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  • The belly and the River

    Tuesday, September 16 | Comments

    So one day I was talking photography with one some of our closest friends {these two lovelies} on one of our trade days {we have a weekly hang out to keep sane, I highly recommend doing this! Grayson and Jesse go climbing in the morning and ladies hang out at home with kids, then we switch and I go to their house and we just sit and chat, drink coffee.. usually eat some kind of unhealthy treat and paint our nails..it’s awesome!!}. Anyway, we were talking and I was telling her how since I was in my early 20s I’ve wanted to do a shot like the painting Ophelia with the flowing hair and still pond.. except I’d love to do it with a pregnant woman. Then she says “Heather.. I’m pregnant, I’ll do it”.. Oh yah!! For some reason I always forget she’s pregnant, haha. I was SO EXCITED! Jessica painting and amazing mural in Finley’s bedroom so we owe her lots of shoots! She’s an amazing artist so she can appreciate a photo like this one and the need to make it happen.

    So we all walked out to the river  {with their daughter, River..pun intended} and made it happen. We found the perfect still pool of glacier water that looked like it was made to create this photos. Jessica was amazing, that water wasn’t warm but it was well worth the effort. I’ve been so excited to blog this shoot, so I’m starting with dessert before dinner. I shot the water photos at the end but I feel like they need to be first!

    ophelia-41ophelia-04 ophelia-03Kasparian-163 ophelia-06 ophelia-07ophelia-02 ophelia-08 ophelia-09 ophelia-01ophelia-10Kasparian-138 ophelia-39 ophelia-38 ophelia-37 ophelia-35ophelia-36  ophelia-34  ophelia-32ophelia-33Kasparian-90 ophelia-30 ophelia-29 ophelia-28 ophelia-27  ophelia-25ophelia-26 ophelia-24 ophelia-23 ophelia-22 ophelia-21 ophelia-20 ophelia-19 ophelia-18 ophelia-17 ophelia-16Kasparian-45 ophelia-15ophelia-13Kasparian-21  ophelia-12 ophelia-11

    Tara + John- Discovery Park Seattle {Seattle Wedding Photographers}

    Tuesday, September 2 | Comments

    You know when you go to a wedding with an expectation as to what it will be like, and you know show up and it’s nothing like what you pictured? This was that wedding. I don’t really know how to explain why, but it was. John and Tara were two of the sweetest people. You could tell that every person at this wedding REALLY loved them as people and friends. It was amazing to witness these two getting married overlooking the ocean. They were married at Discovery Park in Seattle. This beautiful day was started with all the men and women separating in the woods to go into groups called “wisdom circles” where they took turns giving advice and singing the praises of the bride and groom. It was awesome hearing all the lovely things people had to say about these two. The women then walked up through the woods to meet the men waiting at the ceremony site. Once they were all there the women revealed Tara to John and the ceremony began. Many tears were shed,  a nice “I love this woman” was yelled at the top of lungs over the ocean and songs were sung. It was a good day! Their super awesome downtown Seattle reception was held at Sole Repair and the food was GOOOOOD!

    DiscoveryPark001 DiscoveryPark002 DiscoveryPark003 DiscoveryPark004 DiscoveryPark005 DiscoveryPark006 DiscoveryPark007 DiscoveryPark008

    John’s dad giving his son a few words of wisdomDiscoveryPark009 DiscoveryPark010

    “JOHN!” haha

    DiscoveryPark011 DiscoveryPark012 DiscoveryPark013 DiscoveryPark014 DiscoveryPark015 DiscoveryPark016 DiscoveryPark017 DiscoveryPark018 DiscoveryPark019 DiscoveryPark020 DiscoveryPark021 DiscoveryPark022 DiscoveryPark023 DiscoveryPark024


    I’m the master of bustles :]… not really, hahaDiscoveryPark029 DiscoveryPark030 DiscoveryPark032DiscoveryPark031DiscoveryPark033DiscoveryPark034DiscoveryPark035DiscoveryPark036DiscoveryPark037DiscoveryPark038DiscoveryPark039DiscoveryPark040DiscoveryPark041DiscoveryPark042DiscoveryPark043DiscoveryPark044DiscoveryPark045DiscoveryPark046DiscoveryPark047DiscoveryPark048DiscoveryPark049DiscoveryPark050Discovery Park weddings, Discovery park seattle, daybreak star weddings, jagger photography, henna weddings, henna at weddings, hippie weddings, seattle wedding photograhy, photographers in seattle, seattle weddings, sole repair, sole repair seattle, sole repair weddings, sole repair receptions, wisdom circles, wedding wisdom circlesDiscoveryPark052DiscoveryPark053DiscoveryPark054DiscoveryPark055DiscoveryPark056DiscoveryPark057DiscoveryPark058DiscoveryPark059DiscoveryPark060DiscoveryPark063DiscoveryPark061DiscoveryPark062 DiscoveryPark064DiscoveryPark065 DiscoveryPark067DiscoveryPark066DiscoveryPark070DiscoveryPark068



    Baby Eisley turns 1!! {Orange County family photographer}

    Thursday, August 28 | Comments

    One of my favorite babies just turned one!! Well, a few months ago anyway. Little miss Eisley.. and let me tell you…she’s awesome. Her mama has been one of my best friends for over 10 years and she and her husband met at our wedding! WHAT! It was pre arranged.. your welcome :] I guess you could say that it it weren’t for us, baby Eisley wouldn’t be here! hahahaha kidding. Another one of our good friends had an awesome baby shower and had this amazing gold glitter fabric left so we decided Eisley needed to be seen on it. It’s beautiful! Enjoy!

    Eisley34 Eisley01Eisley08   Eisley36  Eisley29 Eisley27 Eisley17Eisley23  Eisley16

    A little snippet into our everday

    Tuesday, July 29 | Comments

    We do a lot of fun stuff as a family.. it’s one of our priorities in life. I feel like I haven’t done a blog post about us in quite some time so I got together some of my favorite photos from summer thus far to give you a little snippet of “us”. We take hundreds of photos of our family and it’s hard to choose only a few, but here they are. We hope so much that our kids remember their childhood and this is a really good way to ensure that. Summer is such a fun time for us. Yes, we’re busy shooting for work, but it’s also berry season and flower season, lake days, canoe trips, picnics, BBQ’s at friends… all of our favorite things! We make a point to try and do something almost every day because here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, amazing weather doesn’t last all year like it did when we were kids growing up in Southern California.

    Life has been awesome and harder with 2 kids. They’re both super active, very opinionated little buddies and they keep us busy like we never imagined! But we love it, all of it. We’re currently in a sleep struggle with Myles who will only sleep in our bed since 3 weeks ago. The only problem is he wakes up in the middle of night! So the excitment of Finley sleeping through the night was quickly diminished when Myles started waking up, haha! But we told ourselves from the beinning, before having Myles that we’d have 6-10 years of pure chaos and that’s just the way it will be. So we’re in the thick of it! Being parents is amazing, challenging, exhausting, humbling {like when my son drops his undies and pees on the lawn while we’re having a garage sale} and beautiful. We wouldn’t trade it for anything.

    We’ll start with Easter, not really summer but I love the photos :]

    JaggerJune001 JaggerJune002 JaggerJune003 JaggerJune004 JaggerJune005

    This is what it’s really like when we try to take a family photos. Myles screaming not to take a photo, Finley indeifferent, and us trying to ignore the fact that he’s just screaming… hahaJaggerJune006 JaggerJune007

    A plane!!!!

    JaggerJune008 JaggerJune009

    Our attempt at some family photos when the apple trees were blooming. Thank you self timer!!JaggerJune010 JaggerJune011 JaggerJune012 JaggerJune013 JaggerJune014

    My favorite. This boy is always bringing me flowers, I just love it so much.JaggerJune015 JaggerJune016 JaggerJune017 JaggerJune018 JaggerJune019 JaggerJune020 JaggerJune021 JaggerJune022 JaggerJune023

    berry season!!!!!

    JaggerJune024 JaggerJune025 JaggerJune026 JaggerJune027 JaggerJune028

    JaggerJune042JaggerJune043 JaggerJune029 JaggerJune030 JaggerJune031 JaggerJune032 JaggerJune033 JaggerJune034 JaggerJune035 JaggerJune036 JaggerJune037 JaggerJune038 JaggerJune039 JaggerJune040 JaggerJune041 JaggerJune044

    the day I cut his hair… it was SO HARD for me!!!! Those beautiful, golden locks!!JaggerJune045 JaggerJune046 JaggerJune047 JaggerJune048 JaggerJune049

    Dinner thief.

    JaggerJune050 JaggerJune051 JaggerJune052 JaggerJune053 JaggerJune054 JaggerJune056 JaggerJune057 JaggerJune058 JaggerJune059 JaggerJune060

    Sadie’s birth at the Bellingham Birth Center {Bellingham Birth Photographer}

    Saturday, July 19 | Comments

    I met Michelle when she contacted me on Facebook as her little family has just moved to Bellingham from Portalnd. She was looking for some buddies so we met up with our kids at the children’s story time at the library! At the time I was about 6 months pregnant and she was newly pregnant for the 2nd time too! I was more than happy to photograph the birth of their 2nd daughter, Sadie {who was named after she was born and they had a chance to see her face}. I’d been waiting by the phone for weeks, we kept thinking she’d go into labor at any second because of so many early contractions. When she did go into labor I had another mama, Katie, go at the same time! Luckily Michelle waited until morning :] I was with Michelle for a couple of hours in the morning over at the Bellingham Birth Center and  she was chatty, so happy and not even remotely resembling a woman in labor! It was nuts! She had two really amazing midwives that I’ve had the pleasure of working with before, Ann Tive and Jessie Bradley,  there helping her along the way as well. I decided to trun home and have some lunch, feed Finley and head back! I came back and she was the same, you couldn’t even tell when she was having a contraction! I’ve never seen someone so giggly through labor, it was awesome. Her mom and sister came and kept the laughter going, it was just a relaxed time.

    Soon enough baby Sadie was born and it was so exciting! Like I’ve said before, nothing beats watching a baby being born. I’m always so happy to see a woman having a baby pain killer free too. I was just asked to write an article for a magazine encouraging women that they can do natural childbirth.. you can!!! Maybe a little later I’ll do a little blog post on the subject. Until then, enjoy this amazing birth.

    Michelle-1 Michelle-3 Michelle-9 Michelle-11 Michelle-13 Michelle-19 Michelle-22 Michelle-23 Michelle-27 Michelle-28 Michelle-33 Michelle-35 Michelle-39 Michelle-42 Michelle-49 Michelle-50 Michelle-53 Michelle-60 Michelle-66 Michelle-68 Michelle-70 Michelle-74 Michelle-83 Michelle-84Michelle-78 Michelle-87 Michelle-91 Michelle-92 Michelle-93 Michelle-94 Michelle-97 Michelle-99 Michelle-102 Michelle-103 Michelle-104 Michelle-105 Michelle-107 Michelle-108 Michelle-114 Michelle-116 Michelle-119 Michelle-121 Michelle-126 Michelle-127 Michelle-129 Michelle-131 Michelle-132 Michelle-133 Michelle-134 Michelle-136 Michelle-138bellingham birth photography, bellingham birth photographer, birth photographers in bellingham, birth photography in bellingham whatcom birth photographers, jagger photographer, bellingham photographers, photographers in bellinghamm, natural childbirth, water birth, water birth in bellingham, anne tives, ann tives, birthroot birth center, birthroot bellingham, bellingham birth center