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  • Ben + Christine {San Diego, CA}

    Monday, June 28 | Comments

    Ben and Christine!!!! This wedding was great! It wasn’t too hot {being summer in San Diego and all} and everyone was great, the bridal party was fun {always a plus} and the location was beautiful!! Ben is in the military so they got married at a base in Point Loma overlooking the ocean! Anyway they were a blast to shoot and enjoy the photos!!

    On another note, we are home!!!! We’ve been traveling the east coast on a kind of wedding tour for 3 weeks. We shot 3 amazing weddings from the east coast all the way to the west coast! The trip was fan-freakin-tastic and we got to spend a few days with my family in Boston and over a week with Gray’s entire family in Pennsylvania {I want to go back so bad!!! With drawls! With drawls!!} We discovered some awesome new backyard games that we are overly excited about too.

    But we are so happy to be home, we pretty much live our lives out of a suit case, on planes and in hotels. So we’re home for almost 3 weeks {which is the longest we’ve been home since February} and we don’t have to leave our babies {aka, Sammy and Fynn, our ferrets}. Thanks for being patient with the lack of posts lately and there are some amazing photos coming in the next few weeks!

    dancing down the isle.

    He had moves…. lots of them.


    1. Mom G. says:

      So beautiful! Loved the yellow flower field pictures and LOVE the jump and toss flower petals in the air pics…very fun! What a beautiful wedding (great job to the bride) now captured in photos forever. Great job Heather and Grayson.

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