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  • Beth + Kevin {Seattleeeeeeee!!}

    Saturday, January 8 | Comments

    Finallyyyy!! This was the one and ONLY wedding of 2010 that we got to drive to that day, and drive home from THAT DAY! It was awesome! Normally we drive to Seattle, hop on a plane, check into a hotel, shoot, fly out the next day or so.. lots of traveling. But it was great having a little break and just.. driving home! People kept feeling bad that we had to drive home for 2 hours, but we were pumped!

    Anyway… Beth and Kevin were awesome! Up for anything, had a cool wedding in the park, it was sunny out and freeeeeezing cold! Everyone {including us} was originally from Southern CA, so we were a bunch of babies when it came to being out in the cold. They got married at Golden Gates Park in Seattle which was apparently a hot spot for photographers. We saw at LEAST 10 photographers set up with crazy lights and soft boxes snapping away, it was nuts. We’d see a cool spot to shoot then literally see photographer waiting in line to shoot it… it’s just not our style to shoot in some overused, obvious spot so we went else where. We found some awesome spots too!

    So they were married as the sun was setting, so dang pretty! Overlooking the ocean and all. They had their reception catered with an Organic Farm Beth used to work out, which we love.. because we are “those people”. The people that try to only eat organic food and care about where it came from, so it was great!

    They had apples from all over Washington.

    once again, a groom putting the ring on the wrong hand! haha

    The lighting after the ceremony was a-freakin-mazing so we took 10 minutes of photos.. worth it!

    That guy on the right in Grayson getting sunset photos.

    Her dad bought “Father of the Bride for Dummys” haha


    1. [...] So rad to be a part of Beth and Kevin’s wedding at Golden Gardens. Photo credit: Jagger Photography [...]

    2. Sheena Kalso says:

      It was so fun being their coordinator! What a great couple and so creative – Beth was cool as a cucumber the whole time. Jagger Photography was a treat to work with as well. I hope we can work together soon!

    3. em says:

      uhhhhhhh. i am dying. dead. you guys killed this wedding. i am soo so so thankful for how beautifully you captured my sweet cousin’s day. so grateful for you! thanks for being so sweet to talk photos with too. come visit me in san fran sometime! xoxo. em

    4. janet says:

      love this wedding! where did she get that necklace and sweater? both are divine. the images are spectacular….i feel like i know these complete strangers. great job and great inspiration!

    5. Love your eye. Love your style. Good stuff.

    6. Ken says:

      The lighting condition was actually very hardish that afternoon. Thus, great job with the post production.

    7. Annie says:

      What a stunningly gorgeous wedding! And it looks like everyone had a fantastic time. Great job!

    8. April says:

      Great Job you guys!

    9. Tashish says:

      Those bouquets killed me with all that color! Wow, beautiful location, I loved her dress. I pictured how cold it was the entire time I looked at these.

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