Blog060 JB_Blog061 JB_Blog062 JB_Blog063 JB_Blog064 JB_Blog065 JB_Blog066 JB_Blog067 JB_Blog068 JB_Blog069 JB_Blog070 JB_Blog071 JB_Blog072 JB_Blog073 JB_Blog074 JB_Blog075

    Grayson was playing this game with some of the guests where they threw gummie bears up and had to catch them in their mouth, haha made for ridiculous photos. JB_Blog076 JB_Blog077 JB_Blog078 JB_Blog079 JB_Blog080 JB_Blog081 JB_Blog082 JB_Blog083 JB_Blog084 JB_Blog085 JB_Blog086 JB_Blog087 JB_Blog088

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    Tree House Point Elopement {Seattle Wedding Photograpy}

    Saturday, September 27 | Comments

    We’d been excited to shoot Austin and McKenna’s wedding since the moment we booked them. They decided to come all the way from Oklahoma and get eloped at Tree House Point, one of our favorite venues in Washington!! It was a truly amazing day. Elopements are so special to photograph because they’ve chosen us to be there and us alone. Getting ready was calm and relaxing. It was just me and her, talking about the excitement she was feeling, moving as slowly as we wanted. No time lines, no bridal party, no pressure of any kind! We were the only people to witness these two make their wedding vows to each other, we signed their marriage license as witnesses and we spent their wedding day with them running through the bright green forest of Issquah, WA. It was an awesome day. We trekked through the river, climbed up rocks to get to perfect spots and braves the chilly water! It was pretty much everything we’d want in a wedding we photograph. Thank you two so much for inviting us into your world! It was a wedding we won’t forget!

    MA_Treehouse001MA_Treehouse005MA_Treehouse004 MA_Treehouse002MA_Treehouse006 MA_Treehouse003 MA_Treehouse007 MA_Treehouse008  MA_Treehouse009 MA_Treehouse010 MA_Treehouse011 MA_Treehouse013MA_Treehouse012 MA_Treehouse014 MA_Treehouse016MA_Treehouse015  MA_Treehouse017 MA_Treehouse018 MA_Treehouse019 MA_Treehouse020 MA_Treehouse021 MA_Treehouse022 MA_Treehouse023

    they were able to get married in exactly the spot they loved since we didn’t have to worry about fitting anyone else! MA_Treehouse024 MA_Treehouse025 MA_Treehouse026 MA_Treehouse027 MA_Treehouse028 MA_Treehouse029 MA_Treehouse030 MA_Treehouse031 MA_Treehouse032 MA_Treehouse033 MA_Treehouse034 MA_Treehouse035 MA_Treehouse036 MA_Treehouse037 MA_Treehouse038 MA_Treehouse039 MA_Treehouse040 MA_Treehouse041 MA_Treehouse042 MA_Treehouse043 MA_Treehouse044 MA_Treehouse045 MA_Treehouse046 MA_Treehouse047 MA_Treehouse048 MA_Treehouse049 MA_Treehouse050 MA_Treehouse051 MA_Treehouse052 MA_Treehouse053 MA_Treehouse054 MA_Treehouse055 MA_Treehouse056 MA_Treehouse057 MA_Treehouse058 MA_Treehouse059

    we all had to cross the river and it was a big jump to get across… we all made it.. barely

    MA_Treehouse060 MA_Treehouse061 MA_Treehouse062 MA_Treehouse063 MA_Treehouse064 MA_Treehouse065 MA_Treehouse066 MA_Treehouse067  MA_Treehouse069MA_Treehouse068 MA_Treehouse070 MA_Treehouse071 MA_Treehouse072 MA_Treehouse073 MA_Treehouse074

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