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  • Baby Juniper Grace {Bellingham Newborn Photographers}

    Saturday, March 14 | Comments

    We met these this lovely family when they were still only two, pregnant with this little lady. We had the great joy of photographing their pregnancy as well as their new love. It’s always so interesting to walk into the home of brand new first time parents. I love the raw, unknowing state everyone seems to be in. They always handle it with such grace and the willingness to learn as they go. It’s so special to be able to go into people’s home at a time so important as this. You get to watch them sinking into their new rolls as parents, handling this amazing baby with the utmost care and love. It’s really something to be grateful for as a newborn photographer. They seemed to fit right into this new phase of life so seamlessly and you could feel the love they had for their daughter. I got to spend a few hours with them and near the end watch as a fussy Juniper would only fall asleep on her daddy’s chest.. so that’s where we shot :]

    BellinghamNewbornPhotography001 BellinghamNewbornPhotography002 BellinghamNewbornPhotography004 BellinghamNewbornPhotography005 BellinghamNewbornPhotography007 BellinghamNewbornPhotography010 BellinghamNewbornPhotography011

    during their maternity session Greg played his mandolin so we incorporated it into this shoot too! BellinghamNewbornPhotography012 BellinghamNewbornPhotography013 BellinghamNewbornPhotography014 BellinghamNewbornPhotography015 BellinghamNewbornPhotography016 BellinghamNewbornPhotography017 BellinghamNewbornPhotography018 BellinghamNewbornPhotography019 BellinghamNewbornPhotography020 BellinghamNewbornPhotography021 BellinghamNewbornPhotography022 BellinghamNewbornPhotography023 BellinghamNewbornPhotography024 BellinghamNewbornPhotography025 BellinghamNewbornPhotography026 BellinghamNewbornPhotography027 BellinghamNewbornPhotography028 BellinghamNewbornPhotography030 BellinghamNewbornPhotography031 BellinghamNewbornPhotography032 BellinghamNewbornPhotography035 BellinghamNewbornPhotography036 BellinghamNewbornPhotography037 BellinghamNewbornPhotography038

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