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  • Sadie’s birth at the Bellingham Birth Center {Bellingham Birth Photographer}

    Saturday, July 19 | Comments

    I met Michelle when she contacted me on Facebook as her little family has just moved to Bellingham from Portalnd. She was looking for some buddies so we met up with our kids at the children’s story time at the library! At the time I was about 6 months pregnant and she was newly pregnant for the 2nd time too! I was more than happy to photograph the birth of their 2nd daughter, Sadie {who was named after she was born and they had a chance to see her face}. I’d been waiting by the phone for weeks, we kept thinking she’d go into labor at any second because of so many early contractions. When she did go into labor I had another mama, Katie, go at the same time! Luckily Michelle waited until morning :] I was with Michelle for a couple of hours in the morning over at the Bellingham Birth Center and  she was chatty, so happy and not even remotely resembling a woman in labor! It was nuts! She had two really amazing midwives that I’ve had the pleasure of working with before, Ann Tive and Jessie Bradley,  there helping her along the way as well. I decided to trun home and have some lunch, feed Finley and head back! I came back and she was the same, you couldn’t even tell when she was having a contraction! I’ve never seen someone so giggly through labor, it was awesome. Her mom and sister came and kept the laughter going, it was just a relaxed time.

    Soon enough baby Sadie was born and it was so exciting! Like I’ve said before, nothing beats watching a baby being born. I’m always so happy to see a woman having a baby pain killer free too. I was just asked to write an article for a magazine encouraging women that they can do natural childbirth.. you can!!! Maybe a little later I’ll do a little blog post on the subject. Until then, enjoy this amazing birth.

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    Kiersten + Austin {Bellingham wedding photographers}

    Tuesday, July 1 | Comments

    We got to shoot these two lovelies and their little dog too {haha} in our own glorious town of Bellingham, WA! We LOVE shooting close to home in places we visit often and know are just beautiful. They traveled up for the shoot and it was a good time and a half!

    KR_Engaged002  KR_Engaged012 KR_Engaged018  KR_Engaged033 KR_Engaged039KR_Engaged034  KR_Engaged043 KR_Engaged046 KR_Engaged048 KR_Engaged051 KR_Engaged054 KR_Engaged063 KR_Engaged064 KR_Engaged067  KR_Engaged071 KR_Engaged074 KR_Engaged078 KR_Engaged091KR_Engaged087  KR_Engaged093  KR_Engaged099KR_Engaged102  KR_Engaged105KR_Engaged104   KR_Engaged109KR_Engaged111KR_Engaged106 Bellingham wedding photographers, chuckanut, bellingham photographers, bellingham engagement session, bellingham, bellingham engagement photographers, pnw, pacific northwest photographers, jagger photogoraphy, bellingham bay, larrabee, larrabee state park

    The Conrads {Riley Wilderness Park Family Shoot}

    Monday, June 23 | Comments

    This shoot is long over do to blog but better late than never! We had the pleasure of shooting this adorable family and their bundle of children at the Riley Wilderness Park when we were down in Southern CA a couple trips ago. We found the perfect light and went running to it, such a beautiful day!


    Conrad004 Conrad011 Conrad019 Conrad027 Conrad029 Conrad030 Conrad033 Conrad035 Conrad038 Conrad043 Conrad044 Conrad045 Conrad051 Conrad054 Conrad056 Conrad059 Conrad061 Conrad062 Conrad065 Conrad070 Conrad076 Conrad079 Conrad084 Conrad087 Conrad091 Conrad094

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    Andrew + Rachel {Oak Canyon Nature Center, CA}

    Sunday, June 1 | Comments

    This incredibly shy and cute couple wanted us to shoot their lovely engagement session at the location where they were getting married, Oak Canyon Nature Center in Anaheim Hills while we were down in Southern CA last. This was the trip where we came down for 2 weeks, had 7 shoots and our entire family {other than me, thank Goodness!} got the really bad flu! It was a rough trip but luckily I was the least sick so I managed to get all 7 shoots shot!!

    I brought a bunch of confetti {because its awesome} and they were a little nervous about it. Even Grayson didn’t seem all that into it. But once we threw those glittery little hearts all over those two, they were hooked, haha. Success! Confetti always makes things better :]

    Bellew_22 Bellew_20 Bellew_17 Bellew_13Bellew_09 Bellew_03 Bellew_79 Bellew_75 Bellew_71 Bellew_67 Bellew_64 Bellew_62 Bellew_59 Bellew_58 Bellew_56 Bellew_51 Bellew_48 Bellew_35 Bellew_32 Bellew_29 Bellew_27 Bellew_23 Bellew_01

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    The birth of Lucy {Bellingham Birth Photographer}

    Saturday, May 24 | Comments

    I got to be a part of another amazing birth and it was beyond words amazing. It was kind of a funny day, I’d been texting back and forth with a woman who was in labor already, she was sending me updates through out the day. Then I get a text “just a heads up, my water broke, but nothing has happened yet!”. I wrote back “woo hoo for broken water!” assuming it was the first woman I’d already been talking to.. It took me a few minutes to figure out this was Katie!! Katie who isn’t due for another 2 weeks! Aaahhhhh!! So that day was a little hectic, I was all worried they’d both have babies at the same time and I’d be running back and forth. Yikes! Luckily it was just Katie that night :] I headed over to her house at 9pm, it was a rainy night and so peaceful out. I walked into a very calm home with Katie and Derek just quietly laboring. I was more than happy to see Mary Burgess at yet another birth. She was my doula for both babies and is now an amazing midwife! I got to meet another really nice midwife named Catorina as well. I am so intrigued by midwives, their profession is the most interesting and respectable thing someone could do! They help women bring babies into the world they way they were meant to come!

    Her labor progressed really quickly, it reminded me a lot of my labor with Finley, almost the exact same timing and quickness!  Even being present while a woman is laboring and watching a baby be born sends a surge of adrenaline like you wouldn’t believe! My hands were shaking when she was born and I was trying to take photos, almost like the feeling right after you have a baby and you can’t help but shake from all the adrenaline your body made! It was intense!!! Made it a little hard to take photos, haha. Maybe some day I’ll get used to that :] Katie did such an amazing job too. It always amazes me that women’s bodies can grow, form and push out a babies. It’s what our bodies were made to do! I don’t think watching a family welcome their newest baby will ever get old. I stayed for a couple of hours while they got to know their little Lucy, {they didn’t know what they were having before she was born so they were surprised to find out they now had 2 girls!}. I headed home around 1am and went straight to sleep. I got my next call at 6:45am for the other woman in labor!


    LucysBirth-2LucysBirth-10 LucysBirth-4

    LucysBirth-37 LucysBirth-6 LucysBirth-9  LucysBirth-11 LucysBirth-13 LucysBirth-14 LucysBirth-18 LucysBirth-23 LucysBirth-24 LucysBirth-31 LucysBirth-33 LucysBirth-34 LucysBirth-36  LucysBirth-40  LucysBirth-52 LucysBirth-54 LucysBirth-56 LucysBirth-60 LucysBirth-61 LucysBirth-64 LucysBirth-69 LucysBirth-74 LucysBirth-80 LucysBirth-88 LucysBirth-91e LucysBirth-95 LucysBirth-99 LucysBirth-106 LucysBirth-113 LucysBirth-116 LucysBirth-122 LucysBirth-124 LucysBirth-126 LucysBirth-131 LucysBirth-135 LucysBirth-139 LucysBirth-145 LucysBirth-154 LucysBirth-159 LucysBirth-161 LucysBirth-164 LucysBirth-166

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