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  • Blake + Arianne- Tree House Point Elopement {Seattle Wedding Photographers}

    Thursday, May 21 | Comments

    We always get super excited when we get to shoot at venues we loooovvveee and this place is definitely one of them! Have you ever seen the show “Treehouse Masters“? Well it’s one of our whole family’s favorites, we watch it all the time. So Pete Nelson- the tree house master- build this place! This is our 3rd time shooting at Treehouse Point in Fall City, WA and it never disappoints! This time we even got to meet Pete Nelson! Grayson couldn’t pass up the opportunity to shake his hand.. I think he might have peed his pants a little, hahaha. He was all star struck! Anyway- this elopement was so so amazing. Arianne and Blake had just arrived {at the same time as us actually}  from Arizona  after driving there and were getting married in a couple short hours! They were peppy and excited and nervous- it was so fun. Arianne set up a whole, beautiful picnic for them to enjoy right after they said their vows. We picked an awesome spot right along the river for them. She even made her own dress!! I love when brides make their own dresses!  The day was quick and crazy but such a special thing to witness. Just the the woods and the sound of the river behind them.. no guests, no speakers or microphones, no distractions or worries. Just them and their vows. After their ceremony we took some photos with their boom box {yes, boom box} playing some dance music which made it so fun and hilarious with Blake’s sweet moves. Overall, an awesome day. Congratulations guys!

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    This was when she tripped and fell… we couldn’t stop laughing, she was such a trooper!!Tree House Point Wedding049

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    Danielle + Chic- engaged {Bellingham Wedding Photographers}

    Saturday, May 9 | Comments

    Engagement shoots are always fun because there’s so little pressure! No one telling you “10 minutes left!” or family jumping in to say hello.. just us and them and the freedom to shoot wherever we want for as long as we want! Danielle and Chic are an adorable young couple from Bellingham and were so clearly in love and overjoyed to be getting married! We had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with them, exploring some areas they’d never been to! Can’t wait to shoot their wedding!!!

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    Taryn + Taylor – Sodo Park, Seattle {Seattle Wedding Photographers}

    Saturday, May 2 | Comments

    Taryn and Taylor were a party and a half… this wedding was so fun! Since we moved to Washington we’ve always wanted to shoot at Sodo Park in Seattle and we’re so glad we got to shoot an awesome couple there. This place was so unique and beautiful, the couple was happy and so so excited.. doesn’t get much better than that my friend!

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    Meet John Michael {Bellingham Newborn Photographer}

    Monday, April 20 | Comments

    I had the great joy of photographing little John Michael when he was just a few days old. Newborns are always such a joy to photograph because they are so fresh and new. Before tantrums, before melt down, before your face is splashed with pureed food.. when they’re just little sleepy babies. I love it. This family was adorable and their baby was adorable! Not to mention his nursery was pretty awesome :]


    JohnMichael-001 JohnMichael-009 JohnMichael-012 JohnMichael-018 JohnMichael-019 JohnMichael-021 JohnMichael-022 JohnMichael-027 JohnMichael-036 JohnMichael-037 JohnMichael-040 JohnMichael-044 JohnMichael-050 JohnMichael-055 JohnMichael-058 JohnMichael-059 JohnMichael-060 JohnMichael-062 JohnMichael-064 JohnMichael-065 JohnMichael-070 JohnMichael-072 JohnMichael-075 JohnMichael-079 JohnMichael-087 JohnMichael-089 JohnMichael-090 JohnMichael-095 JohnMichael-097

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    Christ + Kayla- engaged in Monroe, WA {Bellingham Wedding Photography}

    Monday, April 13 | Comments

    Last week we posted a wedding we shot in one of the most beautiful properties we’d ever been to. THIS is the only other property on that list. Kayla and Chris contacted us about doing an engagement on their families property down in Monroe, WA. It sounded perfect and dreamy, we were so excited! We were not let down when we got there, it was even better than they’d described! Her grandparents bought this 85 acre property and have the same plan as the last one we talked about, making sure this beautiful place stays in the family forever. What an incredible gift to leave your loved ones. We followed them around as they took us to favorite spots and told stories about her growing up here and the fun times they’d have exploring the forest. They took us to a peak overlooking a river, an amazing old cabin that they’d spend Christmas in, we walked through the river and ended up in the huge pond inside their canoe. It was so perfect!!

    KC_engaged-001 KC_engaged-013 KC_engaged-014 KC_engaged-017 KC_engaged-019 KC_engaged-024 KC_engaged-026 KC_engaged-035 KC_engaged-037 KC_engaged-042 KC_engaged-052 KC_engaged-058 KC_engaged-059 KC_engaged-061 KC_engaged-066 KC_engaged-068 KC_engaged-070 KC_engaged-074 KC_engaged-075 KC_engaged-086 KC_engaged-089 KC_engaged-094 KC_engaged-095 KC_engaged-097 KC_engaged-104 KC_engaged-106 KC_engaged-108 KC_engaged-109

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