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  • Beach Day with the boy

    Thursday, May 2 | Comments

    A few months back we were down in CA for a few shoots and one day decided to take Myles to the beach for the first time. He was finally old enough not to just sit there and eat sand or fall face first into it. It was such a fun and perfect day. We got there and it was overcast but so warm out. Our hair got instantly puffy from the salty air and humidity and we took a ferry ride across to Balboa Island. Gray and I love Balboa island, we both grew up coming there, eating frozen bananas and playing in the arcade along the ocean. It’s one of the best places for a kid to explore. Myles loves to ocean. Whenever we take him to see to ocean at home and gets giddy and squeals uncontrollably, so we knew he’d be in his happy place with an ocean he can actually play in and enjoy. The first time he tocuhed the sand he was hooked. He slowly dug his little hands down into the cool sand and just analyzed it for a while. At home in WA we have rock beaches, not soft sand. Soon he let loose and ran to the water, playing and exploring.

    We chased waves, ran after seagulls and he was just giddy the entire time. It was the perfect day.

    Touching sand for the first time was just fascinating to little  hands

    As soon as we got to the big beach he got down to his diaper and a shirt,  got on all fours and slowly slid onto his tummy, digging his little hands and feet into the sand. He was so happy.

    So… happy



    1. shannon says:

      heather, you’re beautiful! what sweet pictures

    2. April says:

      So cute!

    3. GiGi says:

      I remember it well!!! So fun to watch my adorable grandson explore the sand and ocean waters…..He is truly the cutest little guy….can’t say that after November 7th unless we are blessed with a little “gal”. Then I can keep saying it! Then she’ll be the cutest little “gal” until more little grandbabies come along!!!

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