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  • Baby Juniper Grace {Bellingham Newborn Photographer}

    Saturday, March 14 | Comments

    We met these this lovely family when they were still only two, pregnant with this little lady. We had the great joy of photographing their pregnancy as well as their new love. It’s always so interesting to walk into the home of brand new first time parents. I love the raw, unknowing state everyone seems to be in. They always handle it with such grace and the willingness to learn as they go. It’s so special to be able to go into people’s home at a time so important as this. You get to watch them sinking into their new rolls as parents, handling this amazing baby with the utmost care and love. It’s really something to be grateful for as a newborn photographer. They seemed to fit right into this new phase of life so seamlessly and you could feel the love they had for their daughter. I got to spend a few hours with them and near the end watch as a fussy Juniper would only fall asleep on her daddy’s chest.. so that’s where we shot :]

    BellinghamNewbornPhotography001 BellinghamNewbornPhotography002 BellinghamNewbornPhotography004 BellinghamNewbornPhotography005 BellinghamNewbornPhotography006   BellinghamNewbornPhotography007BellinghamNewbornPhotography010BellinghamNewbornPhotography011BellinghamNewbornPhotography015

    during their maternity session Greg played his mandolin so we incorporated it into this shoot too!BellinghamNewbornPhotography012 BellinghamNewbornPhotography013 BellinghamNewbornPhotography014 BellinghamNewbornPhotography016 BellinghamNewbornPhotography018BellinghamNewbornPhotography020BellinghamNewbornPhotography017 BellinghamNewbornPhotography021 BellinghamNewbornPhotography022 BellinghamNewbornPhotography023 BellinghamNewbornPhotography024 BellinghamNewbornPhotography025 BellinghamNewbornPhotography026 BellinghamNewbornPhotography027 BellinghamNewbornPhotography028 BellinghamNewbornPhotography030 BellinghamNewbornPhotography031 BellinghamNewbornPhotography032 BellinghamNewbornPhotography035 BellinghamNewbornPhotography036 BellinghamNewbornPhotography037 BellinghamNewbornPhotography038

    The Mowry/James clan {Bellingham Family Photographer}

    Monday, March 9 | Comments

    So I met Jennifer on the wonderful world of Instagram. I asked her if she’d want to meet up and go on a walk {in real life, haha} right before she was due with their 2nd child. We met, drank coffee and walked through the woods just talking and talking, we kind of just clicked. I ended up doing their baby’s newborn photos and we’ve been hanging out ever since! I don’t shoot extended families very often so I have to admit, I was a littler nervous when my friends asked me to photograph their entire family. But it was seriously so fun! I arrived at the freezing location wishing I’d put on another jacket but once I started shooting this awesome family, I didn’t affect me much. Maybe because my friend’s mom gave me her jacket, haha. Fist I photographed Jennifer, Travis and the kids for a bit, then all of us walked around the woods and just had fun. I love seeing the dynamic between my friends and their parents and siblings. That’s something you don’t get to see much as an adult. When we were all kids you always knew your friends parents, but not so much anymore. Especially here in Bellingham where most of us are transplants from other states!

    JamesFamily001 JamesFamily003 JamesFamily005 JamesFamily007 JamesFamily009 JamesFamily010 JamesFamily014 JamesFamily015 JamesFamily017 JamesFamily021 JamesFamily023 JamesFamily025 JamesFamily028 JamesFamily031 JamesFamily035 JamesFamily048 JamesFamily050 JamesFamily077 JamesFamily079 JamesFamily087 JamesFamily101 JamesFamily105 JamesFamily107 JamesFamily109

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    On to a new adventure!

    Tuesday, March 3 | Comments

    If you follow us on Instgram you know that we are selling our house.. well, we SOLD our house. After one day on the market a family snatched this gem right up. This has been a bittersweet thing for me. We will be moving to a dream we’ve had for a long time- land. We bought a home on 15.6 acres and we’re so so excited. But we will be leaving the home our children were born in, the woods we’ve spent countless hours exploring and having long talks about life in and the home where we became parents! We used to talk on and on about “when we live on land” and one day I told Grayson that we needed to stop talking about it. We wanted to be in this home for 10-15 years and I wanted to be able to feel settled, not dreaming about the next thing. So we did just that- stopped talking about it. About a year later (3 months ago) this itch was rising in my blood again, the thought of living on sprawling land with gardens and chickens and space! The freedom to do whatever we wanted to our house without worrying about a “future buyer” not liking our changes.

    Both Grayson and I grew up in the suburbs of southern California on a culd-u sac {in different towns}. We both played all night with neighbor, had tons of kids around, going inside only for dinner then right back out to play with all our friends until dark, huge block parties and giant games of hide and go seek. Part of me felt guilty that if we moved to land, our kids wouldn’t have that. But maybe they’d love this new life just as much, or more? We were torn 50/50 on what life we wanted our kids to have. After years of this itch being buried in our hearts, I realized that I think I might be ready for it. I was almost afraid to say it because I know how we work. Once we open a door to do something, we go through it, full force…

    We prayed about it and decided it would be our 1-5 year plan, that we’d casually look.. see what’s out there, we were open to the idea. Well God had different timing than we did and here we are, a short 3 months later, about to move into our dream. We’ve been asked questions like “do you even know what to do with 15 acres”.. No.. “Do you realize how much work that will be??” Yes.. You see, Grayson and I are “chronic project people” as we call ourselves. We have to continue working on things in our home, creating projects for ourselves. It’s imbedded deep inside of us to create. When we bought this house only 4 years ago {almost to the date} I was newly pregnant with Myles. Withing one week we were totally unpacked, had painted the worlds largest wall {4 coats of bright yellow and no, I had no idea you weren’t supposed to paint when you were pregnant lol, he turned out fine} and built the climbing walls in the garage. Within a year we’d painted every wall in this house and built garden boxes all over the backyard. After that we ripped out the ugly half raised island that once stood in our kitchen and replaced it with the beautiful, flat butcher block.. ripped out the counter tops and back splash and replaced all of those, built a huge bench for the kitchen, and we just re-did the entire master bathroom… only to find out we’d be finishing it up just in time to list our house, haha.

    We need projects, we love them and welcome them.. they aren’t always enjoyable but we just love it. 15 acres to do whatever we want?!?! We are SO excited for this new adventure. We plan on being in this house forever.. that is such a good feeling. To know we will never move again- unless life throws something terrible at us. Our kids will grow up in this home and come back to it with their families. That brings me a joy I can’t explain. Our kids will grow up with the responsibilities that come with taking care of your own land, growing your own food and caring for chickens. We plan on homeschooling and teaching our kids valuable life skills and want them to dive into building, sewing, creating and fixing. We are taking a huge jump into the unknown and so ready for it. Two people who’ve lived in the suburbs forever venturing out into the county. It’s going to be awesome and so hard, but well worth the sweat!!!

    A lot of you have mentioned wanting to see our whole house {the one we live in now} so I’m posting all the photos we took of it for the listing. Keep in mind, it’s not always this clean and the loft is usually a kids play room.. but here it is.

    Ourhome001 Ourhome002

    This wall is showing as yellow but it’s tangerine, my favorite color in the house!Ourhome003 Ourhome004 Ourhome005

    we bought these lockers for $25 at a garage sale, they were originally army green but we spent a summer painting them. They’re usually in the kids play room {the loft}Ourhome006 Ourhome007

    Finley’s amazing room. I’m posting more photos of this because I have yet to do that blog post. We spent so much time and energy in her room. My amazing friend Jessica Kasparian painted the wall length hot air balloon mural as a gift, took her 25 hours. Nesting gone wild is responsible for that triangle wall and the rest.  Grayson built that bench seat and I upholstered it and made all the pillows. I am so sad to leave this room behind, but thankfully a little girl will be moving in. I’m just praying they want to keep it as is so someone can appreciate this room!

    Ourhome008 Ourhome009 Ourhome010 Ourhome011 Ourhome012

    Myles’ room. Grayson built his bed {I just told him what to build, haha}. The ladder is from a fallen tree we found in the woods. The dresser was $10 at a garage sale and I painted it two tones of orange.Ourhome013

    Here is the finished master bath that we literally just finished! Ourhome014 Ourhome015

    Before of this part of the bathroom! {below}bathroom_2Ourhome016

    Here is the before of the master bath! {below} After {above}bathroom


    I can’t tell you how much we will miss this amazing fire place. We’ll probably rebuild it almost exactly the same in the new home. Ourhome017 Ourhome018

    Grayson built that bench for me! Ourhome019

    Grayson and  a friend did the counter tops.. I was just the idea man. {Grayson is kind of awesome}Ourhome020 Ourhome021

    our mud room… our amazing, amazing mud room that was mostly used as a crap storage room. Sad I won’t get to use it once the kids get older but we have plans to build one in the new house!Ourhome022 Ourhome023

    Jamie + Chris – Olympic Sculpture Park {Seattle Wedding Photographer}

    Friday, February 6 | Comments

    Jamie and Chris had such a pretty wedding on a perfect day in Seattle! They were married at Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle.. Seriously, the weather could not have been more perfect. I’m pretty sure it was predicted to rain too. Weddings always seem to work out that way! Well.. every once in a blue moon it would pour, but rarely!}. We got to work along side the lovely coordinators from Field Day.

    It was so fun seeing past clients at this wedding too, a couple whose wedding we shot in Malibu was in the bridal party. We always love to see couple again! This wedding was clean and modern and so simple, we loved it!

    OlympicSculpturePark001 OlympicSculpturePark002 OlympicSculpturePark003 OlympicSculpturePark004 OlympicSculpturePark005 OlympicSculpturePark006 OlympicSculpturePark008OlympicSculpturePark007  OlympicSculpturePark009 OlympicSculpturePark010 OlympicSculpturePark011 OlympicSculpturePark012 OlympicSculpturePark013 OlympicSculpturePark014 OlympicSculpturePark015 OlympicSculpturePark016 OlympicSculpturePark017 OlympicSculpturePark018 OlympicSculpturePark019 OlympicSculpturePark020 OlympicSculpturePark021 OlympicSculpturePark022 OlympicSculpturePark023 OlympicSculpturePark024 OlympicSculpturePark025 OlympicSculpturePark026 OlympicSculpturePark027 OlympicSculpturePark028 OlympicSculpturePark029 OlympicSculpturePark030 OlympicSculpturePark031 OlympicSculpturePark032 OlympicSculpturePark033 OlympicSculpturePark034 OlympicSculpturePark035

    you know speech is awesome when it makes the brides mom spit out her drink!! hahaOlympicSculpturePark036 OlympicSculpturePark037

    best cake ever

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    The Birth of Declan- Bellingham Birth Photographer

    Saturday, January 24 | Comments

    A few months back I had such the great joy of photographing one of my close friends births. Seriously, I can’t even explain how much I love photographing and being present for the birth of a new baby. Most of you know that both of my children were born at home, I am a strong believer in home births and love every inch of it. Jennie had her first son in the hospital and it was a horrifying experience for her {obviously this is NOT always the case for a hospital birth, but for her it was}. After an c section she wanted to have her next baby at home. It was hard to even find a midwife that would agree to a VBAC at home but she found one.

    I got the call from Jennie mid morning that things were going, so I headed over and spent the entire day in their home while this story unfolded. Declan, like his older brother, came earlier than expected so no one was quite prepared. Her amazing Doula ended up having to be somewhere and had to leave for the bulk of the labor but was there for the good part during transition and the birth. So on top of photographing this day, I was also helping Jennie through it. It was actually really amazing and so special.

    Her labor was smooth, but it was hard.. I feel like a lot of women have one of two views of birth: It’s terrifying and you should just be medicated ASAP, or it will be glamorous and this amazing and beautiful experience. One group villanizes it and the other magnifies it’s beauty. Birth is hard, it’s messy, it’s sweaty and exhausting.. but it’s amazing and beautiful. There is nothing that compares to pushing a child out of your body, nothing.

    I think part of the reason I love this series of photos so much is because you can see that it’s so hard. I see a lot of birth photography that likes to skip over the photos of the struggle, but that’s where the beauty lies. Birth is literally the hardest thing most women {including myself} have ever done, but also by far the most rewarding.

    I was so SO proud of Jennie for doing this… more so even than a typical woman. This was a big leap for her and she powered though it, she was so tough and she didn’t give up or beg to be taken to the hospital.. she was a champ. In the end she finally got to have the natural childbirth she felt so robbed of the first time- she was amazing.

    Thank you to the amazing Birthroot Midwives who delivered little Declan!

    DeclansBirth002 DeclansBirth003 DeclansBirth005


    DeclansBirth013 DeclansBirth014 DeclansBirth021-2 DeclansBirth022-2 DeclansBirth026 DeclansBirth029-2 DeclansBirth035 DeclansBirth047 DeclansBirth050DeclansBirth048 DeclansBirth052 DeclansBirth056-2 DeclansBirth061 DeclansBirth065 DeclansBirth073 DeclansBirth080-2 DeclansBirth084 DeclansBirth089 DeclansBirth078DeclansBirth096DeclansBirth093 DeclansBirth102 DeclansBirth113 DeclansBirth114 DeclansBirth118 DeclansBirth121DeclansBirth127 DeclansBirth129 DeclansBirth130 DeclansBirth134DeclansBirth132 DeclansBirth140 DeclansBirth142 DeclansBirth145 DeclansBirth154DeclansBirth150 DeclansBirth158 DeclansBirth159 DeclansBirth174DeclansBirth168 DeclansBirth175

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