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    Thursday, July 18 | Comments


    Heather & Grayson are so down-to-earth. Even with a little baby, they were very good about responding quickly to emails & keeping us up-to-date with what was going on. Ben & I got along great with them, but honestly I don’t know if anybody couldn’t get along with them. And what made me even more happy was that they we excited about shooting us. You could tell they truly loved their jobs. I, along with everybody else, was blown away by how beautifully they captured our big day. They were able to capture the pictures of moments that I wasn’t able to see on that day: my mom & dad’s face as we spoke our vows, the happy smiles of everyone as we exited the church, and the quiet & tearful gazes as my dad twirled me around the dance floor. Trying to enjoy the day with my beloved husband meant missing seeing other moments in action. But without even telling them, they caught all of those & I cannot tell anybody how much that means to me.


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