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  • Baby Lillooet Grace {Bellingham Newborn Photographer}

    Tuesday, April 22 | Comments

    I first asked Andi about shooting her births when she was about 7 month pregnant and she said “people do that?!?”… pretty much the reaction I thought she’d have, haha. Then I got a very unexpected text basically saying they decided they wanted to have me shoot the birth at the Bellingham Birth Center and she’s 3 days over due. Of course!! I was so excited! After having a long and intense labor she decided she didn’t want anyone in the room other than Nick and their midwives. So me, her mom and her doula got the boot! And whatever a woman in labor says goes in my book! Luckily I was fed some cake she made while I waited in the waiting room with her family :]

    But I finally got to see baby Lillooet Grace when they had me do her newborn photos. I was SO excited for this shoot! Andi and Nick are the owners of THE BEST bakery in Bellingham, Pure Bliss Desserts. I don’t just say this because she’s my friend, it seriously is the best bakery I’ve ever been to… ever. She wins all kinds of awards too. I wanted to do something sweets related for the shoot but didn’t want it to be cheesy. The day before I had an epiphany.. cake stands!! I had Andi and Nick round up some stands and cake from the shop and we put that baby on a cake stand! haha. Later we ventured into the backyard on that beautiful spring day and I found some amazing spring blossoms in their yard.. it was such a fun shoot, I loved every second of it. I always love talking to new mama’s and hearing about their first week with a baby! Not to mention this is one of the cutest newborns I’ve ever seen. She made me want to have another baby and Finley is only 5 months old, haha.

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    1. This is very very beautiful and inspiring! Everything in one album. Heather and Grayson, you are the BEST!

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