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  • Ben + Christine {San Diego, CA}

    Monday, May 17 | Comments

    We got to shoot Ben and Christine at Balboa Park in beautiful San Diego. We’d only been there once before with some friends about a year back and fell in love with the place. SO, when Christine said that’s where they wanted to shoot, we were more than happy to make the 2 hour drive to do it! {well, and a 2 hour flight for our CA shooting weekend extravaganza part 1000}

    Something I’ve been loving lately about engagement shoots is we’ve been going out to lunch with our couples, it’s great! It’s more time to get to know them without a camera in their face for 2 hours. And we got some really good Italian food… mi favorita. {Actually my favorite foods are cookie dough and cereal.. and steak with A1 sauce, and if you’re wondering, Grayson’s favorite food is anything with Teriyaki sauce on it, but we love Italian food}.

    So here is their shoot, it was great weather which made it ever better with the luck we’ve been having {shaking my fist at the rain}. Enjoy!!!

    she had to practice in the grass first.

    flying ninja kicks can never be bad

    I like to call this one “Angry Ben”… we made him rip off his shirt… he “resisted”.. haha


    1. [...] Ben and Christine!!!! This wedding was great! It wasn’t too hot {being summer in San Diego and all} and everyone was great! Ben is in the military so they got married at a base in Point Loma overlooking the ocean! Anyway they were a blast to shoot and enjoy the photos!! [...]

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