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  • Baby Chloe turns 1 {Orange County Family Photographer}

    Sunday, January 26 | Comments

    One of my favorite things is portraits of mamas and sweet little babies. Chloe’s mama ,Erin, called me on the very small chance that we would both happen to be in Southern CA at the same time. They live in Michigan and we live in Bellingham, WA.. so the chance was slim to none. BUT.. it just so happened that we were going to be there- perfect! We decided to make one last trip down when I was 35 weeks pregnant, my friends threw me a nice little baby shower. All the boys and everyone’s kiddling came too and played outside on the tripple slip-n-slide! It was SO HOT outside they didn’t last long! But we were mainly there for Grayson’s brothers wedding {Grayson was the best man AND the photographer, haha}

    Anyway, their daughter Chloe just turned one and they wanted to do a small shoot at the beach because they were married down at Laguna Beach in Southern California. It was all such perfect timing and I’m so glad it worked out. I had so much fun doing this shoot.. not to mention Myles got to spend all day at the beach and the beach truly is his “happy place”. It was a wonderful, warm.. perfectly lit morning! As soon we we finished up with this sweet family I spent the rest of the morning swimming in the ocean with my son and my hugely pregnant belly! Gotta love a preggo in a bikini.. after that we met some of our closets friends for burritos and headed home!

    Chloe001 Chloe002 Chloe003 Chloe004 Chloe005 Chloe006 Chloe007 Chloe008 Chloe009 Chloe010 Chloe011 Chloe012 Chloe013 Chloe014 Chloe015 Chloe016 Chloe017 Chloe018 Chloe019 Chloe020 Chloe021 Chloe022 Chloe023 Chloe024 Chloe025 Chloe026 Chloe027



    1. Joy says:

      Ahhhhh….beach photos. I love every one of them! I think I want to hop on a plane to the nearest beach!

    2. Sayoko Lynn says:

      These are beautiful!

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