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  • Ben + Mimi {all that is crafty in Charlotte, NC}

    Friday, July 6 | Comments

    Remember Mimi and Ben? He was the one who wrote us this amazing letter telling us how badly his fiance Mimi wanted us to shoot their wedding, and that he loved her so much he wanted her to have what would make her happy. They were THE sweetest couple!! We jumped on a plane and flew out to North Carolina {how can we say no to that??}, one of the prettiest states. It was our third time there and it never gets old! We had a skype meeting with Mimi a week before their wedding and she got us so excited to shoot for them. She had tons and tons of hand made goodies for the wedding and they were all so overly good!! Etched bottles, paper bouquets, origami birds, everything she showed us got us more and more excited. There is nothing better to us than a home made wedding!

    So we had to make it a really fast trip since little Myles was at home with my parents. We flew in and didn’t get to our hotel until 2am, got up at 7 and started shooting at 9. We had all kinds of plans to go hang out in Charlotte after the wedding {Mimi’s great idea} but instead we went back to our hotel and crashed for 3 hours, haha. We went to bed that night and got up at 5am to catch a flight home! Yikes!

    So obviously the wedding was SO good. They were married in a quaint church with a rice {dyed green} exit and had their reception in their church’s gym. At first we were like “a gym??” but it was AWESOME! This place had perfect natural lighting and bright colored floors. And the things they did to this place was unreal. It was beautiful!! Never had I struggled so much not to cry during the father/daughter dance!!! I’ve never seen the entire room of people actually watch that dance, everyone was in tears. You could just see how much everyone loved this couple and with good reason. Mimi and Ben were sweet enough to give us a ton of presents too!! They couldn’t believe we didn’t always get presents from clients, haha. So here it is! We hope you love it as much as we did!

    Mimi got ready in the house she grew up in {her last official day living there!}

    hahaha yesssss.

    Apparently we shot in the park that this season of the Bachelorette was filmed, haha.

    She had an anklet with their names on it :]

    The first of the amazing bouquets hand made by her.

    Green Toms!!!

    He said “this is how my people take pictures” haha. Stoic.

    We saw this tree and got so excited! Heart shaped leaves!!!

    Obviously their wedding color was green, she even had a green wedding ring.

    I loved all the dresses!!!

    What a man what a man what a mighty mighty good man!…

    Mimi asked the boy a while back what their favorite super hero was and ordered figurines to make them “boutonnieres”. This one of the left was Professor X {X-Men} but the wheel chair was too big, haha.

    This guy said his favorite super hero was Jesus!

    Ok… they were doing this all morning and we couldn’t figure out why. Apparently there is this video {which we now show everyone we encounter} called “Epic Sax”…. it’s so weirdly funny.

    Grayson told the guys to make the super heroes fight.

    The 2nd of the amazing hand made bouquets.

    Mimi made giant scrabble tiles for the bridal party photos…. so stinkin clever!! The “T” guy was struggling.

    The rest of the amazing hand made bouquets!!

    The whole ceiling was covered in layers of colored string, it was amazing.

    She had this amazing wall behind the ceremony with fabric strips hanging down. Something Gray and I have been talking about doing to our wall for about a year now! But she actually did it!!

    green rice exit!!

    We really wanted to poop our pants when we saw this place… so beautiful. And it’s a GYM!!

    She etched all of these bottles herself with the first initial of each guest!

    “Spider man looks like he needs to be holding something!”… hahah the perfect prop.

    best father, daughter dance ever!

    Wedding fighting fish. It was their pet, he came along.



    1. Ms.Reyes says:

      Thes best diy wedding I’ve ever seen with so many elements actually being done themselves. What an achievement!!!! Everything is so beautiful and unique. Good for them and congrats on a wedding well done.

    2. Stefani says:

      I just wanted to ask what you attached to the back of the action figures to pin them to the vests? I love this idea!!!!!

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    5. Joe Doe says:

      I’ve never wanted to get married as badly as after watching these images, what a fantastic wedding couple and creativity

    6. Nix says:

      talk about showing your passion for each other through creativity. The photos are wonderful and all of the details this adorable couple has thought of incorporating are fabulous.

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    8. vencanice says:

      Wow, her wedding dress is so spectacular. The bride in wedding dress is so beautiful, she looks like a model.

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