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  • Baby Kayvan {Seattle, WA} Bellingham, WA Newborn Photographer

    Saturday, January 4 | Comments

    The single best part about being a photographer is getting to peak into peoples lives during their most important and special moments in life. If you asked me a few years back if I’d ever want to photograph newborns I would have given a hearty “heck no”… My experience with children before having my own was slim to none. Luckily moving to Washington eased us into babies because EVERYONE we knew had a few of them so we were around kids constantly.  Since having children of my own nothing brings me greater joy than seeing new little babies. I became that person that can’t resist a newborn and wants to hold and snuggle every baby I see, haha.

    Alia and Patrick emailed me a few months ago about photographing their baby and I was so excited! I emailed her a couple days after Christmas to check in on her, she was due with Kayvan December 27th. Turns out he was born right on Christmas day after 4 DAYS of labor! That’s just amazing, what a champ. Women are simply amazing. I just had my 2nd baby {don’t worry, that blog post IS coming!} and there is nothing more amazing than a baby being born. So getting the opportunity to meet another new baby so close after having my own was perfect. We drove down to their home in Seattle on a rainy day and had a chance to meet this sweet little family. Little Kayvan was only 6 days old and photographing him was just amazing. Kayvan001 Kayvan010 Kayvan011 Kayvan012 Kayvan014 Kayvan016 Kayvan019 Kayvan020 Kayvan022 Kayvan024 Kayvan027 Kayvan032 Kayvan037 Kayvan041  Kayvan058Kayvan046Kayvan050Kayvan062Kayvan057Kayvan047Kayvan053      Kayvan065 Kayvan066 Kayvan067 Kayvan069 Kayvan071

    Seattle Newborn Photographer

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